What’s holding you back in your life?


Whatever your mind/ego is saying about that right now probably isn’t positive. Your ego spends its time convincing you, me, and everyone else on the planet that we are stuck in a limited body/mind/ego. Our ego is all about reminding us of limitation and selling us on the impossibles. It says, “I can’t”, “I won’t”, […]

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Your Portal to Peace and Happiness

woman hiking

  Our lives consist of beauty, joy and excitement. Our lives also consist of challenges, obstacles and burdens. And we like to hold onto what’s good. It doesn’t matter if the good happens to be something worldly or physical – a delicious meal, a financial boon, a wildly intimate experience with another person – or […]

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Growth You Can Have Everyday

young man standing on the top of mountain and  watching the sunrise

  Most of you don’t realize that every day you are presented with wonderful opportunities to make major steps in your growth. Were you to look at and see this, the Goal that seems so difficult and elusive would soon be in your possession. Awaken to this fact and be done with worldly miseries! To do […]

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Mind Freedom (here’s how)

Romantic happy couple on cruise ship traveling

  Conscious decisions are like a new computer application. When you install a new application on your computer it’s a good idea to delete or uninstall older applications that could interfere with the new application running properly. Likewise: When you set a new conscious decision it’s a good idea to “delete” all the old and […]

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Wow! Releasing as a way of life!


  That moment when you release your very first feeling, it’s like a grand revelation. Your spirit awakens with the realization that you no longer have to be a victim to negative feelings, insecurities, doubts, or anything else that’s ever tormented you. A rush of inner strength surges up with the realization that “Yes, I […]

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Turn bad news into good


  Recognize the line? New York, New York. Frank Sinatra. Am I right? Sorry to say, the following has absolutely nothing to do with New York, New York or Ol’ Blue Eyes… Or does it? Read on if you like. Decide for yourself. I walked by one of those newspaper boxes today. There was this outrageous […]

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How to get ahead

The word "LOVE" in the grass at sunset

  What can I do to get ahead? Have you been wrestling the bed covers over that question? First, acknowledge what you’ve tried hasn’t worked, i.e., the rat race. “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.” That method has exhausted you. Frustrated you, disappointed you, hasn’t it? It’s the hamster on the treadmill. It’s […]

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How to improve your perception of others in order to achieve better results?

Group of friends talking

  Perhaps the best way to deal with people is to remind ourselves of an old Barbra Streisand song that topped the charts several decades ago.  The song “People… needing other people… are the luckiest people…” is still an appropriate concept in this day and age. If we were to stop for a moment and […]

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Finding Peace

Couple Yoga meditation

  Peace is within us. Most of the time we’re not seeing it because we’re looking for it externally. The problem with this approach is that our most intimate experience of Peace is through the feeling of inner calmness. So how can we achieve inner calm by searching outwardly? We must begin to look inward […]

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How to get rid of problems

Girl holding hands in heart shape at beach

  What problem would you like to get rid of in your life? Take that one you just thought of. Go with that. I expect you’ve already given plenty of thought to how it could be solved. Or you’ve given mental energy to how the problem or issue could be cleared up. And, right now, […]

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