“First I want to say that the recent clarificationmade regarding imperturbability vs freedom really helped clear up some confusion that I have had for some time about the goal of the technique. As much as I prize freedom, it doesn’t necessarily allow being in full unconditional love, while being imperturbable can because it means being serene and at peace.

Today I am making a commitment to taking the next 30-day Financial Freedom class  I am in a chapter 13 to save my home from foreclosure. Nothing that I have tried in the last 18 months has worked to solve this. I had a revelation recently that I have been a closet releaser, never making the full commitment. I have had it with living in gentile poverty! I am giving up trying to figure it out! I watched the video at the release web site on the page about the 30-day FF program. It brought tears to my eyes and spoke to my soul  I want to make a quantum leap to the next level and really change my life situation.

I will plan to be on the call on Wednesday and perhaps you can help me release on having the funds to do the course.

Thanks for all you do for us.”