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Amazing Story On Weight Loss and Blood Pressure Using the Release Technique

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Are you overweight?

Do you want to lose weight?

Have you tried losing weight before – but nothing seems to work… or… you pile on the pounds again a few weeks later?

If so, you NEED to read this:

If you’re overweight and you want to slim down – you’ve probably already spent (and wasted) lots of money on a variety of diet books, diet pills, shakes, weight loss clubs… exercise equipment… and the like.

It’s only natural. After all, there are so many “experts” and “so called” solutions to weight loss it’s hard to know who to believe or what to do.

So, the very first thing to do if you feel you’ve tried virtually every weight loss “solution” under the sun and have no permanent weight loss results to show for it – is to forgive yourself.

See, the biggest reason the diets and nutritional plans don’t work (at least not permanently) is because the main focus is always on food. And food is not the problem.

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What this course is not:

It is NOT hypnosis, affirmations, NLP, calorie counting, a low-fat diet, yoga or anything else you may have ever tried. Larry Crane gives you a powerful and original system that has been used by over 100,000 graduates over 25 years for not only weight loss, but also abundance in finances, loving relationships, better sleep, stress elimination, and much, much more.

The Real (Lasting) Solution To Weight Loss:

Dear Friend,

This letter is meant for you if you are overweight – and if you are serious in your desire to lose that weight.

For, revealed here to the general public for the first time is a secret system that will open a new natural and safe “inside track”to weight loss for you.

Yes, this is a weight-loss system that could easily make your interest in the so-called “diet miracle workers”- diet pills and drugs, diet gadgets and gimmicks, fade into the background.

Let me tell you about a startling new approach to weight loss that when followed is absolutely guaranteed to make it possible for YOU – finally- to lose weight fast and easily, and perhaps most important of all, to keep off the pounds and inches once you have lost them – or it won’t cost you anything.

This system is NOT for you if you believe that your past weight-loss failures make you a hopeless case. However, you do not need to take those failures very seriously! According to many articles and studies, many of the other methods discussed above are almost surely destined to fail in the long-term, because they are not natural, are often harsh, and because they may result in rebounding.

This system is specifically for you if you have specific weight-loss goals, and if you wish to lose as much as 10 pounds in the next month – and then, constant weight loss week after week until you have reached your ideal weight.

Stop for just a moment and imagine what it will be like when you are finally thin – what it will be like to look up to ten years younger – what it will be like to have new pep and new vitality – what it will belike to be able to wear new clothes without bulges – what it will belike to get admiring looks from family, business associates and friends. Just imagine the wonderful sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment. But now back to the present.

These incredible powerful – yet amazingly simple – new weight reduction techniques have been developed by the man who has helped thousands of men and women achieve their most important life goals – by the man who has helped scores of men and women just like you lose weight fast and easily – without starvation – -without drugs and pills – without exhausting exercises.

This technique helped:

  • Sandy Gabin lose 90 pounds and keep it off.
  • Catherine Seo lose 100 pounds and keep it off.
  • Bill Shanahan lose 38 pounds and keep it off.
  • Rick Dillard drop 25 pounds while replacing it with lean muscle mass.

Read on to discover much more about the man who teaches this system – and how he can help you lose weight faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible!

He is one of the most amazing men America has ever produced – yet you would not even recognize him if you met him in the street. He seems to have the almost unbelievable ability to help people get the best things in life before they are too old to enjoy them. His name is Larry Crane – and I promise you this once he has helped You lose the excess weight you thought you could never lose – You will never forget him.

Larry Crane a teacher, author and developer of this technique – has simply disregarded the common, old-fashioned weight-loss techniques that have failed so miserably – for you, for so many others like you. He uses ONLY his own personal system with a revolutionary technique designed to easily lose weight or your money back.

These techniques are easy to follow. They involve absolutely NO dangerous pills or drugs – absolutely NO exercise machines and gadgets that exhaust you – absolutely NO starvation that leads to impossible hunger pangs.

Yes, they work time after time – guaranteed.

A System Scientifically Verified by Harvard and Columbia University Researchers

Researchers, Dr. David McClelland of Harvard University and Dr. Richard Davidson of the State University of New York have found “The Release Technique stands out far beyond the rest for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results.”

Now you can learn the Release Technique in the comfort of your home.

Mr. Crane has recently completed a remarkable new audio CD program that brings the Release Technique to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or anywhere you play the CD’s. By using his remarkable audio series, you will eliminate the blocks that are you from losing all the weight you want to lost and keeping it off, just as graduates have already proven to themselves.

You will notice a difference—right away! And you’ll find the use of the technique will give you immediate results easily. From the very first moment that you start to use Mr. Crane’s Release Technique that makes “Successful weight-loss simple!”

  • You will learn the seventeen strategies for fast and permanent weight-loss. Each and every one has been proven beyond question in actual practice with men and women – with young, the middle-aged, the old – with high school drop outs and college graduates. Together, these seventeen strategies form the “can’t miss”solution to the problem of overweight!
  • You will discover the invaluable secret of “automatic willpower”- so that you never have to worry about temptation again. With your new-found power, you will be amazed how fast your unwanted pounds and inches seem to disappear into thin air. It’s not magic- but it will seem like magic! This lack of “automatic willpower”is the very thing that has been is the reason why you have not been able to lose weight.
  • You will be provided with a systematic “fail-safe”proven method that guarantees that you will keep off every single pound and inch you take off. To understand the tremendous value of this “fail-safe”method, just think of all the times you’ve taken off some weight, only to put it right back on. Never again!

Yes! “Successful weight-loss made simple!”is the last weight-loss program you will ever need. It has been proven to work – it is complete and comprehensive. It gives you EVERYTHING you need to become the THIN person you’ve always wanted to be – once and for all.

You will receive personal weight loss coaching two ways:

Having these audio CD’s in your possession is like having an instructor at your beck and call, any time you want an instructor to help you, just pop a CD into your player! You will sit back and watch your personal weight-loss problems be solved along with your personal limitations—it’s that simple.

Perhaps you say to yourself: “I’ve tried dozens of things in the past. Some of them worked for a while – I took off some weight – then, my scale told me the sad news. I had gained back all the weight. Why is your Program different?”

There are two reasons:

  • You get the “fail-safe”method to keep your weight down.
  • You get a FREE Weight-Loss Consultation Service.

Let me explain exactly what I mean. Most diets that you find in books and magazines – most weight-loss plans you may have already tried – don’t really show you how to get rid of the hunger pangs, and then they leave you out in the cold.

This is NOT the case with this Program.

A trained staff of dedicated workers – under Mr. Crane’s personal direction and guidance – is at your beck and call for a full year. If you have any questions at all – simply call us toll free and your questions will be answered – your personal weight-loss problems will be solved.

It will be like having your own personal weight-loss expert at your elbow – ready to help you through those “tough times”- ready to help you lose all the weight you want to lose.

How to have this system for yourself and save $191 today!

Until now, Larry Crane has shared his advanced techniques with ONLY those people who attended his live courses around the country. He has shared them ONLY with men and women who were willing to pay $335 to get them. That’s right – $335 – and not a single one that I talked to thought the price had been too high.

Now, for the first time Mr. Crane will share his techniques with the general public. Now you can learn his advanced techniques and use them to lose pounds and inches – right in your own home – for the very low price of just $279. You get EVERYTHING that others paid $335 for – for just $279 plus shipping. Including the value of the free bonus audios, you save $191!

Yes, all of Mr. Crane’s weight-loss methods and techniques have been set down on paper and recorded for your personal use and benefit. His guaranteed Weight-Loss Program is presented in plain language in easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow, step-by-step, day-by-day, hour-by-hour form. The entire program has been personally recorded – and is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to help you lose all the weight you want to lose – and keep it of f – or it doesn’t cost you a penny. Mr. Crane’s guaranteed Weight-Loss Program is called The Release Technique.

Here’s what you get…

The Release Technique audio cassette program comes with 20 sessions on 10 audio CDs, complete with a power-packed instruction book detailing how to uncover your Releasing ability to successfully lose weight the easy way.

But there’s ever more – yours FREE!

Order right now and we will give you six free bonus CDs valued at $125. Yes, yours to keep absolutely free, even if you return the course materials (within 30 days of purchase) for a full refund.

You’ll receive the “In My Own Words” CD in which you receive personal tips to that natural state called “Happiness With No Sorrow”; and as a second bonus you will receive a special CD called “Will Power.”This CD shares the secret of will power. The Third Bonus CD covers “How To Eliminate Resistance to Losing Weight.”The fourth bonus audio is “How to be in Release 24/7 and How to Accelerate Your learning 85% More.”The fifth bonus is “Become a Millionaire and Have Health and Happiness.”The sixth bonus CD shows you “How To Keep Your Weight Off.”

So order right now and receive the complete Release Technique course plus the six bonus CDs for only $279 plus $12.95 shipping and handling (domestic USA). That’s a $191 Savings!

Mr. Crane’s weight-loss program will work for you or you get every penny of your money back. No questions asked!

That’s right! Mr. Crane’s “Successful weight-loss made simple!”is absolutely guaranteed to take off pounds and inches – all the pounds and inches you want to take off – or you get your money back. In fact, you are fully protected by the following no-risk ironclad Guarantee of Weight-Loss:

Keep and use Mr. Crane’s “Successful weight-loss made simple!”for a full 30 days. You are still protected. You MUST lose all the weight you want to lose – or return it. You still get every penny of your money back without quibble or question.

Remember, the solution is available and it’s yours for the taking. I know the difference it will make in your life and what it will mean to your family and loved ones, too.

Imagine how much more quickly and easily you would travel if all the burdens you are carrying were removed from your back? Please don’t delay. Obey that impulse for a better, thinner way of life.

Can you Picture it? I know you can.

Want to talk to us or order by phone?

Take the action necessary to help yourself call toll free 1-888-333-7703. We’d love to talk with you. You can order over the phone. We accept all major credit cards or you can use a check or money order. See the order form for details.

I truly want to make every effort I can to share with you the way to a life of great health and happiness with ease. Call Toll Free: 1-888-333-7703.

Dr. John L. Kemeny

Dr. Kemeny is a world renowned psychiatrist, researcher, health and weight loss expert, and professor who taught at Columbia Medical School and the U.C.L.A. Stress Center and has been in private practice for over fifty years. He was an associate of Albert Einstein and has been a consultant to many Fortune 500 companies.