This is a subject none of likes to discuss.  We try to pretend we don’t get angry.  We don’t like to face our anger or rage because this is showing us our really intense negative feelings.  In anger we are venting, expressing, and brooding.  We are avoiding taking responsibility for what is currently happening.  We are resentful… often belligerent… perhaps violent… swearing… or threatening…  Basically, we are totally out of control!  These actions are creating a vicious cycle that often has a negative boomerang effect on the situation.  Very little is ever accomplished in anger.  Anger is a game where no one wins.  We are creating karma with others and causing ourselves to be hurt.  There is a saying, “What comes around, goes around!”  In anger, we are hostilely expressing our non-loving ideas and attitudes which cause us to be in disharmony with everyone and everything related to the matter. Yelling and screaming serves no purpose.  These are senseless acts.  We actually gave up our power to an overwhelmed ego.

So what do we use anger for?  Actually, we think we are protecting ourselves.  We don’t often see that we are in fear and our causal programs are running.  This relates to the “Fight or Flight” syndrome.  When we are angry we are attempting to hurt another, to avoid being hurt.  So much for human nature…  Anger is a primary cause of sabotaging our own success because when we feel threatened:  we want to be right…  we want to change things… we don’t know what to do…  Here are some things you may have heard:  “Pick your battles wisely…,”  “Don’t back down!”  Here’s a good one, “Don’t get mad, get even!”  Believe it or not, these are things on bumper-stickers.  What’s worse, is when we see this statements, we unknowingly reinforce more negative programming within our own subconscious.  We may not realize it, although we are the only ones creating our own battlefields; simply because we don’t have a good relationship with our self.  The bottom line to all anger issues is seeing that anger never works.  Nothing positive ever results in being angry.  How anything positive could be created when we are acting in a completely non-loving manner, is showing us just how dangerous it is to act in this way.  Anger is forsaking good judgment and common sense.  After we vent and express our angry intentions, we often feel guilty and move into regret.  We then condemn our negative actions with more negativity by beginning to disapprove of our self.  Anger Management Programs aren’t usually successful as these programs aren’t addressing the underlying cause of the anger.  The cause is quite-simply, a thought that was created while in an agitated state.  Practicing counting to 10…, or writing a letter…, really doesn’t diffuse an angry situation completely.  What we are currently doing isn’t working.  We need better options of controlling our anger when we don’t get our way.  Practice loving yourself and others.  Love always works!

Basically when we are frustrated and have been for quite some time we have a tendency to move into anger.  Sometimes, we stay there for very long periods of time.  Being angry is a stuck place.  Being angry is decision.  We know that, “How we do anything, is how we do everything!” so if we are angry about something, we are often expressing our anger at home, at work, in our relationships, and also towards our health and finances.  Anger affects our ability to be healthy and positive.  Anger is a leading cause of stress which is the number one source of dis-ease.  The Release® Technique method will help you to see for yourself “the how and why” of your acting out in anger and what things you can do to stop acting in this way.  Give yourself an opportunity to face your anger and move on…  The Abundance Course is an excellent tool of seeing what’s in the way and helping you to release your angry feelings.  Join us at an upcoming “Live” course or order the audio set .  Being angry is robbing you of being happy.  It’s time to do something different.  Practice love.  Love is truly the answer to everything.  When the love is complete, all problems will immediately disappear.