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Nov 8 - 13, 2022


Let us help you

Effortlessly “Release Away”

your most persistent unwanted HABITS & ADDICTIONS

By using the Release Technique to target the “root” subconscious energy “underneath” your HABITS & ADDICTIONS…

They DISAPEAR all on their own!

If you’ve ever tried to change a long-standing habit — you know just how hard it can be.

Maybe you’ve tried to change a habit in the past — and failed.

If so, you’re far from alone.

But that’s all about to change for you.

Because on this page…

You are about to discover a new paradigm for “freeing yourself” from all bad habits, self-sabotaging tendencies and harmful addictions.

And best of all?

There’s none of the usual efforting or willpower involved.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

It all happens completely effortlessly.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

So, let’s look at habits first…

As you know, bad habits seem to take-over… automatically… without you having any “say” over them.

That’s why we can be “blind” to our own worst habits.

And it often takes someone else (a family member, a friend, or boss) to point them out to us.

The thing is:

When someone else points out our bad habits to us… well…

That’s an “ouch moment”!

So it’s best if you can “release away” bad habits first — as a matter of priority — so nobody else has to point them out. Or call you out on them. Or embarrass you!

Of course, it’s not just habits that have an automatic control over your life.

Tendencies do, too.

A tendency is a “little thing” you regularly do, that doesn’t add to your life buton its own – don’t seem to matter too much.

But here’s the thing:

These “little things” we call tendencies can “add-up” and cause BIG, BIG UNWANTED PROBLEMS in your life…

Examples of tendencies that could lead to BIG UNWANTED PROBLEMS in your life, could be…

— The tendency to snack on junk food in the evening (causing you to gain unwanted pounds around your middle, putting pressure on your heart)… 

— A tendency to procrastinate on important tasks (causing yourself undue stress and high blood pressure)…

— A tendency to put off going to the gym or exercising (making yourself feel guilty for not doing something you told yourself you would today!)…

— The tendency to spend more money each day than you know you should (causing you to go into debt or owe money with interest on top)…

— Or, say, a tendency to feel intimidated by those who appear to be more important or better than you in some way (leading you to miss out on life-enhancing connections with other people)…

Certainly, that’s not an exhaustive list of tendencies.

And you may not have any of those just mentioned.

But I’m sure you can now think of some tendencies running in your life – tendencies that are either…

Then, of course, there are addictions

Some might say addictions are…

“The Devils Work”…

That’s because serious addictions can completely screw up a person’s life

Gambling addictions…

Alcohol addictions…

Smoking addictions…

Excessive shopping addictions…

Drug addictions…

Eating addictions…

Sex additions…

And so on.

Those are the kind of addictions most people think of in connection with the word: addiction.

But listen: addictions aren’t just what most people assume them to be (alcohol, drugs, gambling addictions, etc).

Addictions can be a lot more subtle than that.

Also, it’s easy for us to kid ourselves and “normalize” our addictions…

For example:

Being “addicted” to thinking, actually let’s be honest, it’s over-thinking. 

This includes believing and following thoughts; fighting with thoughts, defeated by thoughts, disapproving thoughts, and being disempowered by our own thoughts…

This is exhausting. And it’s a total waste of energy because we’re spiraling downward.  

Yet, who really wants to down the toilet?  The ego!

But let’s look a little closer to how the ego addictions work… 

Many people are “addicted” to making more and more money…

Others are “addicted” to getting ahead in life…

Others still are “addicted” to looking good (or, in some way, being seen as better than others)…

Now, to be clear: There is NOTHING wrong with making more money… being wealthy… looking good… etc.

We say: Why not have it all!

The problem comes though when you feel like you are never enough.

As in, you feel like you’re not enough if you’re not making more money or you’re not better looking than others, or whatever.

The "addiction for more, more… and MORE"...

This “addiction for more” (in whichever way it manifests individually) is totally exhausting

…and can actually keep you from having that which you want more of.

It certainly keeps you from fully enjoying anything you achieve.

Leaving you exhausted and discontented, no matter what!

Anyway, the bottom line is this:

Whether you refer to them as bad habits, self-sabotaging tendencies, or harmful addictions —

They are all continually "driving your life into the ditch"

Which, as you’ll agree, is not the optimal way to live.

Nor the most satisfying.

In your heart-of-hearts you already know this to be true.

Which is why you’ll probably agree it’s a good idea to “free yourself” from these self-sabotaging habits (tendencies / addictions).

And you’re right – it is a good idea. A very good idea.

That said, what do most people do when they’ve had enough of an unwanted habit that’s “jamming up” their life?

They try to CHANGE the behavior of the habit, don’t they?

Probably you’ve tried this approach, too.

So if you do X, you try to do Y instead.


X = bad.

And Y = good.

You attempt to change behavior X (something bad) for behavior Y (something good) instead.

Sounds like the obvious approach, right?

Logically it is.

But habits, tendencies and addictions are far from logical.

Unwanted habits, tendencies and addictions are "driven" by the subconscious

Yes, that’s right — when it comes to unwanted habits (tendencies / addictions) – your illogical subconscious is “driving” your life.

That’s why you often find yourself doing certain things you know (consciously) are not good for your overall life and well-being.

And since habits (tendencies / addictions) spring to life out of the subconscious…

They appear to happen automatically

Without your “say-so”.

And you often feel quite powerless to stop them or change them.

On top of that…

Oftentimes we don’t even realize we’ve indulged in an unwanted habit, tendency or addiction… until AFTER we’ve done it.

It’s a case of…

"Oh S%&T... I went and did it again!"

Then you mentally beat-yourself-up for doing something you told yourself you weren’t going to do anymore.

But of course, you do.

You do the same habit again.

And again.


And you just can’t stop.

It’s at this point you feel “weak” and “powerless” and you start giving up hope that you’re ever going to change.

But here’s a new and exciting thought for you:

What if you NEVER had to change anything?

What if you NEVER had to change any unwanted habit, tendency, or addiction?

What if, also, you NEVER had to change anything about your personality or your character at all?

And… listen… WHAT IF by NOT trying to change ANYTHING at all about your habits or your character…

Your sabotaging habits, tendencies and addictions just disappeared all on their own!

Is that even possible?

Turns out it IS.

But ONLY if you approach unwanted habits (tendencies / addictions) from a completely different paradigm.

This new paradigm that we’d like to share with you is not about CHANGING bad habits (or even dropping bad habits)…

It's about TRANSCENDING the habits.

It’s about transcending all unwanted habits, all self-sabotaging tendencies, and all unhealthy addictions.

And get this:

While trying to change an unwanted habit (tendency / addition) is maddingly HARD…

Transcending them turns out to be a completely EFFORTLESS process.

As long as you have the right “tools” available to you, of course.

And the right “tool” — in fact, the very best “tool” — for transcending any bad habit, unwanted tendency or unhealthy addiction is… the Release Technique.

When you use the Release Technique in a special way to target habits, tendencies and addictions…

The habits, tendencies and addictions fall-away (and disappear) all on their own.

In fact, you hardly notice the “falling away” process happening at all.

Instead, one day you just notice that the habit (tendency / addiction) you’ve done for the past 20-years or more… is no longer a part of your life.

The "pull" of the habit or addiction is simply not there anymore.

Nor is there any particular thought of it “telling” you to do the habit (tendency / addiction).

It’s GONE, that’s all.

Leaving you FREE to partake in other more life-affirming activities that positively feed your life.

And you DIDN’T have to change any unwanted habit…

You DIDN’T have to change any self-sabotaging tendency…

You DIDN’T have to change any unhealthy addiction…

And… you DIDN’T have to change anything about your personality or your character… or anything about yourself whatsoever!

The Release Technique takes care of it all for you.

See, the Release Technique targets and “releases” the subconscious energy that “fuels” and activates all your unwanted habits, tendencies and addictions.

That’s why we target the subconscious energy (and not the habit itself) with the Release Technique.

Because once the subconscious energy “underneath” an unwanted behavior is released — all the unwanted habits, tendencies and addictions…

Just DISAPPEAR all on their own!


Because every unwanted habit, self-sabotaging tendency and addiction you have…

Is fueled and activated by suppressed subconscious energy in your body.

You could say that an unwanted habit (tendency / addiction) is “made up” of suppressed subconscious energy.

So, once the Release Technique “releases” the suppressed subconscious energy — the corresponding habits, tendencies and addictions simply cannot exist; they have NO SUBSTANCE anymore.

That’s when life gets good again…

Because once the unwanted habits (tendencies / addictions) are GONE…

…you suddenly “get your life back” (almost like a second chance at life!)…

…and – without the negative habits pulling you down – you naturally start “cleaning up your life” and behaving in very successful, life-affirming ways.

Which is what we all want, right?

And do you know what else?

The other added benefit you get when you’ve released away your unwanted habits (tendencies / addictions), is that:

You suddenly have much more positive energy available to you.

No longer are you using up emotional and psychological energy in conflict with yourself.

No longer are you being “pulled down” by behaviors that you know are not ultimately serving you.

Nor is there any of the guilt or frustration you have with yourself for not being able to do what you know is good for you.

Instead, you naturally start living as the best-version of yourself.

For example:

All the things you could never get yourself to do before — say perhaps, exercising regularly, saving money each month, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and getting your life in order — starts happening like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

And let us tell you, this new way of living feels good.

For starters – you quickly get your life on-track for once.

And then your life starts coming together and working in ways it never did before. In other words…

Your ability to get things done and your overall productivity goes through the roof...

You start accomplishing more in a week than most people do in a month or two.

And that gives you an extra surge of motivation and “feel-good factor”, too.

Because – metaphorically-speaking — you go from the back of the race, right to the front – and nobody can figure out how you’re accelerating past them so fast; leaving them so far behind.

Because of all this you immediately have more respect for yourself.

Others, in turn, start giving you more respect, too (even if, outwardly, they seem jealous as hell!).

Anyway, the bottom line is this:

All of your life gets better... and you feel better about yourself than you ever have... once you release the subconscious energy "fueling" your bad habits (tendencies / addictions).

It is definitely the most satisfying way to live.

And it’s this satisfying way of living — free of all unwanted habits, tendencies and addictions — that we invite you to experience for yourself.

See, we would like to spend some time with you helping you to use the Release Technique on as many habits, tendencies and addictions as you would like to get rid of.

We will do this on the new telecourse we have coming up, called:

Breaking Free Tele-Course

This new telecourse is taking place over Five days this coming November. Tuesday, November 8th – Sunday, November 13th (no class Wednesday, Nov. 9th).

The entire purpose of this NEW tele-course is to “release away” & free you from the habits, tendencies and addictions that are holding you back in some way.

There is no better time to get rid of bad habits. Seriously, NOW is the time to get rid of your self-sabotaging habits (tendencies / addictions). Because if the economic experts are to be believed, we are entering into some rather tough times ahead. Meaning… In order to thrive when life gets tough… …it’s more important than ever… …to live as the best-version of yourself; unhindered by self-sabotaging habits. Put another way… it’s no time to self-sabotage yourself or habitually do things that cause you even more problems in your life.


82-Year-Old Starts Life Over also: No More Compulsive Eating

I am 82 years old and truly feel my life is just starting. I have had many problems but now all are under control and I expect everything to get better. My main benefit was that all my life I’ve had the habit of compulsive eating–not from hunger–just a habit. I fight it all day I can’t even remember what is was like. Wow! This is the best thing I’ve ever done.
– D. Lynn Hunter, Fairview, UT

Drops Beer Habit Easily

Please put me on your email list because I truly LOVE Releasing which I learned in The Abundance Course since it’s radically changed my life in just over two weeks! I have greater peace of mind, dropped an almost daily beer habit, and feel a lot more at ease with people just to mention a few gains. I have tried many success technologies like NLP, Tony Robbns, Self-Hypnosis, and Metaphysics, just to mention a few, for many years with some results but nothing spectacular until I started using Releasing daily for two hours or more three Saturdays ago.
– J. McCoy, West Palm Beach, FL

Doesn’t take naps anymore

When I got here, I did not know what to expect. I have some fear and a lot of grief. By releasing all of this, my life changed for the better. My health is improving. I have more energy. I’m not as tires as I used to be. I don’t need to take naps in the afternoon any more. At night, I sleep like a baby, and wake up refreshed in the morning. Also, I control myself and no one controls me anymore.
– E. Reyes, McAllen, TX

Stops Drinking and Smoking

A few weeks after learning The Release Technique, I completely stopped my chain smoking habit and the craving hasn’t come back in 15 years since stopping.
– D. Janklow, Westlake Village, CA

Insomnia Gone - Anxiety gone, Insomnia Gone

Every day of the Retreat brought with it a new set of miracles. I no longer get hives or anxiety attacks. I was able to cure a bad head cold. I have been sleeping soundly and waking up refreshed after 4 months of insomnia. But, even better than that, I feel like I have out from under a rock. I have more confidence and I feel so serene. I feel love for myself for the first time and I am starting to trust myself. I now believe that all is possible.
– K. Brisdan, Vancouver, BC

Bakery Owner Loses 60 lbs.

I own a bakery, and I tended to sample a lot of the sweets. Since learning The Release Technique I have lost 60 lbs. in a very short time. I had previously tried all kinds of diets and self-help programs and nothing worked till I discovered The Release Technique. What a God send.
– R. Minett, Los Angeles, CA

Stops Drinking

I have learned to relax by releasing, and an unexpected gain has been that I no longer have a desire for alcohol—it feels good.
– J. Dimalante, New York

So, here’s our invitation and challenge to you:

Bring your longest-standing, most persistent unwanted habits, tendencies and addictions to the NEW Breaking Free Tele-Course — and let us help you RELEASE them away… one after the other… after the other!

(And hey – you DON’T even have to reveal your habits, tendencies or addictions on the tele-course. You can keep them totally private to yourself, and we can still work with you to release them away!)

Why not experience it all for yourself on the NEW Breaking Free Tele-Course?

Be Heathy, Be Wealthy, Be Wise…Enjoy life like never before. Free of the past conditioning. Free to feel great about yourself. Simply Free to Be!

Here’s how to register for one of the limited spaces on the telecourse:

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Breaking Free Tele-Course

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Tuesday, November 8
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No Class this day Thursday, November 10
8:30–11:30am & 5:30–8:30pm Friday, November 11
8:30–11:30am & 5:30–8:30pm Saturday, November 12
8:30–11:30am Sunday, November 13

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