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The Thief Exposed

It’s time to find out who the thief is!

First though, I have a question for you. Here it is:

“If we were to meet a year from today – and you were to look back over the year, back to today – what would have to have happened in your life for you to feel completely happy and fulfilled?”

Take a moment to consider that question and think up all the things you’d like to change or have in your life.

Perhaps you’d want to have more clients.

Perhaps you’d like to have more money.

A better, bigger, house maybe.

Or maybe you’d like to weigh less than you do now.

Well, let’s say we meet up a year from today and your every wish and want has been fulfilled. Everything.

In which case, here’s my next question:

“If you got all the things you wanted – how happy or fulfilled would you be if you did not have peace of mind?”

Not very right?

On the other hand, if you lacked all the things you said you wanted, and yet, you lived in a continuous state of peace of mind would you not be happy and fulfilled anyway?

You undoubtedly would.

After all, if your mind is at peace you don’t feel like you need something (or someone) to “complete” your life, do you?

So can we agree that what everyone on the planet is ULTIMATELY trying to “get” (to make them feel more “complete”) is peace of mind with no agitation?

It is self-obvious when you stop to consider it, isn’t it?

So the next question that arises is this:

“Why not go directly into the state of peace of mind with no agitation regardless of what you have or don’t have?”

That would make sense, right?

OK, then we have to ask ourselves:

“How do we go directly into peace of mind at will, right here, right now?”

Easy: The Release Technique is the most effortless way to achieve peace of mind with no agitation.

On the other hand, any attempt or effort you make to “get” peace of mind through outward things you do or things you buy, you are taking yourself in the wrong direction.

What do I mean by wrong direction?

Well, this rare audio recording of Lester Levenson speaking on total peace of mind (he calls it inner freedom) describes what’s meant by going in the wrong direction better than anything else:

Take a few minutes to listen very carefully to that rare audio of Lester.

As you’ll hear – Lester is showing us the only real direction to go in life.

And guess what?

When you go in the right direction (as Lester beautifully describes it) your day-to-day life will unfold in the most perfect way for you with the right results and solutions naturally taking care of themselves. You’ll get a sense of being “carried” to do the right things, in the right way at the right time.

And the cherry on the cake?

Well, the more you live in inner freedom (with a clear peaceful mind uncluttered by agitated thought) you’ll naturally find yourself achieving and getting the things you thought would be required to make you happy and fulfilled in the first place.

But don’t take my word for it.

Just listen to Lester talk on the subject and see how beautifully your life unfolds when you commit to releasing away all the agitation that stands in the way of your own inner freedom.

PS. So who is the THIEF?

Well, sorry to say – but if you’ve been living your life in the wrong direction – you have UNKNOWINGLY been stealing peace of mind and happiness from yourself.
That’s okay though. You can forgive yourself.

Because you can easily remedy the situation by listening to your inner-voice that calls to you to recommit to experiencing your own inner freedom (peace of mind with no agitation) through releasing.
In alignment with your commitment to reaching inner freedom it’s highly advisable to stay connected to (and open) every email about releasing – after all, every email keeps you moving in the right direction (the direction toward inner freedom and inner happiness).

Each email from me is really just a reminder for you to continue moving in the direction pf inner peace and inner freedom.

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