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Transcript of a Conversation with Larry Crane:

What is the Abundance Course?

It is an audio course which shows you how to get rid of negativity on the spot. When you get rid of these subconscious blocks, you start having abundance of wealth, health & happiness. It comes in an audio set of 10 audios with 5 bonus audios (yours to keep even if you return the set for a full refund). You also receive a complete workbook, which shows you how to do it step-by-step. It comes with a complete 30 day money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Is it difficult?

No, you will experience releasing on the very first audio. It’s a skill you will be learning that will last you a lifetime.

How is this different from Tony Robbins or other motivational courses?

Motivational Courses just talk AT you. They say things like, “when you’re negative, be positive” and “when you’re stressed out, relax”. Well, that’s a real waste of time and an insult to our intelligence. You need to be shown how to do it, not told to do it. We take you step-by-step on How to Let Go of your Negativity on the spot.

The mind works like a computer. If you have a virus in the computer, and you don’t delete it, it interferes with the way the computer operates. The mind works the same way. Most of us are suppressing our negativity, thus building it up in our subconscious. And it remains there, interfering with our success, money making abilities, health, happiness and relationships. So unless you remove it, you can’t move on.

How is this different from Therapy?

Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists – all they ever do is diagnose you. They tell you that you have a depression problem or the like, but they never show you how to get rid of it. All they ever do is talk to you about it or want to give you a pill, which never ever fixes the problem. We show you how to get rid of your problem. We even offer a support line, for those that want releasing help.

How is this different from ‘The Secret’?

The Abundance Course goes way beyond The Secret. It gives you the ‘how-to’ that The Secret only talks about. Click here for more details.

Does it work on _____________ (various illnesses, etc.)?

Since the mind operates the body and we are showing you how to master your mind and your body. We’ve had great success on almost every illness you can imagine. What we are showing you is how to take apart the negative suppressed emotions which cause these illnesses. Once you learn the technique, it is up to you to use it. If you use it correctly, it will work for you. We’ve had thousands of success stories. Don’t forget, it comes with a complete money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. It’s a brand new cleaning tool.

How can this help me make money?

The more positive one is, the clearer one becomes, the better decisions one can make. Imagine, not being paralyzed with fear, not to procrastinate anymore. The clearer one is, the better he or she does in making money. The law of the universe is “positive attracts positive” and “negative attracts negative”. Get rid of your negative thoughts and you will start winning more in life. Over 50,000 people are now using the Release Technique successfully.

How can it work for everyone?

It works for everyone who follows the step-by-step technique. It doesn’t work for people who don’t follow the instructions. We’ve even taught this to 5-year-olds.

You might be skeptical – I don’t blame you – most of the stuff out there is baloney. This really works. Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose. The results will be astounding. Remember, we guarantee it to work for you, or your money back.

Lastly, may I ask you something? How much more quickly and easily would you travel, if all the burdens you are carrying were removed from your back? It’s so simple, can you picture it?

You too, deserve a chance for Abundance.