Double the Benefits of Releasing—Share it with a Friend!

If you’ve already been practicing the Release Technique, you may have started to experience the benefits: more positivity, a greater sense of inner peace, living in the present instead of dwelling over the past or worrying about the future.

But it can still be difficult to maintain this state consistently.

That’s because you face resistance from two sources: internal (your mind) and external (friends and family).

Your mind can sometimes be your worst enemy. When you start to make meaningful progress toward your goals, your mind derails you with skepticism and self-doubt.

Got an unexpected call from a job prospect? “It’s just a coincidence,” your mind tells you. Or, “It probably won’t go anywhere.”

Unfortunately, those who care about you most—your closest friends—can also throw you off-course, even if they have good intentions.

For instance, do you know someone who’s constantly complaining? Whether it be the news, the job, or the family, nothing’s ever good enough.

Or maybe you have friends who are always down on themselves.

Either way, the stream of negativity can be draining.

So what do you do?

Some personal coaches will tell you to ditch all the negative people in your life.

But that’s not always practical—and it’s certainly not a compassionate approach.

Here’s a better solution: share the Release Technique with your friends.

By releasing with your friends, you’ll be helping one another to reach a more consistently positive state, and you’ll be solving the first problem we mentioned—resistance from your mind.

Have you ever noticed that after talking to a friend about a problem, you immediately feel better?

That’s because talking to another individual helps to bring you out of your head and see the issue from a different perspective, with greater clarity. Maybe you’ll discover alternative solutions or reframe the obstacle in a more positive light.

Most importantly, you’ll realize that the “problem” is just a story in your mind. As soon as you realize that YOU are the one in control, the situation will no longer seem hopeless.

In fact, the issue may just be an opportunity in disguise.

In the same way, a “releasing partner” will help you to get out of the negative space in your head and start approaching life with a greater sense of optimism and resolve.

Any positive results will be compounded by the fact that you are also helping your friend reach a state of well-being and abundance.

But even if you’ve experienced fantastic results from the Release Technique yourself, you may be hesitant about introducing it to friends. What if they don’t believe you?

Well, as Lester Levenson said, “Don’t believe a word I am telling you. Just take it for checking.”

The best way to introduce your friends to the myriad benefits of releasing is to have them experience it for themselves.

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As you can see, there are MANY benefits to sharing the Release Technique with your friends. Come learn about all the ways to give your friends the key to Total Harmony.