By Dennis Sullivan

When we have a situation, a trouble, or a problem we can’t resolve, the very first thing we do habitually is, we ask our mind for a solution. Our mind is a recording and playing back unit. If our mind knows, we don’t have to ask. The answer is recorded and automatically pops up. The information comes up instantly. If we need to ask our mind, we already know our mind doesn’t have the answer.

Silly isn’t it? We continually ask our mind, when we know our mind doesn’t have the answer? Go into that empty file cabinet. There isn’t an answer in there to solve our problem or situation. Not getting an answer, we already knew wasn’t there, we go into beating ourselves up. We disapprove of ourselves. What an idiot I am. How could I be so dumb? Shame on me.

Then, we ask our mind again. The entire cycle repeats itself over and over ad infinitum. Yes, ad infinitum, because we never let go of asking our mind and beating ourselves up, all the days and years of our lives.

It’s called worry. That’s its name, worry. Let’s see what Roget’s Thesaurus says are synonyms for worry. Here goes: Anxiety, mental anguish, uneasiness, fear, apprehension, concern, plague, disturb, vex, fret, upset, torture, torment, trouble. If we need more, Roget’s suggests we look up the words pain and torment. But, we get the idea, don’t we? Worry is worrying. It’s very negative. A very negative habit. It steals our peace of mind.

And, yet, we do it. We do it because we’re on automatic. When we’re on automatic we’re not discriminating, meaning we don’t see what’s going on. We don’t see how we’re hurting ourselves. We don’t see the damage we’re doing to ourselves. We’re on automatic and operating from AGFLAP when we worry.

Has worry ever helped us or solved anything?

A discriminating question is, where did we ever get the idea worry ever helped us or solved anything? Our mind tricked us on that one. Somehow we accepted the impression from our mind that we could solve a problem or fix a situation by worrying about it.

Let’s use one of those synonyms. We torture ourselves over a situation or problem often endlessly and yet, we never find a solution. We cannot. Our mind does not know. We beat ourselves up. We get further and further away from a solution. We get more and more agitated. We get more and more negative. We get less and less positive, less and less happy, less and less healthy, less and less abundant. And, we never, ever, get a real, effective answer, an answer that works.

Oh, our mind will give us answers alright. Contact some other egos and chew over the issue with their minds.  By the way, they’re secretly happy over our problem and equally have the same amount of solution, namely none.  Worried minds ask worried minds and all that comes out of it is more worry. In fact, when we worry we’re holding the problem in mind, therefore supporting and strengthening the problem. We’re telling our creative mind to give us more of it.

Our minds give us many answers. Take a drink, see the doctor, get a prescription drug, eat a big plate of food, take a nap, take a vacation, watch some mindless tv, chat endlessly about our problem. But there never is a real solution. However, there is more beating ourselves up, disapproving of ourselves and getting more and more negative.

Our mind does not have the answer. Our mind does not have the solution. Isn’t it time to stop asking it? Isn’t it time to stop worrying? It’s time. From this day forward, from this moment forward, let’s resolve, let’s discriminate. Let’s notice we’re worrying, we’re asking our mind and we aren’t getting anywhere. Let’s resolve from this moment to make a decision. No more worrying. It doesn’t work! No more worrying, it doesn’t help us. No more worrying. Worry isn’t the way to get solutions that will make us happy and positive.

Getting happy is just a decision. It begins by seeing what we’re doing to ourselves and ending it. Letting it go. Wringing our hands is not the answer. Releasing is the answer. We let go of asking our mind. We let go of beating ourselves up. We let go of disapproving of ourselves. We apply love. We apply love to ourselves. We give ourselves approval, not for just a second, not for just a minute, maybe for an entire hour, maybe for an entire day, maybe for the rest of our lives. We love ourselves.

Getting Happy is Just a Decision

We apply love. We love our problem. The negative didn’t work, did it? Why not try something positive? We apply love to the problem, or situation, or person. We send approval. We keep on sending approval. And, we watch what happens.

For one thing, we aren’t agitated like we were when we worried. We aren’t anxious and disturbed. We have moved up to the high energies of courageousness, acceptance and peace. We apply love. We send approval. We bathe our problem or concern with positive energy. Can’t you feel it already, just as you read these words? The problem resolves! How can it be anything else? The negative, a problem, cannot exist in the positive energy of love. It dissolves, resolves, and the picture changes.

So, why don’t we do it? Be sure of one thing. Our mind does not want us to deal with so-called problems by applying love. Our mind knows, if we apply love, we’ll see that troubles and problems are only a mind-created illusion. They’re not real. They only seem real when energized by negativity. Our mind knows, when we apply love, there are no problems because negativity cannot exist in the positive energy of love. So, why don’t we do it? Why don’t we break the habit of asking the mind, of beating ourselves up? It’s just a decision.

I can be positive and love myself or I can beat myself up. It’s just a decision. And upon that decision rests our happiness or our ruin. We must get bigger than that mind of ours and make a decision in favor of being all loving all the time. It isn’t a fairy tale. If we decide to be all loving all the time, we can live happily, healthily, and wealthily ever after. Get bigger than the mind. Decide to face problems and issues by applying love. Try it! It works!

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