Depression Relief

Depression Alert: Don’t take any medication for your depression until you read this controversial message…

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From: Larry Crane.
Lawrence Crane Enterprises, Inc.
2800 Crusader Circle, Ste. 10
Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Saturday, 11.34 a.m.

Dear Reader,

In the next 48 hours, I am, with your permission, going to send you a free CD (worth $25.00) that will alleviate all your depression.

And if you choose to accept that free dissolving depression CD – I will also send you another $3,100.00 worth of material…

Absolutely FREE.

But let’s begin with that free CD.

Listen, the dissolving depression CD that I would like to send you is no ordinary CD. In fact, although it looks just like any other CD… when you know how to use it properly… it happens to be…

The Most Valuable CD In The Entire World.

Here is why:

Does your life often seem rather pointless? Do you often wake in the morning and it’s as much as you can do to muster enough energy to get up and get dressed?

Do you ever feel as though your life is stuck in a “black hole” and nobody can ever bring you out of it? Are you plagued by the fear that you’re becoming “invisible” to the people around you?

Are you emotionally “cut off” from the world going on around you? Do you ever just wish you could just hide away and die?

If so…

These Are All “Red Flags” That You Are Suffering From Depression.

Depression is horrible. It robs you of your self-esteem, your happiness… even your life.

Often it is impossible to explain to the people that matter in your life how you are feeling (or not feeling!).

Sure you can go talk with your doctor. And on the “surface” this sounds like a sensible idea.

After all, the primary role of a doctor is to diagnose an illness or health issue and prescribe a course of action to make you feel better, right?

Well yes, that’s sort of true. Trouble is, in all but extremely rare cases your friendly doctor will prescribe you anti-depression pills that fall under a group of drugs “technically” known as benzodiazepines. Of course, your doctor will simply tell you it’s an anti-depressant medication.

And these pills are hugely popular. You can even buy them over the Internet without a prescription. In some countries, you can literally buy them over the counter with no prescription at all.

And the reason these pills are so popular is…

They Do Alleviate Depression!

If you are feeling depressed, just swallow one of these little pills and,in less than 20 minutes, your depression will begin to fade.

So, this innocent looking anti-depression pill is the perfect solution to your depression problems, right?


See, this “innocent” looking pill is now considered by many health-care experts to be the cause of…

The Biggest And Most Dangerous Drug-Addiction Problem In The World!

Like I said this pill (for most people) works.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. What it does extremely effectively is “mask” your depression state.

Of course, it would be great if this little sucker of a pill could be used on a truly “as needed” basis.

But, alas, it seems this “innocent” looking pill has gotten the better of hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of people around the globe.

Here is how that is so:

It’s not that the pill is addictive in the typical sense; the way, say, when you overdose on heroin, cocaine… or… amphetamines. No. The problem occurs when… after a few weeks of taking this pill, you decide, “Hey, I don’t want to become dependent on these anti-depressants any more. I’m going to ditch them for a while.” And…

That’s When The Nightmare Really Begins!

You see — your body very quickly (sometimes in just a few weeks) becomes dependent on those innocent looking anti-depression pills.

And when that happens, as quickly as 4 to 8 hours after you decide to stop taking those pills… you will begin to experience depression, anxiety and panic like you wouldn’t believe – it will be far, far worse than it ever was before you started popping these pills. And that’s when you come to realize the cold-hard truth that…

You Are Now “Hooked” On This Deadly Drug!

And deadly drug is no exaggeration. See, the longer you try to kick these pills “cold turkey”… the more intense your depression, anxiety and panic will become.

So much so, people (just like you) have been known to commit suicide because of the “come down” after taking anti-depression pills.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is, when you pop that free dissolving depression CD I’d like to send you into your CD player and listen to it… you are going to be guided (very gently) through an experimental process which will eliminate all depression from your life.

Look: Let’s say that before you listen to the CD I am going to send you; on a scale of 1 (very low)to 10 (extremely high) your depression meter is “maxed out” at 10.

Here’s what will happen: As you relax, listen and follow along with the experimental process explained on the CD… what you will discover will utterly stun you.

Because in the short time it takes to listen to that CD… your ” depression barometer” will have…

Dropped To Just 2 Or 3 Out Of 10.

And the more you listen to that CD… the more your depression will melt away like fresh morning dew when the sun comes up.

Which means, very soon (maybe in a matter of just a few weeks)… you will hardly ever – if at all – experience any kind of depression in your life… ever again!

This dissolving depression CD (called “How To Be In release 24-Hours A Day”) is amazing.

But why am I willing to send it to you? And why am I willing to send it to you…

Absolutely FREE?

The answer is simple: It’s an incentive to get you to try (risk-free) The Release Technique.

See, as amazing as that free CD is, you will only get the full benefits from it… if… you first learn to use The Release Technique.

In fact, if you listened to the free CD without first learning The Release Technique… it’s unlikely if you’d get any benefit from the free CD whatsoever.

On the other hand, once you’ve learned The Release Technique… that free CD…

Will Become Your “Key” To A ” Depression Free” Life.

You’ll want to take it with you wherever you go.

Now listen: I am going to tell you more about The Release Technique (and how it can eliminate all your negative emotions – like depression , frustration, stress, anger, fear and anxiety etc).

But first, know this: As astonishing.. (even bizarre)… as The Release Technique is probably going to sound, you should know it has been scientifically verified for eliminating depression by Dr. David McCelland of Harvard University, and Dr. Richard Davidson of the State University of New York.

It’s also used and endorsed by these leading doctors:

“I consider The Release Technique to be the best contribution to preventative medicine – putting one immediately in a positive attitude. This technique is simply the most effective way to reducing stress and depression. It constitutes a dramatic advance in the field of health and wellness.” – Christopher R. Pruitt, M.D., Director of the American Wellness Institute, Scottsdale, AZ

“I have conducted case studies of dozens of patients who have been able to get rid of depression , anxiety, and rage very easily with The Release Technique. I use it myself and I highly recommend it. I even made $2.5 million using this amazing technique.” – Dr. Raul Rodriguez, Medical Director of Rivercrest Hospital, San Angelo, TX

The Release Technique is also used and endorsed by Dr. John L. Kemeny (an associate of the late Albert Einstein), and hundreds of the most financially successful people in the world -including hard-nosed business executives – (working in extreme stressfully environments) – from top Fortune 500 companies such as Exxon, AT&T, Merrill Lynch, TWA, Chemical Bank, and Mutual of New York.
In other words…

The Release Technique Is 100% Safe – And Works for Dissolving Depression Where Everything Else Fails.

See, the reason The Release Technique works 100% of the time for everyone who uses it for clearing depression is because it’s based on three CORE TRUTHS:

It is your own suppressed “negative feelings ” that are the root cause of all your depression.


All of us have the inborn, natural ability to “let go” (erase) all of our suppressed feelings (like depression ) that have a negative “hold” over our lives.


The more we “pull up” and “let go” (or erase) our suppressed negativity( depression, anger, frustration, stress etc.)… the lighter,happier… and healthier we become.
There’s nothing hard or complicated about The Release Technique, either. In fact…

If You Can Sit On Your Butt… You Can Use It!

See, The Release Technique is also sometimes called the “Butt System”. The reason? It’s simple. Because with The Release Technique all you do is sit on your butt… get in touch with all your “negative” feelings… and then… “let them go” on the spot.

No “down time” involved. No having to hide yourself away in a toilet cubicle while you go into a self-hypnosis trance. No awkward breathing exercises.

In fact, you can use The Release Technique while having a conversation and, the other person wouldn’t even realize you were using it.

All you have to do is become conscious of your negative feelings (like depression thoughts) as they arise… and then… “let them go” (erase them!) by using The Release Technique.

And guess what?

Although you can use The Release Technique to rid yourself of depression a lot quicker (and a lot more safely) than anything else you could do – it’s not the “full story.”

See, the exciting truth is, just by sitting down in a comfy chair or going about your day and “letting go” of your suppressed “negativity feelings”…

Everything That Was Turning You Into A Manic Depressive Will “Reverse”.

See, depression is really just subconscious resistance. That means when you are depressed you are holding in mind (at a subconscious level) all the things that you don’t want.

And because the mind is only creative – when you are depressed – you are “attracting” more of what you don’t want.

However, as impossible as it may sound right now, by using The Release Technique (nothing more and nothing less) to “let go” of your depression (subconscious resistance) you will suddenly “attract” everything you want into your life – (material possessions, your ideal partner, the job you want, better health, etc.).

In other words, using nothing more than The Release Technique to “let go” of your suppressed “negative feelings “… also… acts as a foundation for supercharging every other area of your life… sending you rocketing to a whole new level of satisfaction and pleasure you could never get before.

This is no joke.

It sounds like magic – but it’s just the law of the universe. Like attracts like. Positive (mind) attracts positive.

In fact, I insist you “look” at your life before learning how to use The Release Technique. Then, just one month later, “look” at your life again.

And do you know what?

What you will “see” will utterly amaze you!

Because you’ll feel more at peace in every area of your life.

All of a sudden people (even complete strangers) are going to find you very “attractive” to be around.

Exciting opportunities will also seemingly miraculously appear in your life.

And do you know what the really funny thing is? When you release all your”negative feelings” all those people you’ve been butting heads with …trying to force them to come round to your way of thinking…

Will All Of A Sudden Be “Eating Out Of Your Hand”.

I’ve seen it happen many times.

Look, I know this all sounds like “fantasy land.” But remember, The Release Technique has been scientifically verified.

Proven by thousands of people – from all kinds of backgrounds.

Here are just a few of the thousands of comments received from people who’ve already used The Release Technique in their life:

“I was so down and having all the grief feelings towards me and all the things that had happened in the past. Then on the second day I found peace in me and I am very happy that I am now at peace-finally.” – Meriam Kho, CA

“I actually let go of beating myself up-I hadn’t thought it was possible. I feel exhilarated and energetic after years of fatigue. I have more clarity and peace and improved self confidence-I have a feeling of ‘I can’ after years of depression and anxiety-Thank you Larry.” – Luz Ugalde Fortner, CA

“I have been in depression and anxiety for 16 years and been on various assortments of antidepressants and sedatives. After taking the course I have stopped all antidepressants, tapering down on Xanax, which I became addicted to. I have started enjoying things again, starting to sleep better and started losing weight. I gained 15lbs. this past year probably due to the antidepressants. I still have relapses but Larry returned my call to his hotline and helped me. Now I am able to help myself.” – Roger T. Larsen, M.D., MA