I’d like to share a gain with you.

I have received feedback recently while answering support calls that some past blog posts have been helpful to people.

I’d like to share with you how that happened.

Kris Dillard told me we were launching a new blog site and invited me to write some posts.

I figured I would write something, but before long I noticed that I hadn’t actually written anything yet. It was clear that there was some resistance in the way.

So I decided to look for the resistance and clean it up.

Sure enough, once I made that decision it was clear what was going on. My garbage pail had some very “helpful” things to tell me about writing a blog post. Things like: “You don’t know how to write – you’re not a writer,” “What are you even going to write about?” and so on – blah, blah, blah.

It took only a few minutes to release all the resistance  –  and the next thing I know there were words pouring out of me, and the blog post was written.

It would’ve taken me much longer to continue to resist than to release and get the whole thing done.

It’s easy to release and hard to suppress. Releasing is easy and fun – it’s resisting that feels like work.

So I invite you to check for resistance the next time something is not flowing effortlessly for you. Look for it and let it all go.

Any time something is not flowing effortlessly, that’s your indication that there is some resistance (it may be subconscious) to let go of.

Why resist when you can choose let go of the resistance and allow everything to be effortless?

Prove it to yourself – every day, in every way – releasing works.

p.s. – If you’re ready to perfect your releasing skill when in comes to resistance, make sure you have taken the Goals and Resistance course – it’s a great way to give yourself a real boost.