Lester's 90-Day

Quiet Your Mind

September 10 – December 6, 2024

"Anti-Gravity" Releasing

Join us on the 90 DAY QUIET YOUR MIND PROGRAM to go beyond the  "gravitational pull" of life's problems:

Let us show you how everything you really want can effortlessly come to you...

If you’d like to drop all your mind limitations (all your thoughts and feelings of “I cant”)… experience a near continuous state of peace and inner-joy in your being… and have everything you want fall into place perfectly for you… then we will show you how it’s possible for you…

All Within 90 Days!

Yes, it is 100% possible.

Lester Levenson (the originator of the Release Technique) proved it.

Lester went from “at death’s door” (after suffering a second massive heart attack)…

To completely healing his heart and bodily ailments…

To improving his financial situation and becoming a millionaire…

To becoming absolutely-free of all fear including the fear of dying…

And fell into a state of complete bliss…

All within three months (just 90 days).

He did it all by Releasing ONLY.

Releasing all thoughts, concepts and beliefs of limitation.

He just knocked out one thought of limitation after another until there was nothing left.


Each day.


Every time a thought of limitation came up (such as “I can’t” or “Is this really working?” or “I don’t really know what I’m doing” or “why bother!”) Lester would just release it. Drop it. Right there on the spot.

That became the sole focus for Lester.

He just went after every thought, concept or belief that “told him” he was limited in some way.

And that’s ALL Lester did to go completely free.

It’s what allowed Lester (who was not spiritual at all) to become a realized master in just three months.

Anyone can do what Lester did.

older couple cylcling

It just takes the commitment to do it.

To release every thought, concept or belief of limitation that comes up.

It doesn’t matter your starting point, either.

Remember, Lester was “at death’s door.”

There was nothing else special about Lester.

He just started releasing his mind’s limitations (not even knowing what he was doing at first)…

But day-after-day of releasing felt good to Lester.

He felt happier and lighter in his Beingness.

More peaceful.

And that gave Lester the incentive (the motivation) to keep on releasing.

Day in.

Day out.

On every mind limitation that presented itself.

Soon Lester was feeling so much more joyful in his inner-being.

With so much more energy (so much energy he could hardly contain it).

And with an inner-knowing that anything was possible.

So he kept on releasing.

guitar on beach

It felt too good to stop.

The feel-good momentum of releasing was with him.

It was that MOMENTUM in releasing that carried Lester to complete freedom from all seeming limitations in this world.

It only took him three months (90 days).

Remember, Lester didn’t even know what he was doing.

He just kept releasing as best as he knew how.

And that commitment to release – no matter – what took him all the way to complete freedom.

You can do the same.

You actually have a HUGE advantage over Lester.

Because with the Release Technique (the method Lester gave us after going all the way to freedom) we now know exactly what to do to knock out mind limitations in the fastest way possible.

It just requires you do it.

And stay with it.

Granted, in the beginning it can at first seem like Releasing isn’t really helping much.

The world keeps pulling you down again.

You get “pulled back” into the drama of the world with all its upsets, frustrations and confusion.

But if you just stay with releasing (if you make it constant and commit to it)…

Soon you get the ALL-IMPORTANT MOMENTUM in your Releasing.

And when you get that momentum — that’s when you really start to see and experience the miraculous benefits of releasing.

When you get momentum, the world doesn’t “pull you back down” again like it does now.

It’s just like when a rocket is launched up into space.

At first the rocket requires great energy and power to give it lift off.

And it requires great energy and power to thrust it up into the orbital atmosphere (past the gravitational pull of the Earth).

But, once into the orbital atmosphere (beyond the gravitational pull of the Earth) the rocket sort of “floats” in space.

And so it is with releasing.

Once you get good momentum with Releasing and you get past a certain point with it — it’s like you’ve gone beyond the “pull” of worldly limitations.

The tremendous “gravity” of life’s drama and ego-disturbance no longer affect you like they do now.

Instead, it's like being in "Anti-Gravity" with releasing – where you sort of "float" in the perfection of Quietness.

Everything in your life starts “floating” perfectly.

Things that never worked out for you before suddenly start working out perfectly.

With no sense of “doingness” on your part.

There is just a sense of inner-calmness — and the things that you want to happen start finding you (instead of you having to chase and effort after them).

It’s such a delectable way to experience life.

There is no struggle.

No constant efforting.

Just peacefulness.

Perfect Quiet.

And perfection everywhere you look.

That is what Lester achieved. In just 90 days.

It’s what you can achieve.

It’s what you can experience through joining us on the…


The whole purpose of the course is to bring you into complete freedom. Into perfect quiet. Free of all mind limitations.

Everything in the course is laid out step-by-step to take you into that experience of complete freedom.

You just have to show up.

And Release.

Just as we will work with you to do.

You even get your own personal mentor who will be there with you all the way along the path, holding you accountable (so the ego doesn’t make you “slip back” into limitations along the way).

You even get the cellphone number of your mentor so you can be in contact with them as and when needed outside of the designated releasing times.

There is no better program to take if you want to experience the best that releasing has to offer; to experience the best that life has to offer.

The 90 DAY QUIET YOUR MIND PROGRAM will (within 90 days) establish you in the perfection of Quiet.

It won’t be a fleeting (here one moment; gone the next) type of experience.

The 90 DAY QUIET YOUR MIND PROGRAM will take you “above” that.

It will establish Quiet as your natural everyday state.

It’s the most satisfying state to live from.

It’s a state from which all personal suffering drops away.

It resolves all lack in your life.

And frees you from all thought limitations.

Nothing else comes close to the 90 DAY QUIET YOUR MIND PROGRAM for giving you all that.

And all you have to do is show up and be willing to go all the way to freedom.

So join us on the 90 DAY QUIET YOUR MIND PROGRAM to go beyond the “gravitational pull” of life’s problems — and instead “float” in the infinite perfection of QUIET.

In this unlimited state of QUIET, everything you want effortlessly comes to you. It really is the most delectable experience any human can have…

Can you see how this tremendously successful 90-Day Program will allow you to completely transform your life?

Why do these executive programs cost so much? Because they absolutely work. They get results!

So, we thought…what if we could take the quality of the best executive programs, and not only reproduce their effectiveness, but give you something 100 times better?

Better, because we’re applying the highest teachings, direct from Lester: Total Mastership!

As a result, we’ve modeled the best, most scientifically proven, coaching program out there…a program which creates more success in its field than anywhere before…so you will have a greater than 95% success rate in achieving what you’re looking for.

So you can easily master areas of your life such as:
finances, health, relationships, confidence, clarity, peace and happiness.

Save Over $8000



Don’t worry if you have not completed these courses yet – We will give you direct, hands-on instruction so you will be running at full speed to participate at the highest level with all of the other graduates in the course.

This program is recorded for playback, so we will work with you to bring you up to speed on these advanced course requirements.

We all know releasing works and it works great. You know that, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. It’s worked for you. It’s gotten you amazing gains.

Lester said, and you’ve heard the recordings many times, “So why don’t you do it?”

There is one simple answer – Momentum. If you aren’t releasing enough to satisfy yourself, enough so that you can say, this releasing works great and I’m doing it all the time, it’s because you haven’t developed momentum.

Unless you can say you’re entering really nice, impressive gains in your gains book, like those people on the 90-day courses, it’s only because you lack momentum.

What those people did is make a Commitment to themselves, to their happiness, to their freedom. They decided to be the best releaser they could be. They decided to be willing to extend themselves and go the extra distance.

You can do that too. You can do it right now. Get started this very moment with a decision to not let anything stand in your way of achieving all you are capable of achieving, to reach the heights you are capable of reaching, to be the big winner you know you have inside of you waiting to be unleashed.

Make a commitment like those who have taken a 90-day program did.

Decide to join in on this very special 90-Day program and share in everybody’s gains and have your own gains. Make a decision to join in and have your own proof of your Mastership.

So Here’s The Bottom Line…​

If You Are Ready To Make 2024 The Best Year Of Your Life…


And you won’t have to pay $25,000 like other courses charge.

And, because we’d like you to have freedom and gains that graduates worldwide are able to experience, we’re going to allow you to have the best offer we’ve ever made.


Coaching organizations typically charge $20,000 to $40,000 and UPWARDS for the kind of ongoing personal support and accountability coaching you get in the NEW Momentum Deluxe Packages – but you DON’T have to pay anywhere near that!

Here’s Just A Sample Of Gains From The 90-day Course​


“I experienced so much love that sometimes it was too much to contain. I had a strong intention for the retreat to be myself all the time, and besides experiencing it a lot and being able to let go of my mind when I felt identifying with it, I realized the power of strong intentions. I dropped so many beliefs about myself and about the path to freedom, my mind is so much quitter and I can witness my thoughts and let them go with much more ease. My sense of having my goals so much deeper a big burn over for me was the mirror exercise, where I managed to sit 2 hours in front of the mirror and one experiences a spin, I just go back home and let all the disturbance go. Thank you very much for everything.” - Rivka Blum


“Getting deeper realization and understanding about releasing. Also, feeling lighter and more aware of all my AGFLAP moments. Experiencing deep peace and quiet more easily. Getting deeper insights on how to use the method effectively discovered that I was able to release on past memories of death of mother and sister to completion over the retreat period. Also experiencing the wisdom of the realization gained through releasing. All in all I have experienced huge transformations.” - S.P.


“After releasing the past I discovered, and let go of, a pattern of being a victim in all of major relationships with men. I was how powerful I was controlling them, manipulating to get my way by appearing powerless, it worked, but I had to give my power away. Under this, I saw a duplicate fear that I’d be killed if I was too powerful I let all of this go. I made the decision to go to the retreat and then things came up that made it difficult. I set a few goals before to go to the retreat with ease; to have a single room; to fly for under $200; and get the time off of work with ease. I released and got every goal. I set a strong intention to be free. I’ve had more feelings of freedom and moments of knowing I am already free than ever before.” - C.C.


“I continue to drop more negativity and garbage. I’m finding my inner peace consistently. My relationship with my son continues to be more loving and he is more grown up. It’s wonderful to be with other releasers and to see them become happier, lighter and even younger looking! I have learned to take responsibility for all that occurs in my life and I find this extremely empowering. I have discovered my main program in life that has held me back. People in my life continue to be loving and kind and have also shown a lot of generosity! Each time I come to a retreat or participate in a tele-course I consider it a major gain. The level of support here is inspiring!” - Susan


“I have changed how I make a living. I used to work full time and was a wage slave. Since learning Release Technique I have decided to have it my way. I chose to do contract work in which I decide when and how much I work. I now make more than when I was working full time and have more time freedom and a very flexible schedule this has all come about as a direct result of Release Technique. Thank you!” - John Nici


“I enjoyed this retreat – previous retreats I had a lot of resistance and was distracted by feelings like I needed to move – this retreat I was present and fully founded on the exercise I did yoga! Swimming before every meal and that as awesome. A big gain that I was in the swimming pool at 7 every morning – I have never done that before, I could do it because I am sleeping much better with releasing. Made a great progress on my career healthy neck and skin goals – all are feeling much better and more at ease. Feel deep sense of peace, quiet and well being. Got a job interview during this retreat. Shoulder is feeling much better. Releasing with different people was much more enjoyable than before. Felt like I actually listened and heard Lester for the first time. Felt I real sense of community.” - F.S.

Graduates who have decided to go all the way to freedom felt it was high time to get all their goals. They decided to forge ahead and get all the goodness available to them from releasing. They also decided to not leave any more treasure on the table. They decided to go for it, and finish the job. The 90-Day course provides the tools and skills to do that.

Lester's 90-Day

Quiet Your Mind

September 10 – December 6, 2024
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Lester's 90-Day Quiet Your Mind Program


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