One of our favorite habits as human beings is disapproval.  Simply put, disapproval means we don’t like something or someone.  We don’t like it or them, we disapprove.  And, we disapprove and we disapprove some more and we disapprove all the time.

In the Release Technique we learn that we have been operating on automatic going back to the beginning when we decided to try out the idea of being limited and separate from the “I” of us. In order to be separate we created the mind. The mind is the vehicle of separation.  In other words, the mind is what we used to separate ourselves from the “I” of us.  So, we created the mind and we started to think.  Each thought is a thing of limitation, a limiting action on the “I” of us meaning that each thought takes us further and further away from who and what we really are, the “I” of us.  Immediately upon separating from the “I” and beginning to think, we realized we had made a big mistake and we wanted to get back to the infinite, eternal, unlimited, all perfect, all Loving being that we are. All the mind knows to do is to create, to create thoughts, more and more thoughts more and more limitation.  As much as the mind is awake to being separate it has no way to return to the “I” because it only knows how to think and each thought takes it further away and more limited.

Right now, do you sense disapproval and frustration?  Of course.  We are designed to disapprove.  Immediately upon separating from the “I” of us we were in disapproval, we didn’t like it.  So, it can be said, the mind is a disapproval machine.  The mind is a limitation machine and it doesn’t like it and it disapproves.

In the Release Technique we learn that in order to have something different we must do something different.  We see that if we always do what we have always done, we will always have what we have always gotten.  We begin to see disapproval does not help us. Disapproval makes us more limited each time we do it because it takes us further and further away from the natural, all Loving Being that we really are.  Therefore, disapproval makes us less and less happy each time we disapprove.  We are never going to be completely happy until we return to the all Loving, infinite, unlimited Being that we really are.

We,  who are reading this article, have been given a great gift. Our limited mind does not easily see the gift we have been given.  When our limited mind thinks about the gift, tries to figure it out, it only becomes more and more limited with each additional thought and less and less able to see—that is, to realize the unlimited Beingness that we are.  And, it does the thing  it always does, from the very beginning, it goes into disapproval.

When we Release, we more and more are able to grasp the magnitude of the gift the Release Technique brings us.  We are able to grasp it because with each Release we let go of a bit of the limitation, we let go of a bit of the thinking, of the thoughts. With each thought/feeling we let go of we turn our direction.  Each time we let go of a limitation called a thought we turn ourselves in the direction of our original natural state.  As we Release we become happier and lighter because with each Release we build momentum in the direction of returning to our unlimited,  natural state of being all Loving. If we Release constantly we become happier and lighter and even happier and lighter as we move in the direction of who and what we really are.  And, as we move in that direction, we see with Releasing we have the tools to drop all of this limitation this lifetime.  We have the greatest gift available to human beings anywhere on the planet and that is, if we use our Release Technique tools, we can return to the realization that we are right now, whole, complete, perfect, infinite, eternal , unlimited and all Loving right now always have been always will be.  That realization has just been covered up by all these layers and layers of thoughts and feelings, the maya, the curtain of thought.

In the Release Technique we can undo all of that and we can undo it quickly if we quicken our Releasing, that is if we Release all the time.  We can get aside and do nothing but Release or we can Release in our everyday lives no matter what we do because we can use each thing that comes into our experience for Releasing. Each thing we encounter each day is an opportunity to Release, to move in the direction of full realization of our unlimitedness, our omniscience, our omnipotence, our omnipresence.

So, what is it we are Releasing?  When we Release, we are releasing our non-love thoughts/feelings.  We are all Loving, imagining that we are not, imagining that we are non-loving.  Disapproval is non-lovingness.  We disapprove of everything all the time. We don’t like this, we don’t like that.  We don’t like it because it is a thing of limitation and innately we know we are unlimited.  Our limited mind thinks.  It thinks it can think its way back to unlimitedness when all that happens is it becomes more limited with each thought.  It thinks if it has a zillion dollars it will be able to reach that exalted all happy state it vaguely remembers.  It gets the zillion and realizes it has only gotten further away from the all Loving Being it senses exists, so it disapproves even more and creates more thoughts, more things and people and more dissatisfaction.  It has to be,  because each thought takes us further away.  Even if we get all that we can of earthly pleasures we have no less frustration, no less disapproval in fact, we have more because we see with all of this we still do not have the ultimate prize we all seek.

So, what is the answer? The answer is the Release Technique. The answer is to Release. With each Release we turn it all around. The more we Release the more we turn it all around.  Our vision begins to clear.  We see disapproval, non loving thoughts/feelings make us more and more miserable.  We begin to see that we disapprove continually.  That is why we must Release continually.  In the Release Technique we say we are either Releasing or suppressing.  We are either sending approval or we are disapproving, we are either loving or non loving.  We are either wanting or having.  When we want we are automatically in disapproval because we don’t have.  We let go of wanting and realize we have, we have always had the All,  covered up by all this limitation.

So, what we are doing is letting go of all of these non-loving feelings.  We are either in the direction of love or the direction of hate.  That is the truth of it.  If the word hate is too strong pick out a word you prefer but pick one out that means you do not Love.  Love is the answer.  Love is that which we are seeking with our every act.  It is easy to Love. Just let go of the non love feelings.  We need to see, and we can see if we Release, we need to see we are non loving, disapproving all the time of everything and everyone—that is the name of the game of limitation.  In Releasing we are learning to be more and more positive, meaning more and more and more Loving.  We become more and more Loving by letting go of the opposite the non loving, disapproval thoughts/feelings.

When we disapprove, that is, when we express non love thoughts/feelings we somehow think we are doing something out there to the thing or person which is the object of our disapproval.  As we Release, we begin to see there is no “out there.”  Whatever we look at, whatever  we see, whatever we sense, whatever we experience is through the mind only.  It is all in our mind and nowhere else.  So, anytime we disapprove, which is all the time, we are expressing those non loving feelings to none other than our self.  We are making our self more and more negative, more and more unhappy, unhealthy, un-wealthy and any other “un” you can think of.  It is only when we Release our non love feelings, our disapproval,  that we begin to undo all of that, to undo all of those “uns.”   Each time we Release a non love thought or feeling we move in the direction of Love, we become more Loving.  If we continually Release our non love, disapproval feelings we become continually happier and continually lighter and continually see we are that which we have been seeking.  We Release continually we continually see that our desire grows and by and by in a shorter time than our limited mind will allow us to imagine we have dropped all of this limitation, all of this non lovingness and we return home to our original natural state of all Loving, all unlimited, all happy, all the time, forever, eternally,  and  no one or no thing can ever touch us again.  We are that which we have been seeking. We use our Release tools.  We drop the non love thoughts and feelings each and every time we see them and we realize Love and we have it All, we have the All.

Release and find out you are Love right now, you are That.