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Anger Management that Works

A message from Dr. Chris Pruitt, Medical Director of the American Wellness Institute:

Dear Reader,

Do you ever have the urge to lash out at those you care most about? Are you ever accused of having “a temper” or being “hotheaded”? Have you ever let your anger get the better of you… And done something you regret?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then this website is for you. If fact, the knowledge, wisdom, and teachings you’ll find from the Release Technique anger management system just might save your life!

We all know that anger causes stress, and stress is one of the most notorious killers in America. Aside from increasing your risk of heart attack, stress can cause high blood pressure, poor circulation, and a host of other well-known life threatening maladies. Excessive anger can also cause ulcers, migraine headaches, acid reflux, insomnia, and numerous conditions that will reduce your overall quality of life.

But chances are that you know all of this already. Those you love might have asked you to seek professional counseling, or offered personal insights about managing anger yourself. While the emotions and intentions behind these suggestions are undoubtedly sincere, I urge you to consider another alternative.

My name is Dr. Chris Pruitt, and I’m the Medical Director at the world renowned American Wellness Institute – you may have heard of us already. Before you seek psychiatric assistance or attempt to train yourself to manage your own anger, I’d like to speak frankly and sincerely with you for a few moments.

Anger is natural. It’s an emotion we all share, it’s something we’re born with, and it serves a useful purpose in life. Anger reminds us to focus on the things that are important to us, and to remind us about our goals in life. In short, anger isn’t something we should be ashamed – anger is part of us! Rather than repressing or attempting to ignore your anger, as many professionals might instruct you to do, the crucial key in proper anger management is to manage your anger!

While this might sound suspiciously simplistic, the keys to anger management are anything but. They require dedication, practice, and an open mind. More importantly, they require the focus to maintain a positive outlook and understand that effective anger management techniques will take time to produce lasting results. Just like any other road in life worth taking, your path to anger management will take time to travel.

However, the good news is that you already have everything you need to successfully complete your anger management training. Anger is mostly undirected energy, and once you learn how to harness that energy and make it work for you rather than against you, you’ll be unstoppable.

As much as I’d like to get started with your training right now, the final decision is yours. If you choose to continue through life with a chip on your shoulder, constantly in danger of lashing out at those who care about you most, I can’t stop you.

But if you think it’s time to take control, and you’re ready to get started with an anger management program that works, don’t hesitate!

I hope to hear from you soon.

Dr. Chris Pruitt

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