After trying all the other Law of Attraction, Manifestation and Goal Setting Techniques out there, here’s HOW to…

Finally Get What You Want in Life FASTER, EASIER and With More CONSISTENCY


Why The Release Technique? And How Is It Different to Anything Else Out There?

Based on the profound and powerful manifestation secrets of spiritual master, Lester Levenson – this page gives you new perspectives and understandings on how to get from where you are financially to where you really want to be.



And more consistently than anything else you’ve tried.

And it won’t just improve your financial situation – it can improve ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE!

That’s right – your entire life is about to get better, if you allow it to!

Keep reading to see HOW and WHY…

"The Gap"

“If we don’t like what is happening to us in the world, all we have to do is change our consciousness – and the world out there changes for us!” (Lester Levenson).

The difference in where you are today financially and where you really want to be, represents “The Gap”.

In order to get from point A to point B, “The Gap” has to be crossed.

Example: If you have $1,503 in the bank today and you want $250,000, there is a “gap” of $248,497.

Getting that money often means thoughts arise . . .

* “I have some major problems to solve.”
* “How do I make that much money?”
* “Do I start a business?
* “If I do, that brings a lot of problems to deal with doesn’t it?”
* “I need an idea, capital, a business plan, employees, an office, office furniture, etc, etc, etc.”

And all of those thoughts cause something else to happen…

Something that stops you dead in your tracks.

It’s called resistance (more about that in a moment).

The point here, is that no matter what you want — from more money, to a great relationship, to better health…

When you create a goal or intention for something, resistance arises.

And it’s this resistance that keeps you “separated” from what you really want in your life.

When You Create a Goal - You Trigger Resistance

“Desire is the cause of everything. Any time you have any problem, there’s desire behind it!” (Lester Levenson).

Here at The Release Technique we see goal-setting in a different light.

Yes, we still set goals in The Release Technique. But our approach is radically unique.

With traditional goal-setting and manifestation techniques you are told to focus on what you want.


But: Wanting = Lack.

Because wanting something means you’re resisting what you have now.

And what you resist, persists.

This resistance is often unconscious to you (so you don’t “see it”).

But it’s there. It’s always there.

And it’s this resistance (often the unconscious resistance) that keeps what you really want away from you.

Resistance separates you from achieving or having your goal.

Therefore, to finally have the things you want to happen in your life – be they financial, health-related or relationship-related – your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY should always be…

To Dissolve ALL The Resistance That Separates You From Your Goal (Your Intention)

And that’s where The Release Technique comes into its own and shines above all else.

The Release Technique – better and more thoroughly than ANY other technique, process, system or meditation out there – gives you the means to dissolve all of your deep-seated resistance to having the things you want in life.

Nothing else comes close to The Release Technique for dissolving your inner (often “hidden”) resistance.

Closing “The Gap” by Dissolving the Resistance to Having

“When we know that we have everything and therefore need nothing, then everything comes to us for the mere thought of it!” (Lester Levenson).

In The Release Technique we guide you through the simple process of how to achieve what you want with no resistance – so things start “falling into place” in your life with seemingly effortless ease.

When you use The Release Technique to release limiting thoughts and feelings (resistance), you also release problems. This frees up your energy, mentally and physically. Some common benefits of this include:

* Greater clarity and focus
* More energy and vitality
* Enhanced creativity
* Lower blood pressure
* Magnetic charm
* A blissful sense of peace, happiness and abundance
* Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
* Dynamic financial results
* Dramatic weight loss
* And the list goes on, and on, and on . . .

There’s so much more I’d like to tell you here about how to you can use The Release Technique to finally start experiencing incredible changes in your life:

Like how Helen A. of San Diego (and dozens of others) used The Release Technique to become a millionaire in less than six months. Her story is amazing but absolutely something ANYONE could do.

Or the story of how Alan P Bowslaug of, Phoenix, AZ wrote us, “Within one month after the course, my blood pressure came down to an average of 111/79 (down from 138/89). Without question, I know that when I am actively using the Release Technique, the blood pressure goes down.” No drugs necessary. Just a simple technique we teach in the course.

Sandy Gabin from New York, NY writes “I have lost 90 pounds within the past year and a half.”

Or how Brian Daniel, V.P., Everen Securities, Sherman Oaks, CA shares “I took the Release Technique as part of a company sponsored course to increase sales. My sales have doubled and tripled. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their life in every way.” And the thing about this course is the more you do it, the better the results become. Brian’s just getting started.

Paul Mendez of New York used The Release Technique to rid himself of smoking and anxiety. Writes Paul, “I used the Release Technique on my smoking and found that the anxiety that drove me to smoke was gone. I stopped smoking.”

I could share thousands of stories with you because I have thousands of testimonials that cover every imaginable goal you could think up.

So, if you’ve tried other goal setting / law of attraction / manifestation programs and they haven’t worked for you – or you just haven’t reached your ultimate goal in life The Release Technique will delight you.

If you’re new to exploring the various programs being offered, do yourself a favor and start with The Release Technique. You could be like so many of our graduates who tell us, “After all these years and all these programs I’m so happy to discover the Release Technique.”

A Special Invitation

Why not experience The Release Technique and prove all of this to yourself?

Three Ways to Learn

The Release Technique will positively enhance all areas of your life… from health, relationships to career and wealth get better for you.

It’s Like Life Suddenly
“Clicks Into Place” For You

It’s a wonderful feeling.

A wonderful feeling that has to be experienced. Directly.

The Release Technique guides you into that direct experience.

All you have to do is listen to The Release Technique course and follow-along to the simple guided releasing exercises.

That’s it.

You don’t have to try to change negative thinking into positive thinking. That will happen for you naturally through listening to The Release Technique course.

You don’t have to try to feel better than you do. That will happen for you naturally through listening to The Release Technique course.

No intellectual understanding of how it works is required at all.

Just an openness to be guided into the direct experience of releasing (letting go) of limiting resistance.

Ready for the direct experience of The Release Technique so you can begin the effortless process of releasing limiting / self-sabotaging resistance from your life?

If so, The Release Technique course is for you – if you are open to improving your life without struggle…

The Release Technique course is all you need to directly experience living in the abundant flow of life.

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Ongoing Free Coaching

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Any time you have a question… or you get stuck on an issue using The Release Technique – you get a private call-in number you can use to speak directly with a trained Releaser (not a customer service operator!). The trained Releaser will answer all your questions directly, and most importantly work with you personally through the releasing process on the specific issue you need help with.

This is a HUGE benefit.

Because you’re never on your own with The Release Technique. You always have personal one-to-one help with a trained Releaser at your service.

Consider: Other companies charge $10,000 or more for just a years’ coaching – but you get UNLIMITED COACHING free with The Release Technique course.

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