Invisible Supply of Life

In times of crisis and overall world depression, fear and panic it is easy to get lost in all the horrific stories and drown yourself deep in the energy of AGFLAP.

We forget that we have infinite power within us, and no thing or no one can hurt us until we give them the power to.

But we cannot access this power while we are in AGFLAP.

Larry used to remind us all the time, there is no going free when you are stuck in AGFLAP.

Don’t probe darkness to understand light.

Don’t dwell on sickness to be healthy.

Don’t indulge in thoughts of lack to have supply.

Don’t dwell in misery to understand happiness.

Releasing only happens when you are in CAP.

When you spend your days in CAP, you consciously decide to tap into this Invisible Supply of Life.

It is an infinite intelligence that puts aliveness and abundance into everything it touches.

It connects you with the source of wealth, health and success.

You’ll naturally and automatically start receiving wonderful experiences into your life that will make you fall in love with life all over again.

In fact, the only thing that is stopping you right now from experiencing this Invisible Supply of Life are years of accumulated AGFLAP in the form of thoughts, beliefs and programs based in lack.

Sickness and poverty are both lack, and lack is simply the acceptance of concepts that are limited.

Accept full responsibility for whatever happens to you. By taking full responsibility and seeking the cause in your thinking, you will find the initiating cause and eliminate it.

Right now you can decide to go into CAP and dig out each and every one of those imagined things that are stopping you and you can become free.

That is what spiritual growth really is.

Becoming free.

As we grow, we must become freer and freer from behavior conditioned by compulsions and inhibitions learned in early training.

The more the growth, the simpler everything is.

Now the FASTEST and also the SIMPLEST WAY to release yourself from the unconscious thoughts that are blocking greater wealth and abundance from entering your life is to attend our 7-Day Virtual Wealth & Wisdom Retreat

This is a one of a kind retreat where each day (7:30am – 4:30pm) is filled with a variety of different releasing exercises to keep you digging out, bringing up and constantly letting go of your subconscious programs.

You’ll experience an expansive state of deep, tranquility and quiet throughout each day as the retreat goes deeper and deeper.

Lester Levenson used to say “The world beats you until you know yourself.”

Join us on this retreat and find out who you really are.


Release Technique