A Better Way of Handling Anger

A Better Way of Handling Anger

After the last 18 months of the Pandemic, people have had so much built up anger and frustration. Anger is an emotion.  Anger only exists if we give it power.  Screaming and yelling usually results in more screaming and yelling.  When we are enraged, we are out-of-control.  The minute we begin to raise our voice, we are lowering our energy.  We are allowing another person’s insecurity to bring us down.  By reacting negatively, we have interrupted our ability to perceive rationally.  Remaining calm and peaceful during heated discussions is a much better place to be and it is truly a skill.  The tendency to react is feeding your ego negatively.  First someone yells, and then we respond by yelling back.  After we vented our non-loving feelings, we often are plagued with guilt.  This mental replay is what starts the ‘coulda/woulda/shoulda syndrome.’  This pattern progresses into ‘figuring-it-out’ with more judgment of yourself and others.  And the problem remains…

When we are angry, it is only because we want to be right…  We are in fear…  We are resisting…  We are coming from a position of lack…  Learning to deal with anger can greatly help us to have improved health and also better relationships.  Seeing things from a deeper level helps us to have clarity as to ‘why’ we are reacting in the ways we do.  Our responding in a knee-jerk manner is communicating in an ineffective manner.  These patterns are often repeated because we don’t know how to stop reacting in anger.  We may think there is nothing we can do to change these patterns.  We repeat negative and angry patterns, quite simply, because no one ever showed us how we can respond differently.  We can actually train ourselves to see our own triggers and can then decide to respond in other ways.  We can then decide to make better choices.

When we recognize that we have a tendency to react in anger, is our beginning to discriminate.  By learning how to remain calm, offers us a much better opportunity of being successful in business and in personal relationships.  An extremely powerful way to diffuse anger is to keep quiet.  If someone is yelling, it is always a result of what we are holding in mind.  If we are able to keep quiet, we have a much better chance of remaining in control.  Instead of judging another, the situation, or yourself, please remember to immediately begin applying love.  By applying love, we are moving into a higher level of action.  By remaining calm helps us to remain in a neutral place.  In order to feel calm, it is helpful to silently say, “I Love You!”  Applying love is being smart.  See for yourself and say, “I Love You” 3-times.  Just by saying this phrase is calming and peaceful.  In saying this phrase repeatedly, instantly will diffuse the anger of another person.  Love is the answer.  Love is the most powerful energy in the universe.  You can love or hate.  The choice is yours… and it always will be.

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