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When you purchase the Release Technique Abundance Course you will receive 90 days of FREE support. We are with you every step of the way.

Larry Crane and the Release Support Team members are here to mentor you one-on-one in using the Release Technique to achieve your goals. Take advice from someone who already knows how to make millions with Releasing.

If you are already a graduate, be sure to take advantage of the live classes and retreats as opportunities to perfect your Releasing skills with others committed to achieving greater freedom and abundance.

Donna Fedor is a successful Results Coach, Recruiter, Trainer and Teacher. For over twenty years she has assisted others to achieve long-lasting, breakthrough performance results by inspiring and teaching others to “Think Like a Champion”. Donna is a dynamic leader and speaker on today’s most critical issues. She works with corporations, outplacement groups, individuals, and with mastermind groups.

Donna has been involved with the Release Technique for three years and has committed her life to helping people to live a loving, happy, abundant life with ease. She is living proof that anyone can do it if they are really interested.

Rick Dillard is a lifelong musician and teacher. In 1989 he founded and is President of American Classic Tours & Music Festivals to provide quality musical and travel experiences for young musicians. These include school band, choir and orchestra groups that have been introduced to the wonders of traveling the world by performing for audiences in the USA, as well as countries on six continents.

Rick was introduced to the Release Technique in the fall of 2001 in the aftermath of 9/11 and found enormous benefits in the tools he acquired. He discovered through releasing that the skills available in the Release Technique were of incredible value in becoming happier, more successful financially, better health, and increased ability to connect with others and have deeper and more lasting relationships.

He discovered that true expansion of love and growth occurs only in personal experience, not conceptual knowledge. Through the Release Technique he discovered and continues to discover the joy of dropping limitations and having an ever expanding encounter with deeper dimensions of life.

Hal Goldstein has counseled as a social worker, taught meditation, and worked as a software engineer for Hewlett Packard. He left HP in Palo Alto to participate in a world peace project in Fairfield, Iowa where he lives today.

In Fairfield he launched a successful publishing company which he ran for 27 years. He still consults with, writes far, and partially owns that company which today publishes iPhone Life magazine. He is currently writing a book about entrepreneurship and consciousness based on a university class he teaches.

He began releasing in 2008 and found it a perfect complement to his meditation practice. Releasing can be done at anytime in the midst of outer turmoil to experience acceptance and peace. While still running his company, many of his employees started releasing which increased harmony and overall company effectiveness.

He loves teaching the Release Technique By helping others, he helps himself to more profoundly realize benefits of the Release Technique.— more self-confidence, increased personal power, greater capacity to love, and a deep sense of inner peace.

Jeff Delone is a highly successful financial advisor and business owner in Philadelphia. He has been practicing the Release Technique since 2008 and has been a teacher since 2016. Jeff has brought a lot of real world knowledge experience to the team. Since he has been releasing, Jeff has overcome many obstacles in his life and he shares his invaluable wisdom and experience with the students. He is living proof that there are no limitations in Life.

Stephan Szugat lives in Germany and is a knowledgeable finance leader and strategic planner with more than 15 years of experience aligning financial processes and controls with corporate goals.

Stephan’s Proven history of success has been a valuable asset to the Release Technique and it’s Students. Stephan has been involved with the Release Technique for many years and in 2017 he has become part of the teaching team.

FREE Weekly Conference Call

Graduates have asked for more support so we are conducting FREE Tele-Conference Clean-up and Question & Answers Sessions every week. This call is for graduates of the Release Technique only.

Contact us for details: 1-888-RELESE-1 (888-735-3731).

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We have launched a new online releasing community and releasing blog. Learn first-hand from the teachers and other releasers who have made the method into a successful daily practice. This new blog will offer you tons of updates, tips and details on how to experience your own breakthroughs using the method.

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