When you purchase the Release Technique Abundance Course you will receive 90 days of FREE support. We are with you every step of the way.

We can be reached at 1 (818) 279-2438.

Larry Crane and the Release Support Team members are here to mentor you one-on-one in using the Release Technique to achieve your goals. Take advice from someone who already knows how to make millions with Releasing.

If you are already a graduate, be sure to take advantage of the live classes and retreats as opportunities to perfect your Releasing skills with others committed to achieving greater freedom and abundance.

Kris Dillard is a software developer who grew up exposed to practically every self-help and spiritual path known to man.Through experience, he saw that none of them provided definitive tools for achieving his Ultimate Goals. When Kris first attended a live class of the Release Technique, he immediately recognized the goodness of releasing and decided to prove the method to himself.

Within months, he realized Lester’s "Butt System" and achieved financial independence just by letting go of negative feelings.

Donna Fedor is a successful Results Coach, Recruiter, Trainer and Teacher. For over twenty years she has assisted others to achieve long-lasting, breakthrough performance results by inspiring and teaching others to “Think Like a Champion”. Donna is a dynamic leader and speaker on today’s most critical issues. She works with corporations, outplacement groups, individuals, and with mastermind groups.

Donna has been involved with the Release Technique for three years and has committed her life to helping people to live a loving, happy, abundant life with ease. She is living proof that anyone can do it if they are really interested.

Daniel Schultz bio is coming soon.

FREE Weekly Conference Call

Graduates have asked for more support so we are conducting FREE Tele-Conference Clean-up and Question & Answers Sessions every week. This call is for graduates of the Release Technique only.

Contact us for details: 1-888-RELESE-1 (888-735-3731).

NEW! Official Release Technique Blog

We have launched a new online releasing community and releasing blog. Learn first-hand from the teachers and other releasers who have made the method into a successful daily practice. This new blog will offer you tons of updates, tips and details on how to experience your own breakthroughs using the method. Visit us at: www.UltimateHappinessSecret.com