Obliterate Stress, Anxiety, and Fear with the Release Technique

A message from Larry Crane of Lawrence Crane Enterprises, Inc.:

Dear Reader,

Have you ever been gripped by sudden and overwhelming stress, anxiety or fear? Have you ever been in a busy place like an airport or shopping mall and out of nowhere you realize that you’re sweating, nervous, maybe even unable to breathe? Stress, anxiety, and fear often manifest as a panic attack – a disturbingly common mental seizure that affects nearly every adult during their lives. Panic attacks can be terrifying, paralyzing events that can lead to mental breakdowns, and drastically increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Even worse, many adults suffer from panic attacks regularly, and deal with stress, anxiety, and fear on a daily basis.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s no way to live life. But what are the options?

Option one: your friendly neighborhood doctor. Sure, step right in and drop your pants. Oh, you’re suffering from stress, anxiety, and panic attacks? No problem, says the doc. Have a bottle of pills! Maybe valium, maybe codeine, or maybe even Xanax! Pound a couple of these every day – that should cure the problem, right?

Not by a longshot. Pharmaceuticals don’t do anything to attack the root causes of stress, anxiety, or fear – they only mask it. They numb you temporarily, but once the effects wear off, that stress, anxiety and fear will come surging right back! And if you’re unlucky enough to stay on pills for too long, you’ll have a nice chemical dependency to go with your panic attacks!

Well, that’s no solution. What else can we do?

Option two: seek psychiatric counseling or therapy. There’s certainly nothing wrong with sharing your stress and anxiety with a group of like-minded individuals – it’s good to talk with other people and get things off your chest!

However, even if you’re lucky enough to find a psychiatrist that doesn’t immediately hand you a bottle of pills just like your friendly neighborhood doctor, you’ll probably soon realize that most counselors are just there to listen. It’s good to talk, and it’s nice to have someone who will listen to you, but don’t expect any quick results from therapy.

Hmm. It sure would be nice to deal with these feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear quickly and effectively rather than waiting around for six months of therapy to take hold. What else can we do?

Truthfully, there are a ton of options out there that many people swear by. Sweat lodges, acupuncture, holistic remedies, herbal treatments, mud baths, yoga, aroma therapy, meditation, crystals, bowel cleansing… and the list goes on.

The problem is that none of these remedies takes aim at the root cause of stress and anxiety – they’re all just feeble attempts to mask or ignore it. Unlike these remedies, The Release Technique aims directly at the source causes of your stress and anxiety, and provides you with all the ammunition you need to obliterate them completely, once and for all.

If you’re tired of searching endlessly for a way to rid yourself of stress and anxiety, stop looking. You’ve found it. The Release Technique works – I know, because I’ve used it. Try it now, risk free, and find out how much better life can be when you can be happy and peaceful rather than loaded to the gills with stress and anxiety.

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