“Suicidal Multi-Millionaire Businessman From New York Accidentally Stumbles Upon The Laughingly Simple Instant Anxiety Cure!”

Article written by: Larry Crane
Thursday, 11.34 a.m.

Dear Reader,

Have you ever been gripped by the overwhelming fear of anxiety?

Have you ever been in a social setting (like a busy airport, busy subway or shopping mall) and… suddenly… out of nowhere… your hands and forehead are sweating… and you realize you’re having a panic or anxiety attack? You know, when you can hardly breathe… and you think you’re going to “black out”… even die… because you have no control of the raw fear that is strangling your entire body!

It’s the worst feeling in the world, isn’t it?

And it’s made all the worse because you never know when those feelings of anxiety and stomach churning panic are going to creep up on you and strike again.

One minute you’re going about your day fine and dandy… and then “out of the blue” you’re overcome with a sense of…

Utter Helplessness And Dread That You Are Unable To Escape!

Or, maybe you’re carrying around a feeling of “heaviness” every waking hour. You can’t really “put your finger” on the cause of this “tenseness” or morbid feeling — all you know is it stalks you like a “dark shadow” everywhere you go.

Many people that are plagued with these anxiety feelings admit… (although, mostly only to their closest companions… and maybe their doctor, counselor or therapist)… that the one and only thing they look forward to (even crave) each day is…

Going to Sleep!

See, being unconscious (in a coma like state) is the only time these people are truly relaxed and anxiety free. Trouble is, being in a coma-like sleep is about the same as being…


And that’s no way to “live” life. Life is meant to be experienced consciously… not escaped from unconsciously.

Maybe you think the cause of all these dreaded anxiety feelings inside you…or that feeling of “emptiness” is because of something (like money, a better job, a warmer climate etc.,) or someone (like a soul mate or loving partner) is “missing” from your life.

And if only the “missing piece of the jigsaw” was present in your life you’d be happy, content and at peace with yourself and the world.

Well, it’s a nice theory that’s easy to “buy into”… but… unfortunately it’s not true.

Let me explain how I discovered that as a truth.

Listen: Here’s what was a painful (yet 100% true) story I would like to share with you:

My name is Larry Crane. I am a self-made multi-millionaire businessman, author and teacher. I have been featured in hundreds of articles in newspapers and magazines (including Time and TV Guide etc.,) and on T.V. throughout the world. I’ve had the limousines… the planes… with businesses all over the world… raking in MULTI-MILLIONS of dollars.

I have lived a life most people only get to dream about, including being friends and business associates with some of the most important and influential people in the world.

I could go on and on and tell you about my successes and the money I’ve made but I’m not going to bother. You see, I’ve got a disturbing secret to share with you:

It happened back in 1976; around 9 p.m. on a Friday night. With a successful business… millions in the bank… a beautiful wife… and an article written about me in Time Magazine… I took the elevator to my ten-room duplex penthouse suite in Manhattan – walked over to my terrace… scanned the beautiful view below… and… for about 2 hours, I…

Seriously Contemplated Suicide!

It was very confusing to me. I had everything anyone could want… and yet… I was riddled with anxiety, unexplainable panic attacks and chronic depression.

Since I’m writing this today (in 2006) I obviously didn’t end it all back in ’76 (some 30 years ago).

No, Instead, I became determined to find the answers to my personal misery.

And I did.

Back in 1976 I stumbled upon a laughingly simple – (yet scientifically verified) – “miracle” technique and used it to flush out all anxiety, worry, stress, fear, depression, panic and illness from my body.

Suddenly, without even realizing the speed at which the amazing changes were happening – I was totally “at peace” with myself and everything about my life.

Misery Was No Longer My Motto!

And I’ve now been 100% free of ALL negative emotions, including anxiety, and illness for the last 30 years.

Would you like to know my laughingly simple “secret?”

If you ever suffer from even a tinge of anxiety then, I’m sure you would.

And it’s good that you do want to know more about my “secret” (curiosity is the first step to eliminating anxiety from your life…forever!)

Yes, believe it or not, simply by reading the rest of this informative article, you’ll be that much closer to “dropping” ALL anxiety and negative emotions from your life.

But I can’t tell you about my laughingly simple “secret” to banishing anxiety just yet!

See, first, I think it’s important that you do your own “homework” and look at some of the other options available to you for ridding yourself of anxiety:

To begin with let’s look at what most people do when they realize their anxiety is severely affecting the quality of their lives.

OPTION #1: Go to your friendly doctor:
On the “surface” this sounds like a sensible idea.

After all, the primary role of a doctor is to diagnose an illness or health issue like anxiety and prescribe a course of action to make you feel better, right?

Well yes, that’s sort of true. Trouble is, in all but extremely rare cases your friendly doctor will prescribe you pills that fall under a group of drugs “technically” known as benzodiazepines. Of course, your doctor will simply tell you it’s an anti- anxiety medication.

And these pills are hugely popular. You can even buy them over the internet without a prescription. In some countries, you can literally buy them over the counter with no prescription at all.

And the reason these pills are so popular is…

They Work like A Charm!

If you are stressed or anxious, just swallow one of these little pills and, in less than 20 minutes, your stress and anxiety will evaporate like morning dew when the sun comes up to play.

Many people pop one of these pills every night to ensure they get a good night’s sleep.

This innocent looking anti- anxiety pill is the perfect solution to your anxiety problems, right?


See, this “innocent” looking pill is now considered by many health-care experts to be the cause of…

The Biggest And Most Dangerous Drug-Addiction Problem In The World!

Like I said this pill works like a charm.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. What it does extremely effectively is “mask” your anxiety feelings.

Of course, it would be great if this little sucker of a pill could be used on a truly “as needed” basis.

But, alas, it seems this “innocent” looking pill has gotten the better of hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of people around the globe.

Here is how that is so:

It’s not that the pill is addictive in the typical sense; the way, say, when you overdose on heroin, cocaine… or… amphetamines. No. The problem occurs when… after a few weeks of taking this pill, you decide,”Hey, I don’t want to become dependent on these little suckers. I’m going to ditch them for a while.” And…

That’s When The Nightmare Really Begins!

You see — your body very quickly (sometimes in just a few weeks) becomes dependent on those innocent looking anti- anxiety pills.

And when that happens, as quickly as 4 to 8 hours after you decide to stop taking those pills… you will begin to experience anxiety and panic like you wouldn’t believe – it will be far, far worse than it ever was before you started popping these pills. And that’s when you come to realize the cold-hard truth that…

You Are Now “Hooked” On This Deadly Drug!

And deadly drug is no exaggeration. See, the longer you try to kick these pills “cold turkey”… the more intense your anxiety and panic will become. After 2-3 days without your regular “fix” you’ll be feeling like a pressure cooker about to explode.

This is no joke.

For example: It is now known that more than 20% of the people who try to kick these anti- anxiety pills “cold turkey” actually start having seizures, convulsions and even die of a heart attack or stroke.

Others have suicidal tendencies, become violent, psychopathic… and well… who knows how many suicides and homicides are sparked off because of these innocent looking pills that you and I will know by their more well known name of:


Maybe you’re already taking this “helpful” drug right now for your anxiety. Or maybe you’re flirting with the idea of taking it.

Either way, I want you to read the advice of a very “switched on” doctor – Dr. Vernon Coleman:

“The biggest drug-addiction problem in the world doesn’t involve heroin, cocaine or marijuana. In fact, it doesn’t involve an illegal drug at all. The world’s biggest drug problem is posed by a group of anxiety drugs, the benzodiazepines, which are widely prescribed by doctors and taken by countless millions of perfectly ordinary people around the world.

“Drug-addiction experts claim that getting people off the benzodiazepines is more difficult than getting addicts off heroin.

“For several years now pressure-groups have been fighting to help addicted individuals break free of their pharmaceutical chains. But the fight has been a forlorn one. As fast as one individual breaks free from one of the benzodiazepines, another patient somewhere else becomes addicted.

“I believe the main reason for this is that doctors are addicted to prescribing benzodiazepines (anxiety meds like Xanax) just as much as patients are hooked on taking them. I don’t think that the problem can ever be solved by gentle persuasion or by trying to wean patients off these drugs. I think that the only genuine long-term solution is to be aware of these drugs and to avoid them like the plague” – (Dr.Vernon Coleman, Life Without Tranquillizers.)

Did you get that?

Avoid These Drugs Like The Plague!

Okay, moving on to…

OPTION #2: Go to see a counselor or therapist:
There’s nothing wrong with sharing and expressing your feelings of anxiety with other people.

Hey, sometimes it’s good to talk!

Except, very often once you begin seeing a counselor or therapist to “cleanse” you of your anxiety and “negative” feelings… you soon realize that counselors or therapists are really just a “sounding board.”

That’s to say, they are really just “professional listeners” who, very often have pursued a career in counseling or therapy to salve themselves of their own emotional problems.

Counseling and/or therapy can also be a very intimidating experience… and… it rarely (if ever) only extends to one or two visits before your anxiety, or “inner turmoil” is alleviated.

More often than not you will be encouraged to “relive” past traumatic and hurtful experiences and… one to two years down the line you’ll still be required to make regular visits to your counselor or therapist…which means… your happiness and peace has now become dependent upon someone else.

You are no longer in control. And if you’re paying for these visits…

You’ll Be $? To $? Out Of Pocket After A Year And Still Be No Closer To An Anxiety- Free Life!

That’s not what I call a solution. That’s what I call an additional problem you could well do without!

Which leads us nicely into…

OPTION #3: Taking An Anti- Anxiety Course, Program or Seminar:
Type “how to get rid of anxiety” into your search engine… and… shazam…you’ll be bombarded with websites promoting eBooks, CD courses, manuals, coaching programs, workshops and seminars etc., that promise to rid you of the “evil” anxiety within you.

How good are these programs and courses?

Well, like anything – I guess there’s good ones and some absolute rubbish.

The good ones focus on something called “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.”

And make no mistake “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” has been responsible for some very impressive behavioral results – especially related to addictive and negative habits.

However, one of the major problems with “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” is that you often have to “take time out” of your hectic day to practice and fully experience the techniques.

For example, buying a “home study” course on “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” is a bit like buying a “How To Learn Russian” home study course when you only know how to speak English.

It’s a well-documented fact that only 3% of the people who buy home study language courses ever go through the entire course… even once. Meaning there is a 97% failure rate amongst people who buy language courses. Likewise, left to your own devices, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” has…

A 97% Failure Rate!

That’s what I call a crapshoot!

What else is there being peddled to relieve you of your anxiety and panic attacks?

Where to start?

There’s tons of “alternative therapies”, such as: acupuncture, aroma therapy, meditation, yoga, color therapy, homeopathy, crystal therapy, massage… and… and… and… well… the list just goes on and on.

Many times, an alternative health practice will offer many (or all) of the above on their “menu.” Which begs the question:

“If any of them worked so well that they actually solved the problem of anxiety, why would they have to offer so many alternatives?”

The answer is this: All of the techniques and “cures” discussed above only ever target and work on the symptoms of anxiety…

Not The Root Cause!

Just like an aspirin works on the symptoms of a headache… and not the underlying cause.

Which brings us back to the laughingly simple “miracle” technique I stumbled upon back in 1976 to flush out ALL anxiety, worry, stress, fear, depression and illness from my body.

What’s truly amazing is, this laughingly simple (yet scientifically verified) technique doesn’t just reduce anxiety (and all associated negative feeling) it…

Eliminates Anxiety 100% For Good!

Which brings up another point: Why should you believe me? After all, I’m not a doctor, psychiatrist, or any other kind of “mind scientist.”

But that doesn’t matter. You see, I’ve figured out a way…

You Can Prove My Claims For Yourself, Almost For Free!

But first, let’s talk a little more about my scientifically verified” miracle” technique for totally eliminating… for good… anxiety and panic from your life.

For starters: The “miracle” technique I would like to share with you is the healthy way (no dangerous drugs). It’s very simple. Laughingly simple. You can do it wherever you are, whatever you are doing (nobody will realize you are doing it – even if you are in the middle of a conversation). And, it is something you are going to love to do.

Once you learn it, it won’t cost you a penny (unlike prescription drugs and therapy – meaning it will actually save you money!)… and… I promise… as soon as you read about this…

You Are Going To Have A Big Smile On Your Face!

Why? Simple: Because my “miracle” technique makes so much common sense, you are going to chuckle to yourself thinking about how all those Noble Prize winning scientists and big shot psychiatrists couldn’t figure this out.

To tell the truth, I bet you are going to wonder why you never figured it out!

But please don’t let its simplicity fool you into thinking it’s not very effective. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And the truth is: The “miracle” technique I would like to share with you has been responsible for totally curing the most severe forms of anxiety and emotional disorder that exist. Including…

Totally Curing Vietnam And Gulf War Veterans Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.)!

Listen, war veterans with a form of anxiety called P.T.S.D… in many cases… constantly relive memories of war – (like seeing their best friends blown to pieces, and being forced to shoot innocent civilians – including young mothers and children – as part of their “duty”).

These guys are often so emotionally disturbed they cannot sleep at night. They have headaches. Depression. High anxiety. Panic attacks. Suicidal and neurotic tendencies. Often they have been in therapy and on high levels of medication for years… with very little relief.

Yet, with the “miracle” technique I would like to share with you…

Years Worth Of Deep Rooted Anxiety Like P.T.S.D. Can Be Totally “Neutralized” In A Matter Of Days!

How can this be? How does this laughingly simple “miracle” technique work… and work so fast… where nothing else will?

Actually, the answer in itself is laughingly simple and is based on two CORE TRUTHS:

The root cause of all emotional turmoil, anxiety, disorder and pain is caused by your own suppressed feelings. Yes, it’s your own suppressed feelings that… acting like a toxic energy… are making you suffer with anxiety.

You have the inborn, natural, ability to effortlessly “let go” of these negative feelings for good. You’ll find the more you release and “let go” of your suppressed feelings… the lighter, happier, healthier and more joyful you’ll become. Suddenly every aspect of your life will start to get better. All illness will drop away. All anxiety, depression and misery will drop away. All struggle; all resistance will end.

And the more you naturally release and effortlessly “let go” of your suppressed feelings the further you’ll move toward a continuous state of DEEP and profound happiness with no sorrow. A pure state of bliss!

In case you’re wondering, the “miracle” technique I keep alluding to is actually called the Release® Technique… and here are just a few of the ways it can help you:

  • You’ll easily be able to “let go” of any “charged” feelings “on the spot” – including fears, phobias, anxiety, stress and panic attacks etc. Meaning you will never again have to suffer the indignity of “sharing your problems” with a counselor or therapist … or, resort to wolfing down dangerous (life threatening!) prescription drugs.
  • You’ll naturally enter in to the “flow state” – all resistance and self-doubt will melt away like butter in a microwave!
  • You’ll be able to easily “discharge” any emotional agony or jealously raging inside you…especially if your lover has left you.

The Release Technique Will Also Help You To…

    • Get out of “zombie mode” so you are in total control of your life!
    • Easily drop “killer” habits such as procrastination and “mentally beating yourself up” – these “evil twins” are the culprits that are keeping you from living life on your terms!
    • Take the needle off the “poor me story” playing on the “turntable of your mind!”
    • Throw dumb “knee jerk” reactions away… maintaining your sanity, inner calmness, “balance” and resourcefulness… even when under extreme pressure… and even when it seems that everyone else on the planet has been put here with a mission to “screw up” your life!
    • Enjoy unlimited peace of mind and perpetual happiness – no matter what events are happening in your life, or the world!

    Look, I could go on for another couple of hours. But, the truth is: The Release® Technique is the fastest, surest and safest way to…

    Vaporizing ALL Anxiety And Emotional Disorder From Your Life!

    That sure is a lot of promising isn’t it?

    I know all this may seem too good to be true, right now. There are so many “self-help” programs out there promising you the world to help with your anxiety – and for the most part they get you “all dressed-up with nowhere to go.”

    That’s why, if you’ve been round the “self-help” block a few times…and… you’ve “bought into” just about every program and course on the planet… I know you must be extremely skeptical.

    Maybe the Release Technique seems just a little too “far out” for you right now.

    That’s okay.

    I know how you feel. I’ve been there. That is why, I would like… (with your strict permission)… to send you a package that contains an audio recording of the Release® Technique — (complete with 15 audio CDs of me personally guiding you through the entire process of using the Release® Technique; housed in an attractive vinyl album together with an accompanying 93-page release workbook).

    Once you are in possession of this package, you’ll have your very own “first-class ticket” to abundant joy… with zero anxiety or stress!

    And, in case you’re wondering, this package – guiding you through the Release® Technique – is called:

    “The Abundance Course”.

    So, how is the Release Technique so different and unique to any other kind of self-help technique?

    The answer is simple:

    For one thing, it does not require you to already have any kind of belief system or philosophy. It’s not a “set of rules” you have to live by. Instead, it’s a complete practical experimental step-by-step process that is easy to learn and effortless to practice to get the results you desire… to get rid of anxiety.

    What is more: The Release Technique is an original system. It does what no other course, seminar, book or program can do. It provides participants with an easy to use, portable technique that can be applied anywhere, at any time – (without having to “take time out”) -to identify and eliminate negative feelings, anxiety, assumptions and limiting behaviors… on the spot.

    You’ll learn to let go of these unwanted emotions as they arise, then release the negative energy – right on the spot – without getting overwhelmed into a state of high anxiety… or even a panic attack.

    Finally: Unlike any other self-help program that exists, the Release© Technique works at your core level – your feeling level. It is unlike anything you will have experienced before. It is NOT “happy clappy” motivational stuff. It is NOT psychology, philosophy, therapy, positive thinking, subliminal programming, meditation or anything that requires memory or study.

    Anyone can learn to use the Release© Technique in a matter of minutes – regardless of your background, financial situation, education or age- (it’s even been successfully taught to 5-year old kids!).

    I guess the best way to sum it up is this:

    It Guides You Through The Effortless Process Of Pulling Up The “Menu Of Your Subconscious Mind”… And… NATURALLY “Letting Go” Of Any (And Every) Suppressed Feeling That Is The Root Cause Of Your Anxiety!

    Unfortunately, from the age of about 5 we habitually suppress many feelings… and these feelings then act as subconscious SELF-SABOTAGE PROGRAMS. Causing us anxiety and emotional disorder.

    Release and “let go” of these self-sabotaging programs… and…SHAZAAM… everything in your life will start working out perfectly with ease.

    Just like a computer with a virus. Take the virus out of the computer and the computer works perfectly with ease.

    That’s why motivational stuff, positive thinking, cognitive behavioral therapy, anti- anxiety drugs, affirmations and traditional goal setting rarely work for most people.

    In truth: Until and unless you get rid of the self-sabotaging negativity program lurking in your subconscious mind – it doesn’t matter what “success formula” or “self-help program” you use – it will NEVER work.

    In all honesty… The Abundance Course makes every other self-help program obsolete. And if you do currently use any other form of self-help technique, The Abundance Course will make it 1000-times more powerful!

    Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is. But, please:

    Prove It Out For Yourself!

    If you give me permission to send you The Abundance Course and, put the Release Technique into action in your life – and do just that (nothing more, nothing less) – the results you will experience will absolutely astound you.

    Everyone you know is going to want to know your “secret” because…

    ALL Your Anxiety Will Disappear Like A Puff Of Smoke – Making You 100-Times More Attractive To Be Around!

    And, I want you to know that getting the Release Technique out to as many people as I can is my life’s work. That’s why I’ll be here (at your beck and call) totally committed to your success. If you don’t understand something, call me. I am here to help you succeed. When you commit to eliminating your anxiety by requesting The Abundance Course, I commit to you 100%.

    So, not only do you get The Abundance Course… you also get…

    Ongoing And Unlimited FREE Coaching Support From Me Personally!

    How many other programs or courses can you say that about? Not many!

    Even better: You have a full 30-days (that’s an entire month) to check everything out once you receive The Abundance Course… so you know with every fiber of your being…that what I’ve told you on this website, doesn’t even come close to the life-changing material you’ll be taking possession of. That’s a…

    30-Day No-Risk “Love It Or… Shove It” 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

    So, if you’re unhappy for any reason – or no particular reason whatsoever – all you have to do is return the package and I will refund all your money (less the small shipping and handling charge, of course). That way, I’ll be treating you exactly the same way I like to be treated – with dignity, respect and the utmost trust.

    And I’ll take you at your word – you do not need to give a reason for returning your package for a refund. Your word is good enough.

    Therefore, you will not have to pay a penny for this information (unless you decide to keep it). And that means…

    You Will Have Seen, Heard And Experienced Everything… Almost For FREE!

    But, I’m betting once you take possession of The Abundance Course… I won’t be able to wrestle it back off you. I’m betting you’re going to be floored by how SIMPLE, FAST, EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL the technique is… and… how much I over-deliver on every promise I make on this site.

    So… Are You In?

    I guess you’re figuring: “Yeah, but… how much is The Abundance Course going to cost me?”

    I’ll get to that in just a moment.

    But first; I want you to think about something very seriously:

    When your body and mind is riddled with anxiety the visible effects and harm to you may not be externally evident… but…make no mistake… stress and anxiety “eat their way” through your cells and internal organs like a shawl of piranhas on a feeding frenzy!

    Meaning, if you do nothing about ridding yourself of anxiety… you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that…

    By Holding On To Your Anxiety, You Are Being “Eaten Alive” By A Kind Of Psychological “Cancer!”

    Which in many cases turns into full-blown cancer for real -you know, when your body starts to waste away and you have to have aggressive chemotherapy and drugs, causing you hair fall out! Talk about anxiety!

    Can you live with that thought?

    If not, I urge you to experiment with the Release Technique and prove out its effectiveness for yourself. I am not going to try and “sell” it to you. All I can do is tell you that it prevented me from committing suicide when I was at the lowest point in my life (even though I had all the “toys” and worldly success anyone could wish for).

    Since that time (in 1976) I have been totally free of ALL anxiety and any other emotional disorder.

    And I am not alone. Here, check out the results of others who have used The Release Technique to banish their anxiety:

    “During a break on Dynasty, I decided to take part in the course. I was suffering from several stressful situations in my personal life, so I went to see if The Method really worked. It’s amazing how much more you can achieve if you get rid of frustration and anxiety in your daily life. It really works! The Release Technique allows you to have what you want by releasing the negative thoughts that prevent you from getting it. The techniques of relieving stress and anxiety have been enormously useful to me.” - Joan Collins, Actress and Author

    “The work that Larry Crane is teaching is a major breakthrough in the field of human behavioral science.I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to overcome their health problems and have abundance health with ease.” - John L. Kemeny, M.D.; Columbia Medical School Professor (ret.) and Albert Einstein Associate

    “My anxiety and panic attacks are gone. I only feel peace now.” - Tom Walzer, WI

    “My levels of anger and anxiety (I think they’re released) are much lower and I find it easy and natural to Release when feelings come up.” - Donald Fricker, IL

    “My ability to release has increased. I had a goal to release naturally and with ease and it’s happening. The great thing about it is that I’m not as fearful of life as I was because I know I can release painful and uncomfortable anxiety feelings, easily. It’s a level of freedom that I haven’t experienced before.” - Shelia Overkamp, CA

    “In 2001 I was diagnosed with panic/ anxiety disorder. This problem left me somehow “invalid.” I was afraid of riding the subways, of being in enclosed places, etc., etc. Since doing the Releasing Technique, the problem faded away. Actually, I feel like a new person. I am glad, because this was the reason I took the live course. I am feeling peaceful, and having moments of “no-mind”, where all the thoughts stop and I experience NIRVANA. I searched for this state all my life, and now I can get into it just by releasing. I am very thankful to you. Best regards, and I see you Friday.” - Wellington Rodrigues

    “I have made phenomenal progress since going back over my Abundance Book and really working the program. Thank you. I’m not sure if I had sent in my testimony so please excuse me if I’m being redundant. My veil of fear over my world is gone. I no longer have a physically painful anxiety over going to work, the “Clean-up” procedures I’ve used on everything from people to situations and its worked! I’m sure the money will come, but I have something far more valuable right now. I have me back without all my old baggage. Thank you and thank you again Larry Crane. This Course is owed a second testimony from me. It’s just that awesome…” - Ms. Yvonne Justice, NY

    “I began my abundance course on May 1. I found that I have lots of suppressed fear, disapproval and a not so suppressed worry habit. So far (after a week) I have proved to myself that by releasing I am able to go from stark raving terrified/panic and anxiety to complete bliss. And the bliss is lasting for longer and longer periods of time. Thanks so much for being there. Sincerely.” - Frances Haymark, LA

    Pretty impressive results, hey?

    Here’s how you yoo can use the Release Technique to totally banish ALL anxiety and emotional disorder fom your life… forever!

    Actually, you have 2 simple, easy options:

    OPTION #1:
    If you prefer to order by credit card by telephone, simply call our Toll Free Number: 1 (888) 735-3731

    OPTION #2:
    Or, you can click through to my online secure server and pay online. To do that, just click on the SECURE ORDER button below:

    Secure Order Now!

    But, you’ve got to act FAST!

    Here’s why:

    For years, I have purposely kept the price of the Abundance Course at a low $279 so that I can get it out to as many people as possible.

    Unfortunately, costs of materials and other business expenses have continued to climb and so I cannot guarantee you the low $279 price for very much longer. It may shoot up any day now… maybe even before the end of the same day you visit this site!

    Okay, that’s all there is to it. As soon as I receive your order, I will immediately rush you the Abundance Course so you forever have The Release Technique to use “on the spot” to discharge any negative emotions that are stirred up in your life!

    There’s nothing more I can say about The Release Technique… except…

    It Is Priceless!

    Thank you for reading!


    Larry Crane

    PS #1: I want to “tempt” you even more!

    If you’re smart enough to take a “test-drive” of The Abundance Course… and prove it out to yourself…

    I’m Also Going To Throw In These FREE Bonuses – But Only While Strictly Limited Stock Lasts!

    Additional FREE Bonus #1: (Valued at $25)

    You'll receive the rare audio CD recording of "In My Own Words" in which you receive personal tips from Lester Levenson (the founder of The Release Technique), on how to achieve that natural state he called "Happiness With No Sorrow".

    Additional FREE Bonus #2: (Valued at $25)

    As a second bonus you will receive another rare Lester Levenson audio CD, titled: "Will Power" – (it's not what you think) – in which Lester talks about the role that will power plays in helping to free oneself from self-imposed limitations.

    Additional FREE Bonus #3: (Valued at $25)

    As a third bonus – you also get the audio CD which covers "How To Eliminate Resistance to Having Success" (called the "General Clean-up" CD) which will walk you through very powerful exercises to bring you up into a place of quiet, powerful, “beingness.” A place where you will experience a rich taste of the state of limitlessness that Lester enjoyed everyday.

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