According to a recent article in Smart Money magazine (The Wall Street Journal Magazine), leading medical authorities advise us that there are five things you can do to extend your life by up to 10 years.


That’s quite an incentive to reduce anxiety, overcome depression, lose weight, or seek insomnia relief or help to quit smoking.


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Thinking positively goes hand in hand with stress reduction, but it does far more than merely “reduce your stress.” Beyond just living a “stress-free life,” keeping a positive attitude moves you into the realm of enjoying a fully joyful and happy life, which actively restores, rejuvenates, and reinvigorates the body and mind. Having a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), according to the study mentioned by SmartMoney, is the one greatest thing—beyond even exercising and quitting smoking—that can make the most dramatic improvement in your life.

“A new study suggests optimism may reduce the risk for cardiovascular death by 50 percent. The upbeat outlook may also translate into extra years, according to separate findings published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.”

The author of this SmartMoney report also noted that those with positive attitudes lived a decade longer. According to the study’s lead author, attitude is a “better predictor than exercise or smoking.”

The Release Technique is the ultimate technique for uncovering and maintaining a naturally positive attitude. Our graduates are often seen laughing and smiling for no reason whatsoever, except that they simply FEEL GOOD.

How does Releasing help you to experience an ongoing sense of well-being and happiness despite outer circumstances? First, let me say it doesn’t do it by using affirmations, hypnotic suggestions, NLP, or mental programming, or any of the usual methods. It works by eliminating what stands between you and your natural innate state of happiness. It eliminates your subconscious negativity—at the ROOT—leaving you happier, freer, and lighter each time you use it, as well as better at dealing with frustration.


The reason we smoke is that we are programmed to smoke. We pick it up from advertisers and then peers telling us “it’s cool,” and when we’re young it’s also the “rebellious” thing to do. We get hooked psychologically and physiologically, and then we’re basically stuck in that groove until we undo this programming—but it’s hard to break the habit because people use smoking for stress and anxiety relief too.

Hypnosis is usually a VERY TEMPORARY fix, as it does nothing to address/uproot the underlying programming and seeks only to put so-called “positive” thoughts on top of that programming, such as “I am a non-smoker.” This won’t help you with giving up smoking if you still have underlying programs in place telling you that somehow your security and approval lie in your continuing to smoke.

The Release Technique has helped many, many graduates quit smoking and other addictions, as it allows you to see the root emotional drivers of the addiction and allows you to drop them.

The course shows you how to get what your subconscious mind thinks it is getting from the cigarette or any other unhealthy habit from somewhere else—from within you. Here, an inexhaustible supply of peace, security, self-confidence, and self-love is always there waiting to be uncovered and relaxed into every moment.

The Release Technique teaches you how to undo these emotional drivers, step-by-step, and it helps you stop looking for your peace, happiness, or security in food, smoking, gambling, sex, TV, socializing, internet surfing, or any other addiction—and to look to where a 24/7 permanent supply of happiness can be found within you. No more fruitless help to stop smoking that does not break the same vicious cycle.

This is not to say you cannot or should not enjoy the above-mentioned things if you so desire, but there’s a tremendous freedom in realizing that they are not the source of your happiness or security and, thus, you will be able to take them or leave them instead of having a driving psychological addiction to them.


Why are we overweight? On one level, it’s usually because we eat too much. We have “super-sized” our life. People come to America from countries like France and are shocked at the quantities we pack away. It’s always more, more, more.

Why do we overeat? Because we are COMPELLED by our PROGRAMMING. Our programming in the U.S. around food, and just about everything else, is “more is better.” We love value. We love “all you can eat buffets” even when any restaurant we go into usually gives us more than we can eat anyway.

That’s one reason.

Another major reason is that being overweight is often an emotional “checking out.” It is checking out from life, a stepping back and withdrawing. When we feel it’s not safe to fully engage life, we often withdraw, and being overweight is one of the best excuses for checking out. It’s sort of an innate excuse to avoid steps to lose weight.

The Release Technique addresses our attachments to being overweight and our aversions to it. What do we like about it? Yes, there’s always something we like about it if we’re holding onto it. And, what do we dislike about it? Our dislikes are usually more obvious, but we each have attachments and aversions—pushes and pulls—to everything in our life.

The course will show you just how much these attachments and aversions run you and keep you feeling like a ping-pong ball, bouncing back and forth between overeating and starving yourself, and then give you the world’s most effective tool for eliminating this “push-pull” trap we fall into. More effective weight loss solutions may then be within reach.

But there are other reasons why we may be overweight, and the course teaches you how to uncover those reasons and eliminate them. These reasons are like computer viruses running in your subconscious mind. If you want to make weight loss permanent, you need to look at the underlying programming that is driving it, and then eliminate that programming at its ROOT.

The Release Technique is your key to eliminating these patterns quickly, easily, and effectively at their very root. Then you can focus on improving your health through methods such as natural ways to lose weight.


Stress is the number-one cause of sickness and death. It leads to just about every health problem imaginable, as when the body is stressed, it cannot heal or restore itself effectively. It is as if we have turned against our own body and end up beating it up with our negative thoughts. Instead, what we need to be doing is filling our body up with positive energy, which supports the healing process and can even make it instantaneous. We’ve seen this many times with Releasing. Stress reduction techniques can literally save your life.


Many graduates have reduced their blood pressure and eliminated their stress simply by “letting go” of the root causes of their stressful reactions. When you let those go and focus on coping with stress, you could have your boss screaming in your face at the top of his or her lungs, or be facing an imminent crisis, and you’ll just peacefully respond from a place of calmness, clarity, and strength—instead of reacting from a dangerously pre-programmed place that will likely make the problem much worse.

I’m sure you’ve noticed you will tend only to make a problem worse by reacting habitually out of fear or other old reaction patterns. Yet, if you were to disable those patterns at the root “generators” of those patterns—which my course will show you how to do—you would have the ability to clearly and easily RESPOND to life’s challenges, instead of reacting to them from a place of calmness and clarity in the moment.

Until you undo the automatic knee-jerk reactions programmed into your subconscious mind, you will continue seeing the same results in your life as surely as a computer programmed to output “2 + 2 = 5” will continue to give the answer it’s programmed to give, despite it not being the answer you were hoping for. In short, if you don’t know how to control anger and frustration, overcoming anxiety and depression and other forms of stress is impossible.

The bottom line, if you are experiencing stress, is that you need to look to the emotionally reactive patterns as the cause and eliminate them. The Release Technique not only makes this easy to do but also fun and pleasurable. It can, therefore, promote stress management, show you how to reduce anger, and make dealing with frustration in a healthy manner easier.


Not only can Releasing help you FEEL better, it can also help you LOOK AND FEEL YEARS YOUNGER than your age!

“I have experienced many wonderful benefits from using the release technique. Releasing has brought forth a youthful spirit from within me that has manifested physically in a more youthful appearance. I was about 51 when I began releasing. At the time I had very prominent features associated with so-called aging, such as: crow’s feet, laugh lines, “jowls,” a very loose wrinkled neck, and lines in my forehead. Two years later at age 53, I no longer have any of these features. At a recent family reunion, a friend of the family commented that I keep getting younger and younger looking. My cousin told me I look “ageless.” One person I saw recently thought I was one of my daughters!

Releasing has become an integral part of my daily living. Through the Release Technique, I have learned that abundance is not just about having a lot of money. Abundance is a wholistic, natural experience, and a state of being involving perfected harmony of the mind, body, and spirit. I am very grateful that I was willing and able to invest in the Abundance Course.” – Fahmeeda Hameed, Chicago, IL

Having the Release Technique at your disposal is like having a Ph.D. in the areas of life you wish to master. It is the master-level course on stress management and maintaining a positive attitude. You quickly become master over your life and can quickly overcome any challenge, eliminate any habit, and stop the endless self-sabotage that has plagued you your entire life.


A top executive reports, “I laughed more the evening of the first day I used the ability than I had in years. Thank you for giving me and my son a precious evening to remember.”


In 1976, I transformed my life from one of health problems, ulcers, headaches, panic attacks, anxiety, moments of depression, every allergy known to man, guilt feelings, fear, procrastination, inability to speak up for myself, marital problems, and confusion about my life into a life of health abundance, vitality, contentment, fulfillment and peace, and to do only what I want to do, when I want to do it.

Since then, I have taught thousands of other people just like you to rid themselves of all kinds of health problems too.

Exploring this site, you’ll discover what executives in companies like Mutual of New York; Touche Ross; Sally Jesse Raphael; Michael Hutchinson, author Mega Brain Power; Joan Collins; Dr John Kemeny (Columbia University Medical School); Harvard University, and others have to say about how their lives have improved by using this ability.

As I’ve already said, thirty-five years ago after looking and looking for the answers, I met a remarkable man named Lester Levenson. That meeting changed my life forever. He told me, “You have no limits except those you hold onto in your mind, and when you let go of these limits you can have, do, or be whatever you desire.”

At that time, it sounded great, but I thought “How can this be true?” Yet, Lester was a living example of the beliefs he shared with me and I decided to test it out for myself.

Lester became my mentor and friend. Lester had discovered this remarkable ability for himself at the age of 42—after being given only weeks to live by his doctors.

Lester Levenson, the developer of the Release Technique, unselfishly devoted his entire life to helping others discover the way to health so vital it’s bursting out of you, unbelievable energy and zest for life that results in peace of mind and happiness as he achieved over his life. This compassionate, giving man, Lester Levenson, gently guided me to discovering his discovery within myself. Lester was 84 when he passed on in 1994, and he was the embodiment of unshakable peace and happiness.

Lester, on his deathbed, asked me if I would continue his work dedicated to one purpose . . . sharing Lester’s discovery, which is the HOW TO of discovering this natural ability everyone has.


In 1952, after being sent home by his doctors to die, Lester realized two TRUTHS that literally saved his life.

The first is that his own feelings were the cause of all his problems, and not the world or the people in it, as he had previously thought. He also realized his own feelings were what he had struggled so hard and long against. And this struggle was what had destroyed his health and caused him to suffer in every way.

The second truth is, he discovered he had the inborn ability to let go of his feelings. He discovered how to completely discharge them and their negative influences from his life. Instead of struggling with them by suppressing, coping, and venting as he had previously done, he discovered how to totally release them. This put an end to his struggle! He found permanent happiness and was able to reduce stress. And, he found the more he released his feelings, the happier and healthier he became. In fact, within three months, he was completely well, and he stayed well for over 40 more years!

Lester discovered something else—every aspect of his life got better, too. A short time later, he became a millionaire!

You know, from your own experience, that when too many negative feelings build up in you, you feel anxious, uncomfortable, and unhappy. The first thing you’ll try to do is to get away from them. You’ll do this by suppressing them—hiding them from yourself is the worst thing you can do, coping with them—trying to escape their effects by various means, or by venting them. This is not how to relieve stress in an effective way.


Believe me, handling your feelings in any of these ways rather than simply “letting them go” won’t give you what you want. You will remain trapped, unhappy, and limited because the negative effects of your feelings are still in you, building up inside and hurting you, by destroying your health and keeping you from your happiness, even though you may not be aware of them.

What you really want and need is what you’ve lost sight of. That is, you already have the ability to completely discharge your negative feelings and regain your energy, your passion, and your power. Dealing with stress on this level is the only way to the happiness, peace, and successful life you’ve been longing for.

And, you can discover this ability to live a successful life by following Lester’s simple how-to instructions. We call it the Release Technique. It’s so easy to do, without any magic or mystery. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! And, you don’t have to read books, meditate, or memorize any complicated formulas to do so.

By reading on, you will discover your natural ability to handle whatever life throws at you, reduce anxiety, and overcome depression. You will discover that you can get rid of everything that hurts—all your fears, all your burdens, all your disappointments—and when you get rid of enough of them, you’ll find yourself, as Lester did and as others have, happy, peaceful, and capable of doing whatever you want, regardless of your situation or circumstance.


Scientific researchers who have studied the Release Technique found out through working with thousands of people that the best, fastest, and most effective way of helping you discover and use the technique is by using it experientially.

Why? Because the intellectual approach is way too slow. Lester found that out. He’d read and learned a lot in his life, but that didn’t help him when the chips were down. No, what helped him was when he discovered and used his ability to let go of negative emotions. And used it experientially. And quickly. And you can, too!

Furthermore, this should be your clue as to why stress reduction techniques and other things you may have tried before just don’t work. Anyone attempting to use the Release Technique intellectually would spend decades trying to “make sense out of it”—if it could be done at all. Experientially, will you discover it, prove it, experience it for yourself, and begin to use it—on the very first day.


I recently completed a remarkable new audio program on CD that brings the Release Technique to you in the comfort and privacy of your home or anywhere you play CDs. Listening to these recordings will be the happiest, most enjoyable days you’ve spent in your entire life! I call it The Abundance Course.

Let me emphasize that you won’t need to learn anything else. You simply must do it experientially because it can NOT be learned any other way. After you learn how to let go of negative feelings, you’ll have the ability to create the unlimited life you deserve. Imagine having the ability to “let go” of any negative feelings or thoughts in seconds and be positive, happy, and in control of your life. In doing so, you can find insomnia relief, effective weight loss strategies, and help to quit smoking.

Having these audio CDs in your possession is like having an instructor at your beck and call. Anytime you want an instructor to help you, just pop a CD into your player! You will sit back and watch your limitations just fly out without effort on your part—it’s that simple.

You’ll have the opportunity to work on issues that are important to you, and you’ll learn more about The Release Technique as you listen to me guide you through the experience, just as Lester taught me.

Don’t worry. This is not psychology and, since you are learning this Technique in the privacy of your home, there is never a need to reveal details of your personal life. You don’t have to experience any encounter group tactics or strenuous maneuvers. You’ll never have to feel any pressure or embarrassment.

Don’t forget—your firsthand experience is what counts. Learn and experience it for yourself instead of being lectured about it—then it’s yours forever. It’s an exciting, experiential learning process that can reduce stress and anxiety and help with a host of habits and health matters.

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