The Release Technique Makes Neuroscientific History

Is the Releasing process developed by Lester Levenson as effective as other spiritual practices to Quiet the Mind? Releasing practitioners have always thought so—now science is starting to agree!

University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Spirituality and the Mind explores the relationship between the spirituality and the brain, specifically by st…udying the effects spiritual practices may have in quieting the mind. For several years, the University of Pennsylvania team has been studying techniques of Quieting the Mind such as meditation and numerous other processes from around the world.

They have found that substantial results are being achieved by people practicing the Release Technique! Recent fMRI studies (brain scan of nervous system activities) of Releasers by the Center for Spirituality and the Mind find that the Release Technique is on to something!

World experts in this area, Dr. Andrew Newberg* and Therapist Mark Robert Waldman* head the Center’s research activities. Center Director Andy Newberg is an M.D. in Internal Medicine and Radiology. He performs fMRI brain scans (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging)on subjects practicing various spiritual or mind-quieting methodologies to measure the degree of quiet the brain achieves through such practice.

Newberg and Waldman have found that the Release Technique achieves a wide range of benefits, including Quietness of Mind, memory enhancement, improved decision-making, and greatly improved control in regulating emotions such as anxiety, depression, and irritability. The study shows that the Release Technique can be effective in quieting any emotional disturbance of the mind. “We think this study is important,” says Waldman, “and it’s very exciting, because it suggests that there are many strategies used in the Release Technique training that can bring about the benefits that have been documented by our meditation research.”

What Users Say: Practical and Immediate Results
The study results reveal that the Release Technique seems to affect the brain—keeping it in a Quiet state—even when one is no longer actively practicing it. Releasers themselves have long experienced the cumulative (lingering) effects of a powerful Releasing session! The Release Technique further eliminates subconscious negative feelings permanently so that they no longer influence the practitioner or sabotage his happiness and well-being.

Releasing, however, by all users’ reports, goes beyond the results obtained by the other processes studied at the Center for Spirituality and the Mind. Tens of millions of Americans now meditate. The Release Technique is the ultimate Americanized form of Meditation. It quiets the mind by ridding the Releaser of invasive negative thoughts and feelings. Yet it offers practical benefits as the user develops the skill and uses it daily.

American Lester Levenson, the discoverer of the process called Releasing, knew that Americans are practical, results-oriented, do-it-yourself people. He offered them this process, which leads all the way to the quietness of mind spiritual teachers of all eras have taught about. And as one practices Releasing, everyday life gets easier and easier, too.

For instance, a Releaser can use the process to easily make changes in his outer life—health improvements, material-world changes, and positive shifts in relationships. Releasers report that health issues fade away with ease no matter what the issue, including normalized blood pressure, better quality of sleep, reduction in need for medications and therapies of all types, no need for surgeries and more. Users too numerous to count have created positive cash flow and even multi-million dollar wealth— without any change in their professional life. Family and business relationships have benefited from love, harmony and mutuality that have been created by Releasing alone. The Universe responds to a Releaser, so there is less efforting in the tasks of daily life.

The Release Technique definitely creates more calm, peace of Mind and outright happiness in the Releaser’s inner life, too. Releasers report happy, even moods and positive outlook even in the face of negativity around them. Stress dissolves. Users are less likely to have others “push their buttons,” as the buttons are easily deactivated by Releasing. Releasers develop an emotional intelligence (emotional self-control), which allows them to act from a calm mental and physical focus, rather than react from stress, confusion or anxiety. The mind gets quiet and stays quiet, by Releasing only. This allows easy clarity of thinking, better and faster decision-making and more peace of mind in all circumstances.

Science and Spirituality meet— through the Release Technique!
*According to Time, Newsweek, and the Washington Post, Andrew Newberg M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman are the world’s leading authorities on spirituality and the brain, and their research was recently featured in a special issue of Time and Oprah Magazine. Their work has been on National Geographic Television, CNN, 20/20 News, Oprah Radio, and PBS television. Their newest book is called How God Changes Your Brain, and it explores the benefits to a person’s nervous system of meditation, relaxation, positive imagery, and optimism.


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