Fake It Until You Make It

Fake It Until You Make It

Have you noticed that when you get dressed up for a wedding or other extravagant event, that you feel like a million bucks?  When we pull out our best suit and tie or our most beautiful dress, we also find that everything looks better.  Instantly, we are transformed from middle-aged to magnificent!  In putting on our finest outfits, we seem to find the ability to smile.  We find our sense of humor.  We also find that we have a dynamic and charismatic part of ourselves that is truly irresistible.   We find that it is easy to laugh and dance.  We come alive!  Somehow everything was magically transformed.  In an instant, we fell in love with the most beautiful person in the room.  

After the event, we lovingly hang up our finest wardrobe, tuck inside all the joy, laughter, and charisma until the next time we are invited to an extravagant event.  Kind of sad that we think our happiness is only available to us while we are dressed in our Sunday’s best.  And like Cinderella, after the ball, all the magic fades away…  Well fortunately for Cinderella, Prince Charming knew that the beautiful person was the person “in” the shoe.  He also knew that the shoe isn’t what made her beautiful.  All of the goodness was already there.  The illusion that our wardrobe, or other things external to us, makes us happy is literally a fairy tale. 

Well, how would you like to feel like a million bucks each and every day?  It is possible!  This may sound too good to be true, huh?  There must be a catch or something…  Well if wearing our finest outfit reveals to us that the person we would really like to hang out with, perhaps we need to look at things in a different way.  Nothing really changed when we wear our finest wares.  And yet we all know that, yes something wonderful occurred.  All of the goodness that we tucked inside our event outfit was temporarily restored to us.  The good news is that it’s ok to feel good about ourselves.  The change in our attitude is how we “Dress for Success.”  That’s all that changed.

When we dress for success from the inside first, we learn that all of the goodness that we think we tucked away, is actually here – right now, waiting for you to enjoy!  Instead of waiting and hoping to be invited to an event, why not invite yourself to look and feel your best each and every day.  Right now imagine yourself in your finest outfit.  Notice that even imagining being in that terrific outfit, you feel great!  See it’s not the outfit that makes us feel great; it’s how we feel when we are wearing those items.  The transformation that occurs when we learn the Release® Technique method helps us to have a better attitude.  This way we always feel like we do in our finest garments.  The only way to “Dress for Success” and reveal where real happiness comes from is by our removing the limitations and negative self-talk.

The Release Technique method shows us “HOW TO DO IT FOR YOURSELF” so that we can be happy every day, no matter what we are wearing or what we are doing.  Do yourself the biggest favor you can possibly imagine and order the course today!  You have 30-days to try-on a new attitude.  The only things you give up by trying something new are the waiting and hoping for things to change.  This system is scientifically proven to bring you significant results.  You gain more love for yourself by learning how to dress for success in all areas of your life.  Life is not a dress-rehearsal, it’s a well-dressed attitude!  Take your finest self, off the shelf, out of the garment bag, and shine as only you can!  You are worth it!  Join us on a live class and see for yourself.  Live Classes – Release Technique