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Goals & Resistance

March 28 - May 8, 2022


AT 5:30PM – 7:30PM (PACIFIC)

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How to “release through” to Infinite Power so you can

Consciously Create

your Life just the way you want it to be…

Now you can "un-create" whatever problems or seeming impossibilities you are facing... and "re-create" your life to reflect what you really want to happen.

The most empowering thing you can do in life is start getting good at Conscious Creation.

It makes life far less daunting.

And so much more playful and fun. 


Because, when you get good at Conscious Creation…

You know you can “un-create” whatever problems or seeming impossibilities you are facing…

And you know that you can “re-create” your life experiences to reflect what you want to happen.

But before you can really “turbo charge” your powers as a Conscious Creator —

You MUST release the resistance that holds your current unwanted circumstances in place.

This is KEY.

Because until your release the resistance – you are not totally-free to consciously create what you want.

It’s worse than that though…


Until you release your resistance, you keep on “recycling” your unwanted circumstances.


You probably have experience of this yourself.

You’ve tried goal setting, law of attraction, manifestation techniques, meditation, imagining what you want to happen…

And still nothing seems to change.

Or, if there is a bit of change in your life circumstances – you still feel the SAME.

You are still in the same feeling-state you were before.

Know why?

Because even if your circumstances do change – they only change to “reflect” your inner level of resistance.

This resistance you hold in your body (often unconsciously) acts as an “upper limit” on your ability to Consciously Create what would really make you happy, fulfilled and alive to life.

Your inner resistance is like…

A BIG, THICK STONE-WALL standing between you and what you really want in life.

So, the first step in Conscious Creation is ALWAYS to release resistance connected with your goal or intention.

By releasing resistance first – you “clear the way” for what you really want to come into your life.

It’s like removing the BIG, THICK STONE-WALL between you and your goal.

Then, once resistance is released – often, what you want to come into your life (the circumstances, the experiences, the people, the “things”) comes QUICKLY…

And sometimes seemingly EFFORTLESSLY.

Another exciting thing that happens when you release resistance…

You feel a lot more “spacious” inside… 

A lot more comfortable and content in your being.

This relaxedness in your being is what makes you POWERFUL.

It’s what allows you to access the Infinite Power that You are.

And people feel that power emanating from you when they’re around you.

It’s what attracts them to you.

It’s what draws them to you.

It’s what they instinctively respond to.

When you are sufficiently released and connected to Infinite Power…

You move through life more content and comfortable in your body and beingness.

And whenever you want to Consciously Create new circumstances and experiences in your life – you have “full power” available to you to do so.

This is what Lester Levenson discovered for himself.

It’s what other serious releasers have discovered for themselves, too.

And it’s what you can discover for yourself at the upcoming:

Goals & Resistance Tele-Course

(MAR 28 – MAY 8, 2022).

The driving purpose of the Goals & Resistance Tele-Course is to help you “use” your goals to RELEASE DEEPER & DEEPER LAYERS OF UNCONSCIOUS RESISTANCE…

So, you can access your Infinite Power…

And Consciously Create your life from that place of Infinity.


Happy senior couple standing on beach with arms outstretched and looking away. Happy couple at beach on a bright sunny day. Retired husband and smiling wife thinking about their future.

During the Goals & Resistance Tele-Course, and together with the expertise of the Release Technique Teachers…

You get to go DEEP on releasing the resistance that keeps you stuck in problematic life situations…

And move into your Infinite Power to Consciously Create your Life just the way you want it to be

In fact:

We can help you get unstuck from what’s been holding you back in life

Candidly, those are some of the more obvious benefits you will experience in the upcoming NEW Goals & Resistance Tele-Course.

But above-and-beyond what is listed above…

The NEW Goals & Resistance Tele-Course will also provide you with…

Positive Community of Generous, Good-Hearted People That You Can Gain Inspiration & Energy From During These Uncertain Times

It’s a chance to be supported by others interested in and actively releasing.

It’s a chance to work with other releasers (both the teachers and other participants on the course)

To hear their gains in-person, first-hand.

To ask them questions.

To share experiences.

And to forge friendships and make great personal connections with other like-minded people.

Taken altogether, past experience shows that you come out of a dedicated releasing course such as the NEW Goals & Resistance Tele-Course

With a Renewed ALIVENESS About You

A new “energy” if you will.

You will feel it.

Others will notice it and feel it too.

And Life itself will respond very favorably to it.

Life will start unfolding for you in very magical ways.

Problems and frustrations (indeed all kinds of limitations) will start falling away… just in the process of life itself.

And you suddenly realize…

Life Is Working Better For You Than Ever Before.

Quite simply: You will feel like life is “carrying you” to what you want — with no seeming effort or struggle on your part.

Which is a really cool feeling.

The best feeling.

And all it takes is a willingness to experience it.

A willingness to step forward and start experiencing having things go your way for the remainder of your life.

So, if you’re willing and you want to experience the best of life, you’re invited to join us on the upcoming NEW Goals & Resistance Tele-Course.

DETAILS: The NEW Goals & Resistance Tele-Course will run over a period of 6 weeks.

We (the releasing teachers and all participants) will “meet” via teleconference once a week for the six consecutive weeks. You don’t have to travel or leave home. Just dial in to the weekly teleconference.

Also included as part of the NEW Goals & Resistance Tele-Course:

DATES: The NEW Goals & Resistance Tele-Course

Starts on March 28th, 2022 and…

Ends (6 weeks later) on May 8th, 2022.

The Alternative?...

The alternative to participating in the upcoming NEW Goals & Resistance Tele-Course?

The alternative is to do nothing. Carry on as you are. Endure all the fear and uncertainty that entails.

It is always only a choice.

Here at the Release Technique we cannot make that choice for you. 

All we know for sure is when you have stored up resistance from frustrations, fear, past disappointments etc., life will always fall short for you. Life will constantly be causing you upsets and problems, constantly victimizing you.

That’s just how resistance “out pictures” itself — or “reflects” itself back at you in life.

Knowing that, only you can choose if you want to continue on with resistance running (sabotaging) your life.

Or, more likely you’d prefer to choose to have more control over your life… so you actually start having your goals as opposed to being stuck forever wanting them.

If that describes you, the next immediate step (before it’s too late) is to register your place on the upcoming NEW Goals & Resistance Tele-Course (starting March 28th, 2022!)

"Life Works When You Release On It,
Not When You Resist It"

The Release Technique Team 

PS.  If you have any questions about the upcoming virtual course – please call the Release Technique support team or the office at 818-279-2438. (please note: you will never be pressured in any way on a call and will always be fully respected whatever you decide; really the opportunity to call it is just a way for you to connect with the Release Technique team before the training if you wish to do so).

What Can Happen When You Release Resistance:

Has the Tool to Make Life Better & Better

“Thank you so much for the fantastic 30-day Financial Freedom class and for the amazing work you do to get the Method out to the world. When I first started the course I was very much out of control with struggle, stress and worries. Today I feel much lighter, more peaceful and I don’t worry about my business and about money anymore. My dog and my husband have also become more harmonious and affectionate which is wonderful. But best of all is that I know I have a tool to continue with making my life better and better. As soon as my mind distracts me I think about Lester and his joyful light being encourages me back on track.” - EvaKarin Förde Ringnér, DK

$1,500 Comes to him

“Last year after my mother died I got a call from my sister telling me that she’d uncovered money in various CD accounts etc. that I had coming to me. When the checks arrived the total was a bit over 10k which fit the goal I had set. Then she said that was the end of it. Now, 7 months later, she said she’d uncovered more money and I was due for about 13 hundred more. This seems like the start of the 15k I just allowed myself to have.” - Raf Mauro, CA

My Life is So Much Better

“I am in the process of setting up an online business and am getting good indicators on its relevance. I am also separating myself from a company that has not brought me any real value and I will be in business independently in real estate in NY, something I have always insisted on having other people along for the ride on. I also have had one of my clients, who I admire a lot mention he would love to do a business with me, not something I will push for but release it see if anything shows up. I also have had agents show up who would like to work for me and a few new listings that look good. My head is also clearer so I nd solutions much easier. I will add, my life is so much better than it was a little over a year ago when I started releasing. At the time I had been trying for 18 month to re nance my home, I had repairs on my car and home that were waiting to be done, continuous arguments in my head and generally negative thinking for someone I considered to be a generally positive person. All those things have cleared themselves up and better. And my income has improved so that I can now do things I like to do and pay for things I choose to have, etc.” - Ailish Keating

Be Happy Diet

“I continue to have tremendous peace around food. I haven’t craved chocolate or even really eaten any (except at my son’s birthday party) since Memorial Day weekend. That is a freakin’ miracle. I don’t know if I’m losing weight. I think so, but if I am, it’s very slow. But breaking free from the angst I used to feel around eating is all I ever really wanted. I AM on the “Be Happy” diet and feed myself nothing but love! The weight will drop off… or not. I’m OK with it. Also, I got a $500 spot bonus at work.” - Eileen Kostolni, NY

Course Keeps Her On Track

“This is my first live course and I have found the daily teleconference to have tremendous benefits. It has allowed me to see my resistance to attending the calls and kept me on track in the program. Also, being assigned to a partner has helped me in releasing more often and easily in addition to sharing our releasing experience.” - Yean Joo

Gains Abound

“Gift of a winning game ticket…won $450.00. 75% off the cost of a train ticket. My May trip to Asia airline ticket originally quoted at FIrst class $12,583.51 fare was reduced to $3856.00…with a ‘business class upgrade’ and on my airline of choice. Received an invitation to the home of my new client in China to share dinner with his family and friends. Discovered many thousands of hotel points were deposited in my Frequent Flyer hotel account in 2007. I used the points to book my 4 extra nights in Hawaii at a five star hotel…FREE. Got a free rental car for Hawaii with my left over Frequent Flyer points. Called a colleague with a business question and got booked to be the keynote speaker for her company’s annual meeting in Omaha in September. Released for 90 minutes on resistance to wanting to control my clients. Felt immense freedom. 30 minutes later, my Client called to thank me for a great week’s work. During the break out session tonight with Ken, I released and got into CAP in seconds. I am loving myself more and sending myself love at night and falling asleep without melatonin tablets.” - Polly Bauer

The New Goals & Resistance Tele-Course

Mar 28 - May 8, 2022

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