Lester teaches us a way to become abundant that leads to Freedom: let go of all your negative subconscious beliefs and programs, and money, wealth, health, and abundance just fall into your life. Abundance is our natural state once we let go of our garbage. This is the famous “Butt System” that has worked for so many thousands of graduates.

There are many schools of thought that teach another style of creating abundance that I call “White Magic Abundance” teachings.

Here’s why:

When I was 16 and reading all sorts of self-help books, I ordered a book called “White Magic Miracles” or something like that. The author had a very interesting premise: All the classic elements of magic – white or black – were designed to create a strong emotional impact on the subconscious mind. Incantations, strange herbs, eye of newt, witches brew, etc – all are simply tools to create a deep impression on the subconscious mind WHILE BEING ASSOCIATED WITH A PARTICULAR GOAL.

So this writer argued that you don’t really need all that corny stuff – just create a deep emotional experience while holding a goal in mind, and the subconscious would get the message and fulfill the goal. So he advised practicing experiencing strong emotions – love, anger, passion, whatever. Once you could generate strong emotions, then you associate it with a desire. It’s pretty subtle, and very, very dangerous. Fortunately I was spared this – intuitively I knew it was a mistake after my first day of practicing White Magic emotional power and sent the book back.

What’s scary is that this same principle shows up in many popular approaches to creating wealth. Napoleon Hill, the grandfather of the Self Help industry, teaches you to create a “Burning Desire” to create wealth and has you do endless affirmations to drive your goal into the subconscious. Tony Robbins doesn’t even try to hide what he is teaching: he calls his affirmations “Incantations” in some of his programs and says you have to repeat them forcefully, loudly, with power for the incantations to work. Even The Secret builds on this principle.

Lester teaches us that the mind is creative – what we put our attention on does grow in our lives. So there is certainly some truth to the idea that we want to focus on the positive and allow that to grow in our lives.

But there is a terrible price we pay when we use emotions, affirmations and visualization to drive our attention: we create more baggage, more programs, in our subconscious. We become less free, not more free. Our ego grows stronger and harder to dissolve. We become less happy, even if we achieve our goals.

I used to do affirmations. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t work. Sometimes I loved doing the affirmations, sometimes I was bored stiff and my mind would wander. But what I noticed was that if I did them long enough over an extended period of time, just by the luck of the draw, some day I would finally do the affirmations with a quiet mind. In other words, I was in Peace or Acceptance in that moment. That’s when the affirmations would start to work – when my ego would subside briefly, and I would allow Beingness to take over.

Lester and Larry have always pointed out that there is no releasing when we’re in emotional states, such as grief, fear and anger. We just react when we are in these emotional states. All releasing takes place in courageousness, acceptance, and peacefulness.

In a similar manner: There’s no “Butt System” manifesting while wrapped up in emotions. We have to be in courage, acceptance and peace.

If you use affirmations or visualization while you are in anger, you will become more angry, and most likely will not achieve your goal. That’s the price you pay.

If you use affirmations or visualization while you are in fear, you will become more fearful. That’s the price you pay.

If you try to manifest while you are in lust, you are just strengthening your “wanting” and definitely won’t get what you want – again, the price you pay is more wanting, less happiness, less peace of mind.

The same is true for all the emotional states.

Lester has us release on our goals, so we are in acceptance and peace about them. At that point, we have no pushing and no pulling with the goal; we are at peace about it, and Beingness guarantees the fulfillment of the goal.

And there is no price to pay – the achievement of the goal is the side benefit of being in acceptance and peace.

It’s a very different life to be manifesting from acceptance and peace. It’s sweet, it’s fun, and it’s blissful.

All I can say is: get momentum releasing. Listen to the calls, come to the live classes. What are you waiting for?