Discover the little-known secret to manifesting using space consciousness.

SPACE is the most valuable “thing” in the Universe.

SPACE is required for everything to exist in your Universe.

Without SPACE nothing would exist in your life.

Take a look around. See all the things, all the objects around you. See your own body, the computer, the wall, the window, the trees outside, the sun and clouds in the sky. Notice all of them.

Now notice something you may never have stopped to notice before. Notice the SPACE “in-between” your body identity and the objects you are perceiving.

Without that SPACE you couldn’t exist — there would be no SPACE for you to exist.

Without that SPACE no object (not even the Sun or the entire Universe) could exist — there would be no SPACE for them to exist.

SPACE is required for EVERYTHING to exist.


So what does this mean on a practical level for you?

How can you “use” this SPACE to create the life you want?

First, it’s important to realize you don’t ever really “create” your life in the way most people think. The “life” you want ALREADY EXISTS – in the HERE and NOW.

There is no time. That’s the illusion. There is only an infinite number of points of view from your mind continually “viewing” the SPACE of now.

Wherever you are; whatever you’re doing — it’s ALWAYS NOW.


And again, your life – right now — is contained in the SPACE OF NOW.

So if you want your life to be different (to be created anew ) you only need “make the SPACE” for the “thing” you want to come into your existence; to “appear” in your perceptual experience.

Because if you are not allowing the SPACE for the thing you want to “appear” to you — there is NO SPACE for it to “appear” to you.

Again, your only “job” is to allow for the SPACE for the thing you want to appear in your life to actually appear in your life.

How the heck do you do that?


You Release the thoughts that are currently “filling your SPACE” with the things (the situations / the circumstances) you don’t want.

That’s the way you “create” SPACE for the “new” thing (situation / circumstances) to come into (to “appear”) in your life. Releasing is THE WAY to open up the SPACE for what you want to come into your life.

The SPACE will “figure out” HOW what you want will come (will “appear”) in your life.


You just need to DECIDE on the “thing” (money, better relationship, better health, etc.) you want in your life. Just a simple decision will do.

Then you just have to “create” the SPACE for what you want to come into your life. And the way to do that is to Release all the contrary-thoughts currently filling the SPACE of your Consciousness in connection with the thing you.

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You’ll prove for yourself that anything you desire is possible, when you release and “create” (allow) the SPACE for it!

The Release Technique Team