That moment when you release your very first feeling, it’s like a grand revelation. Your spirit awakens with the realization that you no longer have to be a victim to negative feelings, insecurities, doubts, or anything else that’s ever tormented you.

A rush of inner strength surges up with the realization that “Yes, I am the boss. I am the master of my destiny after all.” Yet mixed in is strange, almost intoxicating, lightness in the head. You may even feel a little bit vulnerable, but slowly you recognize that it’s just the natural but long-forgotten state of carrying no burdens upon yourself.

This isn’t an isolated experience.

Every single one of us who musters the courage to face a feeling for the first time and release it has experienced a varying degree of this grand revelation. Sometimes that experience goes off like fireworks, sometimes a quiet (but significant) “A-ha!”

And then we begin our path of self exploration by letting another feeling go, and another, and another, steadily opening up more awareness, more lightness, more Self.

It doesn’t take long before we see changes in ourselves. Old patterns drop away. Tendencies dissolve. Reactivity disappears. Likewise, the world around us shifts. People treat us differently for no seeming reason. Things begin to fall into place with little effort. We feel “lucky.” Things are going our way.

And at some point we must make a critical decision:

“Do I go ahead and drop everything I believed to be true my entire life, and stop chasing for happiness in the world? Do I place my full undivided trust into this method that has, so far, only moved me in a positive direction, and commit myself to surrendering over every last desire I hold?”

It is a critical decision, and there is a lot of inertia holding us back from going all the way with the method: fear, doubt, resistance, and a lingering belief that happiness may still lie out there in the world.

It’s time to make that decision. It’s really not as hard as you may think.

It starts with looking at life with a little discrimination (clarity). Just looking across our life’s history… all that wanting for happiness in the world has brought with it great misery. Even when moments of happiness are grasped, they are always temporary, inevitably slipping through our fingers. Or seeds of dissatisfaction take root and grow to overshadow any past joys.

So just seeing what lies down that road, and comparing that to the ever-new joy that naturally springs up behind every release, it really is enough to make it an easy decision.

Then you realize that releasing isn’t just a handy tool for feeling better and making true changes in your life. Releasing is a lifestyle.

It’s a new way to live!

And it starts with a simple decision that allows you to play life as a game, and live it moment to moment. If you have any downs in life, you use every one of them as an opportunity to go UP.

It’s the greatest decision you can make. Just listen to some personal stories shared by those who stood up and made that decision… and see what happened…