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Insomnia and Sleep Problems: The Technique Used and endorsed by thousands of people – including the world’s

100% Natural Way To “Dissolve” The Root Cause Of Insomnia And Sleep Problems.

From: Larry Crane.
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Dear Reader,

If you are somebody who suffers from chronic insomnia and sleep problems… or… you simply have trouble getting a good night’s sleep… this website will be the best thing you’ve ever read.

You may even want to phone me after reading this website. If so, my number is (PST) 888-735-3731.

Here’s why:

As you are probably all too aware, the accelerated pace of life over the last decade or so has caused many people to push themselves to their limits.

It’s gotten so bad, the “turn table” of our minds are literally racing at 100 mph…

Unable To “Shut Down”.

For example, today we have more news put in front of us in a single issue of a daily newspaper than was available for “public consumption” during the entire 17th century.

We’re also bombarded with something like 3,000 advertisements in a single day.

And let’s not forget all the other stuff that fills our “mental shelving space” to overflowing:

There’s work commitments to honor… family to “make time” for… deadlines to meet… “to do” lists to cross off.

And what about the speed at which technology is pushing up our “stressometers” to breaking point?

There’s the Internet to surf to keep abreast of “must have” news and education… telephone messages to take… email messages pinging into our inboxes at lightening fast speed… faxes… television… cell phones ringing… texts to respond to… and… well… you get the idea… all this leads to us suffering from…

Mental Overload. Insomnia and Sleep Problems.

In fact, it is said that we now think as many as 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts in a single day!

Is it any wonder that you are unable to “switch off” at night… (or wake in the night)… unable to get a proper night’s sleep?

I don’t think so.

After all, the real secret to getting a good night’s sleep is as simple as having…

An “Uncluttered” Mind.

Sure you can take herbal pills and relaxants.

You can even get prescription sleeping pills from your doctor.

And they may provide some mild or temporary relief.


You’ve Got To Be Very Careful.

See, all popping a pill will do is “mask over” the underlying cause – (the incessant mind activity) – of your insomnia and sleep problems.

What’s more, the sleeping pills prescribed to you by your “friendly” doctor are, in most cases, addictive and extremely dangerous to your health. Leading to (amongst other things)…

Kidney Damage & Brain Hemorrhaging.

That’s the bad news.

However, the good news is this:

You’ll never again have to resort to popping dangerous sleeping pills ever again.

Nor will you ever have to resort to trying to meditate… listen to subliminal CDs (they don’t work!)… or go into a “self hypnosis trance” trying to get yourself off to sleep.

And best of all:

You’ll never again have to endure long lonely nights… twisting and turning… looking at the alarm clock “eat up” the night… wishing you could just drop off to sleep like everyone else. Your insomnia and sleep problems will disappear.

You see, the rest of this website is all about a laughingly easy and simple technique that will allow you to drift off to sleep like a baby.

Pay close attention. This is real. And it’s different to anything you’ve ever heard about or tried before.

For starters, this technique has been used by tens of thousands of people around the world for insomnia and sleep problems.

And it’s been scientifically verified by Dr. David McCelland of Harvard University, and Dr. Richard Davidson of the State University of New York.

It’s also been used and endorsed by these leading doctors:

  • Dr. Christopher R. M.D., Director of the American Wellness Institute.
  • Dr. Raul Rodriguez, Medical Director of Rivercrest Hospital, San Angelo, TX and…
  • Dr. David B. Durand, M.D., Former Director of Surgical Pathology, Stony Brook University Hospital, NY.

And so on.

It’s also used and endorsed by Dr. John L. Kemeny (an associate of the late Albert Einstein).

And it will cure you of your insomnia and sleep problems for good…

Even If You’re The World’s “Original” Insomniac.

Look, I know right now you are extremely dubious of these “sounds-to-good-to-be-true” claims.

It’s perfectly understandable.

Which is why I am purposely holding back from trying to “sell” you too hard on this technique.

There’s no need for that anyway.

Because as you are about to discover… this technique will become self-obvious to you.

And then…

You’ll Scratch Your Head & Wonder Why You Never Thought Of It Before.

Before I explain further, you may be interested to know that the technique to clear insomnia and sleep problems that I have been alluding to is called The Release Technique.
And the reason The Release Technique works 100% of the time for everyone who uses it is because it’s based on three CORE TRUTHS:

It is your own suppressed “negative feelings ” that are the root cause of all your depression.


All of us have the inborn, natural ability to “let go” (erase) all of our suppressed feelings (like depression ) that have a negative “hold” over our lives.


The more we “pull up” and “let go” (or erase) our suppressed negativity (depression, anger, frustration, stress etc.)… the lighter,happier… and healthier we become.

There’s nothing hard or complicated about The Release Technique, either. In fact…

If You Can Sit On Your Butt… You Can Use It!

See, The Release Technique is also sometimes called the “Butt System”.

The reason?

It’s simple.

Because with The Release Technique all you do is sit on your butt… get in touch with all your subconscious mind activity… and then… “let it go” (release it!) on the spot.

No “down time” involved. No having to go into a self-hypnosis trance. No awkward breathing exercises. No mantra to perform.

In fact, you can use The Release Technique throughout the day… as you go about your day… even while having a conversation with another person – and they wouldn’t even realize you were using it.

All you have to do is become conscious of your (until then) subconscious mind activity… and then… “let it go” (release it!) using The Release Technique.

For example, let’s say you’re a frantic worrier. Let’s also say you’ve just had a hectic, stress fueled day at work. And you’ve downed “lethal” amounts of caffeine.

Normally, this would keep you awake, tossing and turning, half the night. Enter insomnia and sleep problems.

But, knowing how to use The Release Technique – you’d simply allow yourself to become aware of your “mind activity” and “pent up” emotions… and (using The Release Technique)… you’d simply allow those thoughts and feelings to “come up” and “dissolve”.

Before you know it the incessant subconscious mind activity will have quietened… and… because you’ll be as relaxed as a baby… you’ll also…

Sleep Like A Baby.

And I’m talking DEEP sleep.

The kind of sleep that rejuvenates you. The kind of sleep that gives you boundless energy and “laser focused” mental clarity throughout the day.

The kind of sleep that “dumps” human growth hormone (HGH) into your bloodstream – ensuring your body burns off fat naturally (even while you sleep!) and keeps your skin looking young and vibrant.

And guess what?

Although you can use The Release Technique to cure even long standing insomnia and sleep problems a lot quicker than anything else you could do – it’s not the “full story.”

See, the exciting truth is, just by sitting down in a comfy chair or going about your day and “letting go” of your suppressed “subconscious mind activity “…

Everything That Was Turning You Into A “Stress-Head” Will “Reverse”.

See, stress is really just subconscious resistance. That means when you are stressed you are holding in mind (at a subconscious level) all the things that you don’t want.

And because the mind is only creative – when you are stressed – you are “attracting” more of what you don’t want.

However, as impossible as it may sound right now, by using The Release Technique (nothing more and nothing less) to “let go” of your stress (subconscious resistance) you will suddenly just “flow” through life with ease.

In other words, using nothing more than The Release Technique to “let go” of your suppressed “subconscious resistance”… also… acts as a foundation for supercharging every other area of your life… sending you rocketing to a whole new level of satisfaction and pleasure you could never get before.

This is no joke.

In fact, I insist you “look” at your life before learning how to use The Release Technique for your insomnia and sleep problems. Then, just one month later, “look” at your life again.

And do you know what?

What you will “see” will utterly amaze you!

Because you’ll feel more relaxed and at peace in every area of your life.

You’ll be sleeping a lot better. Perhaps better than you have in years.

Just like these people who’ve already used The Release Technique in their life:

“Every day of the Retreat brought with it a new set of miracles. I no longer get hives or anxiety attacks. I was able to cure a bad head cold. I have been sleeping soundly and waking up refreshed after 4 months of insomnia and sleep problems. But, even better than that, I feel like I have out from under a rock. I have more confidence and I feel so serene. I feel love for myself for the first time and I am starting to trust myself. I now believe that all is possible.” – Keonna Brisda

“After years of insomnia and sleep problems, I am no longer worried about sleeping and the drama my emotions kick up at bed time at night. I feel confident in my ability to welcome the emotions or let them go or give them approval. I have slept well and deeply all week. I know I will now be able to bring this back into my regular life. Thank you Larry!” – P.Z, Los Angeles, CA

There’s plenty more. But you get the idea.

So how much would it be worth to you never to feel stressed-out again?