Why it Works

The Mind Works Like a Computer

Mind is like a computer

Every thought, every single thought materializes in the physical world. It’s impossible to have a thought that will not materialize, except that we reverse it.

If we say the opposite right after we have a thought of equal strength, we just neutralize it. But any thought not reversed or neutralized will materialize in the future, if not immediately.

So this thing of demonstration that we’re all trying so hard to do we’re doing all the time, unaware of the fact that we are doing it. All we need to do is to consciously direct it, and that we call demonstration.

Everything that everyone has in life is a demonstration.

It could not come into your experience had you not had a thought of it sometime prior.

If you want to know what your sum total thinkingness is, it’s exactly determined by what’s around you, what you have. That is your demonstration.

If you like it you may hold it—if you don’t, start changing your thinking, concentrate it in the direction that you really want, until those thoughts become predominant, and whatever those thoughts are will materialize in the world.

And when you begin to demonstrate consciously—small things—you may then realize that the only reason why they’re small is because you don’t dare to think big.

But the exact same rule of principle applies to demonstrating a penny that applies to demonstrating a billion dollars.

The mind sets the size.

Anyone who can demonstrate a dollar can demonstrate a million dollars. Become aware of the way you’re demonstrating the one dollar bill and just put six zeroes after it next time.

Take on the consciousness of the million, rather than the one dollar bill.

The mind works just like a computer. If you have a virus in your computer and you don’t remove it, the virus will affect everything in your computer and it won’t work properly.

Most of us are suppressing our negativity. Therefore, the negativity stays in your subconscious and interferes with your success, happiness, health and more.

Or even worse, it gets materialized into our experience!

Teachers of the Release Technique™ will show you how to go into your subconscious mind, step by step, and remove this negativity.

By learning the Release Technique™ experientially you will discover how to do it, prove it, experience it for yourself, and begin to use it… ON THE VERY FIRST DAY!

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