How to Achieve Health and Fitness Mastery

Perhaps you are already familiar with this story?

In 1952, at the age of 42, a New Jersey physicist and successful businessman suffered his second massive heart attack.

In those days, they did not have bypass surgery or heart transplants, so there was very little the hospital could do for him, and therefore he was sent home to die!

That man was Lester Levenson.

His doctor gave him two weeks to live, three at the most.

This prompted Lester to begin a series of introspections which lead him to realization that it was his own suppressed feelings that were the root cause of all his problems.

It was his own feelings that had destroyed his health… making him suffer in every other way, too.

And he also discovered that by releasing all his feelings of lack he can totally cure himself.

Lester’s discovery led to the creation of the Release Technique.

In the Release Technique you learn that wanting is lacking.

And you also know that mind works like a computer.

Whatever you keep in mind you experience in your reality.

Meaning that if you want something, you are actually keeping a picture of lack in your mind.

If you are wanting to lose weight, wanting to get healthy or resisting the pain and wanting it to go away, you are, in reality, sustaining it “out there”.

So, in order to achieve the desired result of health or fitness it is really important to let go of all the negative pictures from your mind.

No matter how imperfect the body, it can be made perfect.

It is impossible to be sick without holding the picture of it in your mind!

Remember, mind is a trickster.

If you let it run you, your life will be the life of a slave.

Keep in mind, how you do anything is how you do everything.

So, by working on your physical appearance, fitness or health you are not just affecting those areas alone.

During the years when releasers were working on health and fitness, they noticed that letting go of negative pictures related to the body, as well as fear of dying, resistance and disapproval, also dramatically improved their relationships, abundance and overall prosperity!

After all, it is the same principle that heals a sick body as well as a sick pocketbook.

Imagine working on your body image, getting that health or fitness goal, and as an added benefit you also get financial or some other unexpected surprise?

Most of the people will say that is impossible.

However, for the number of releasers worldwide, it is a reality.

And it can be your reality as well.

Learn how to master your body and your mind and you will achieve mastery of your life.

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