What words pop into your mind when you read that question?

Beyond feeling that you should to try to figure out the answer. Beyond any confusion, born of fear. (Why is he asking me that? What does he want from me?) Beyond those feelings, and the wanting approval, wanting control and wanting security, Who are you?

Who are you? I’m looking into your eyes. You’re looking into my eyes. Who are you?

Something tells you that you should respond, right? “I’m ( name ). I am a ( fill in what you do).  I am ( fill in your age). I weigh ( lbs ). I’m X feet tall. And I have a story. Sit down a few minutes, maybe a few hours, and listen to my story.

Look at my driver’s license. There’s my picture. That’s me. There’s my birthday.

That’s me. That’s who I am.

And about my story. Let me tell you the good, the not so good, and maybe some of the ugly. It’s a complex story. There are ups and downs. Would you like to hear my regrets and fears? All my aches and pains, and complaints about my body?  After all.  I’m only human. That’s who I am.

What about the parts of your story you’re proud of? And the parts you’re ashamed of? What have you done that’s good? What have you done that’s not so good?  What about those parts of your story that you would a like “do over?”

Is all of that you? Is all of that really you? Or is it only just thoughts, a bundle, or maybe a large basket full, of thoughts?

What if you have superimposed the totality of that picture, that basket full of thoughts you call “you,” on a screen? What if you have superimposed the moving pictures, called your life, on that screen? All of it. Merely thoughts, on a movie-type screen like you see at a theater, playing away day and night.

Notice how the pictures on the screen change. Mostly pictures of the past. Future pictures. Imaginary pictures.  Good pictures. Not so good pictures.  Any present moment pictures? Those are crowded-out by past and future pictures. Notice that? Seldom any room for Now on that screen in the theater of the mind.

Notice the continual change happening up on that screen. The images are in constant motion aren’t they? Just like your night dreams.

The screen never changes, does it? Only what you have superimposed on that screen changes, right?  The screen accepts whatever pictures you put up there.  It welcomes any and all pictures you decide to project up on that screen. You decide. The screen is there, unmoving, ready to accept your pictures, whatever they are.

It’s quite a drama, your movie. Quite a production. Better than Cecil B. de Mille. Even better than Spielberg. Month after month. Year after year. Pictures playing over and over.

The screen doesn’t change. It doesn’t move. Notice that?

Notice that you have the power project whatever pictures you would like to on the screen. Sad. Happy. Weak. Strong. Powerless. Powerful. Poor. Rich. Healthy. Sick. Knowledgeable. Not so much. Any pictures you want. And always, an undercurrent of feelings, summed up as wanting approval, wanting control and wanting security.

Here’s a bit of a “gotcha.”  Whatever pictures you project up on that screen, the pictures do play. You call it your life. Who put those pictures up on the screen if not you? Yes all of them.

You did, didn’t you? You can easily track back and see when you projected each detail on the screen.

Who is the screen? Whose screen is it?

Who are you?

You’re all of it. Aren’t you? Pictures, feelings, screen. It’s all you, isn’t it?

Those pictures are you. You are those pictures. That screen will show any pictures you can imagine, and have ever imagined. That screen is you too. Isn’t it? Who else could own it? It doesn’t belong to Twentieth Century Fox or anyone else. It’s you.

Turn all the pictures off for a moment. Go ahead. Hit the pause button. It’s all right. You can turn it back on, and put any pictures you want back up on that screen. You’re doing it all the time anyway. Hit the off button. Just for a moment.

Take a breath. Breathe in. Before you breathe out, notice the space. Take another few breaths, in and out. Allow that space between the breaths to expand. Blank space, isn’t it?

Notice the blank screen. Notice the quiet.  Move toward the screen. Closer. Even closer. Touch the screen.  There’s nothing there, is there? There’s no screen there at all, is there?

Who are you? Whatever your first thought after that question, if you are even more than that, who are you? And if you’re even more than that, who are you? And if you’re even more than that, who are you?

What if I said that you are all Love, pure Love?

The movie cranks back up on the screen. The movie has a lot of answers, a lot of wanting control and insecurity, right?

Shut off the projector again, just for a moment. Please. You can turn it back on in a few seconds if you like.

Consider this. You are pure love. All love.

The projector automatically turned back on again, didn’t it? Noisy ol’ reactive wanting control machine isn’t it?

Turn it off again, please.

Allow me to call your attention to something. Yes, you there, in the space between two breaths, in the space between two thoughts, you are pure Love.  I’m going to call your attention to a beautiful and powerful gift you have to share with whom ever you come into contact. Behind the motion pictures and the screen, you are Love. Notice the capital “L.”

The next person you see. Look at them gently, and  say, silently to them, I love you. I am you. Repeat. And again. And again.

Notice they smile. It’s because the Love you are has connected with the Love they are. And all the noise, lets call it “non love,” disappears. And all that’s left is Love.

That’s your sublime gift.  Love. You are that. Share it. Give your Love.  And all that you will see out there is Love.

It’s easy. It’s simple. Try it. You’ll like it.  Give Love. Your world will be Love. It’s all that there is. It’s all that you are beyond all that action, all those moving pictures, all those feelings superimposed on that screen giving you the “apparency” of being so real.

Give Love. It’s who you are. You are that which you have always been seeking.

Withdraw your attention from the movie and watch what happens.

I am you. I love you.