Graduates from all over the world are enjoying the benefits of Releasing. Don’t take our word for it! Read their amazing testimonials for yourself!

How the Release Technique has helped our graduates:

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The Release Technique Will Also Help You To…

  • Be in total control of your life.
  • Easily drop habits such as procrastination.
  • Stop the habit of beating yourself up.
  • Learn how to trust yourself. Stop being a victim.
  • Maintain inner calmness and resourcefulness while under pressure.
  • Quickly regain your “balance” when life seems to “throw you a curve.”
  • Propel yourself to new heights of joy and fulfillment.
  • Have all the peace and happiness you deserve.

..and you’ll find the use of your ability makes no demands on your time.

The Release Technique will work for you!

Here’s just a small sample of the raving testimonials I’ve received… reporting amazing results that changed people’s lives, health, relationships and businesses beyond their wildest expectations…

“I am 86 years old and have been a research scientist, a surgeon, and a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical School and at UCLA University Stress Center. I have also been a private consultant to Fortune 500 companies for over 60 years. I worked with Albert Einstein in my formative years.

In 1977, I met a physicist named Lester Levenson who discovered a profound breakthrough in the history of behavioral science. He liberated the subconscious mind and designed a simple method: How to get rid of negativity at any level. The method is called the Release Technique. Lester Levenson and Larry Crane introduced me to and taught me this technique. I have practiced it for over 20 years myself successfully.

The new work Larry Crane is teaching is a major step in facilitating the application of the Technique. By participating and experiencing this method, you will reach a place where nothing and no one will ever bother you again. A place where you can eliminate all your “I can’t’s” and replace them with “I can’s”. In order to get the full benefit of this course, I recommend you participate experientially and follow the step-by-step exercises and instructions exactly. I wish you a remarkable and joyful experience.” – Dr. John L. Kemeny, Albert Einstein Associate

“The Release Technique is a revolutionary scientific discovery that unlocks the science of the mind to eliminate subconscious mental viruses which cause our bodies to become ill and cause us to block abundance in our lives–now achieve optimum health and great wealth easily!

This is a terrific course. I highly recommend it. Just do it!” – Catherine Ponder, Author, Secret of Unlimited Prosperity

Are You Fed Up With Being Let Down By Every Other Personal Development Program Out There?

“In my desire to improve all aspects of my life I had tried virtually every self help system out there-hypnosis, NLP, goal setting and visualization. These only served to reinforce the sense of lacking and frustration I felt in my heart and the sense of inadequacy and confusion I felt in my mind! I was just going round in circles and the prospect of a happy fulfilling life became all the more unattainable.

As someone then who had grown disillusioned with the “personal development” processes espoused by so-called “gurus”, I was tempted to pass on Larry and Lester’s “Release Technique”. Thankfully the testimonials on their website convinced me to take one last gamble on finding happiness….and the gamble paid off!

With only about 30 minutes of releasing in the comfort of my easy chair I managed to eliminate all anxieties I had towards approaching and talking with members of the opposite sex… anxieties that had plagued me since my adolescence. I can now confidently approach and interact with any girl (no matter how “intimidatingly beautiful”!). What’s more I do this stone cold sober.. and for an Irishman that is quite an accomplishment!

This is just the beginning for me, I am intent on releasing my way back to total freedom and imperturbability and with the aid of Larry’s material, it is not a case of “if” but “when”!

This is the real deal people!” – Kieran, Ireland

P.S. I also want to thank Larry personally for all his prompt and considered responses to each and every query (no matter how inane!) I had about this wonderful technique!”

Want To Get Rid Of Long Standing Fear And Anxiety?

“I have made phenomenal progress since going back over my Abundance Book and really working the program. Thank you. I’m not sure if I had sent in my testimony so please excuse me if I’m being redundant.

My veil of fear over my world is gone. I no longer have a physically painful anxiety over going to work, the “Clean-up” procedures I’ve used on everything from people to situations and its worked! I was so stunned over that it had happened and so quickly I wondered why they aren’t teaching this in every public school.

My head is quiet, I sleep straight through the night and I no longer worry about bills. I’ve heard these claims before, but they meant nothing until I personally experienced them, since all I wanted was money, money and more money. I’m sure the money will come, but I have something far more valuable right now. I have me back without all my old baggage.

Thank you and thank you again Larry Crane. This Course is owed a second testimony from me. It’s just that awesome. I’ve received your most recent Newsletter, so I am on your mailing list — how I don’t know, but who cares, I’m grateful. I look forward to taking one of your courses in person.” – Ms. Yvonne Justice, Brooklyn, NY

Want To Use The Technique To Create More Money In Your Life?

After one week of practicing the course, I used the “butt system” and to my amazement I had a million dollar profit on a sale I made. The course helped me to think bigger than I was thinking. I released, and it happened. I am having so much positive energy. Wow!” – Kay Barens, Dallas, Texas

In less than six months, since starting the Abundance Course, I have become a millionaire. Thank you Larry and Lester.” – Helene Aronson, Ph.D., San Diego, CA

“Since taking the Abundance Course in the Woodland Hills branch of First Union Securities, our branch office is now the number one sales office in the entire country and I have been promoted to running my own branch office.” – Burbank, CA, Senior V.P., Branch Manager

“Last year I attended the live Abundance Course in L.A. I was totally broke and had difficulty making a living. I kept using The Release Technique taught by Larry and now I’m making $75,000 per month and going up each month.” – Larry Strickland, South Gate, CA

Executives From Many Fortune 500 and 1000 Companies Have Benefited From The Release Technique, Including:

  • Merrill Lynch
  • Touche Ross
  • J.C. Penney
  • TWA
  • Chase Bank
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Chemical Bank
  • Monsanto
  • Bristol Meyers
  • Mutual of New York
  • Paine Webber
  • ASA

“I have learned the Release Technique and use it constantly in my business and personal life. I find it a most unique method–easy to learn but powerful in its impact.” – E. Pavlock, Director of Education, Touche Ross & Company

Want To Say Goodbye To Addictions—Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol Etc?

“I used the Release Technique on my smoking and found that the anxiety that drove me to smoke was gone. I stopped smoking.” – Paul Mendez, New York

“I cut my cigarette smoking by 3/5 without consciously trying all the time. There was a conscious thought to work on my smoking—not to necessarily stop. But the cutting down more or less just happened with really no strong effort. I’m sleeping better than I have in years. I quit taking drugs for my arthritis and feel better without them.” – Raymond Hanson, Los Angeles, CA

“I was a daily marijuana smoker for the last 20 years, and have had absolutely no desire to smoke since the first weekend. Again, no stress, no effort to not smoke, just no desire.” – Name withheld by request

“I was addicted to sleeping pills and booze—every night for three years I took a sleeping pill after 5-6 drinks to blot out life and sleep—never realizing the lengths I was going to avoid growth. I had terrible colitis from stress—would spend days in bed with a heating pad. At the end of the course, never another sleeping pill—no more booze. After a year I finally can choose to have an occasional glass of wine—never any more colitis.” – Susan Donovan, Phoenix, AZ

“I have learned to relax by releasing, and an unexpected gain has been that I no longer have a desire for alcohol—it feels good.” – Jackie Dimalante, New York

“Having been asked not to use alcohol or drugs for the period of the course, I was surprised to find how smooth my week was and clear I seemed to be. I now realize that using alcohol is a choice over which I have control. What a freeing feeling to know that I don’t have to have a drink to relax, but that I can just release. This may seem inconsequential, but this is something I’ve had to watch since I had an alcoholic bro