Meditation Techniques that can Extend your Life

As reported by a recent article in SmartMoney magazine, the nation’s leading medical experts have come up with a list of five things each of us can do to extend our lives by up to ten years:

  • Think positive: Potential Longevity Gain: 10 years
  • Quit Smoking: Potential Longevity Gain: 10 years
  • Diet/Manage Your Weight: Potential Longevity Gain: 6 to 7 years
  • Reduce Stress/Lower Blood Pressure: Potential Longevity Gain: 5 years
  • Exercise: Potential Longevity Gain: 1.3 to 3.7 years

You might be surprised that positive thinking topped the list. Who would have thought that maintaining an appropriate state of mind is healthier than exercising or eating vegetables?

Well, the truth is, we’re not surprised at all. We know how important positive thinking is, and that’s why we’ve built The Release Technique – a series of foundational principles and lessons that can obliterate negativity, anxiety, fear, and stress – the hidden killers that claim more lives in American than anything else.

But thinking positive takes more than a few affirmations or self-help books. Our comprehensive course includes literature as well as audio CDs, personal tutoring, educational materials, and a host of meditation techniques that can help cleanse your mind and reduce your stress levels permanently.

You might be thinking “Wait a second, meditation techniques?” You bet! Don’t worry, we’re not talking about sitting on a mountain top chanting strange syllables – the meditation techniques outlined in our courses are really more like ideas that you can think about while you’re shaving, waiting in line, or driving your car.

But our system includes much more than these meditation techniques, and the knowledge and skills you’ll learn from The Release Technique will do far more than simply reduce your stress levels. Maintaining a positive mental attitude allows you to enjoy everything in life to the fullest possible extent – from a simple meal to time with loved ones to a leisurely drive in the country. If you can imagine being able to be happy in any surrounding, regardless of the worries of the day or the expectations laid on your back, then you can imagine how powerful the effects of The Release Technique will be in your life!

The secret of The Release Technique lies in learning how to discover the inner peace that we all have down deep. We all have a naturally positive attitude, but many of us have covered up that naturally positive attitude with memories of unrealized expectations, missed goals, and broken relationships. Learning how to sweeping aside all this clutter and realize our intrinsic value is what The Release Technique is all about, and we can tell you one thing – it works! In fact, some of our graduates have a tendency to walk around laughing and smiling for no reason whatsoever, except that they simply FEEL GOOD!

In case you were wondering, The Release Technique doesn’t utilize affirmations, hypnotic suggestions, NLP, or mental programming; it works by eliminating what stands between you and your natural innate state of happiness. It pulls out subconscious negativity by the roots, leaving you happier, freer, and lighter each time you use it.

Interested? Of course you are – who wouldn’t be? Don’t hesitate, find out how The Release Technique can help you live the life you’ve always wanted!

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