Why’d I do that? That was so dumb of me! There I go again, always ruining opportunities. What’s wrong with me?


These are the kinds of thoughts that bombard your mind daily. The voices in your head that follow you like a dark cloud, filling you with guilt, regret, and self-pity.


It’s no wonder you’re stressed.


Your mind tries to compensate for all this negative self-talk by giving you goals: I’ll always be on time. I’ll come to work prepared. I’ll exercise five days a week.


Then the instant you fall off track, you’re back to beating yourself up again.


“Why can’t I change?” you ask yourself. It seems like you’re always repeating the same bad habits, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them. You long for one of those makeovers like you see on TV, only this wouldn’t just be a weight-loss or wardrobe makeover. It would be a totally NEW YOU.


But the distance between yourself and the NEW YOU seems insurmountable.


It’s not just you who can’t change. You notice it in others as well. We all know people who keep getting involved in relationships that crash and burn, can’t keep a job, can’t hang onto their money.


It seems like as humans, we’re hardwired to resist change.


But is that really true?


Think back to when you were a child. Your life was an infinite horizon of possibilities. It seemed like every year you were transforming into someone new, taking on new roles. Not only did you become a new person outwardly, but inwardly you were adopting new worldviews and perceptions of yourself.


Unfortunately, the more life we experience, the more our perception of ourselves becomes fixed. That’s because habits start to take root and we lose sight of the infinite beingness that we so intuitively grasped as children.


If someone keeps telling you you’re a loser, eventually you’ll start to believe it.


In the same way, if you keep making the same poor choices—forgetting things, letting others take advantage of you, not following through on commitments—eventually you’ll equate these choices with your identity. Others will label you as “forgetful,” “a doormat,” or “unreliable,” further cementing your “identity.”


So it follows that if you want to break out of this cycle—the cycle of making bad decisions and beating yourself up about it—you’ll need to do something new.


Can you do something new?


I’m assuming you said yes.


First, you need to get rid of all the subconscious baggage that’s been weighing you down, preventing you from reaching higher plains of consciousness.


Think of all the things you’d like to change about yourself. Or, if you prefer to focus on specifics, think of the last time that you really disappointed yourself. Maybe it was today.


What kinds of feelings does it stir up? Guilt? Regret? Anger?


Don’t try to fight or suppress the feeling. Instead, invite it up. Say YES to it.


Now ask yourself: Would I let this feeling go?


Another way of saying it is, “Do I enjoy being angry at myself? Has it helped me to drop my bad habits? Has it helped me to change at all?”


It hasn’t, had it? Otherwise you’d already be doing it. In fact, all this thinking does is lock those negative perceptions into place. Each type you berate yourself, you’re setting that pattern in your mind.


Next ask yourself: Could I let this feeling go?


Maybe it feels like too much. That’s okay. Just let a little bit go.


That wasn’t so hard, was it?


Now let a little bit more go.


And a little bit more.


Now could you give yourself a little bit of approval? Not for any particular reason. Approval never hurt anyone.


And a little bit more?


And a little bit more?


How do you feel now? Lighter? More like change is possible?


When you get rid of all this negative baggage, what you’re doing is giving yourself a clean slate. A chance to start fresh. The best part is, you can wipe the slate clean and reinvent yourself any time you want!

You just have to decide that you’re ready to abandon the old patterns and limited beliefs…and give yourself permission to become the NEW YOU.


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When you take charge of your mind and embrace the NEW YOU, anything is possible.