What drew you to Releasing? Was it Happiness? Health? Finances? Relationships? Freedom?

Many of you are experiencing that results haven’t come to you in ways you had expected. Nor as soon as you’d hoped. While areas “less important” have shifted, the area you came to Releasing to turn around may still seem to be stuck in the same old place. Why?

Because of feelings! Don’t look further than this: you still have feelings in your subconscious mind about this issue! And since you don’t know the subconscious stuff is there, you can’t do anything about it … till you call it up with the Releasing process. Everything that is still broken in our lives is still being run on automatic (badly!) by those feelings we have stored up in the subconscious mind and not yet found.

Someone who’s easily had great Health all his life doesn’t think Health is any big deal. It isn’t – for him. He’s already got it! He is in the Having mode. He has no feelings about Health on the Attachment side or on the Aversion side.

Someone who easily draws abundant Money to herself at will doesn’t see the benefit of Releasing on Money. Why? She’s got it. She is in the Having mode. She has no feelings left on the subject.

These 2 people have no feelings about the Health or the Money. They are hootless, and you know what that means: no Attachments (aka feelings) and no Aversions (aka feelings) and so the thing drops in their laps by the mere thought of it.

No feelings? That’s the goal. To Release all feelings so that we are hootless – Free – about that area of our lives.

So, with that in mind, look again at the areas that still need some “fixing” in your life.

You probably just groaned or had some disapproving, negative thought about it, right?

How do I know? Because we have negative feelings about anything that doesn’t work in our lives! The negativity is the block to shifting into Having mode. The negativity is (you guessed it) feelings! The feelings keep it from turning around for us.

So examine those areas of your life that still need correcting in your view. Ignoring your overweight, your debt, your miserable relationships doesn’t take care of them! It just stuffs them deeper into your subconscious mind.

And what you hold in your mind gets created out in your world. Be aware that subconscious feelings can and will sabotage your life!

All feelings can be Released – and getting rid of them lightens you up and takes you in the positive direction of Freedom and Having.

Look at the feelings that are wound up in that broken area. You are an Infinite Being and these are just tiny little feelings!

Use the Releasing process. You already know it is effortless – it has worked for you in other “easy” areas. Just get those Release tools out, be Courageous about it (and that is just a decision), and Release the feelings that are blocking your total Happiness.

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