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5-Day Breaking Free Telecourse

Wiping out Limiting Programs, Unwanted Habits, Disapproval, and other forms of Self-Sabotage
July 11 - 15, 2024

With just one or two rounds of “Subconscious Energy Releasing” you can now…

Watch Your Worst Habits


For Good

Then you will feel healthier and better about yourself… and naturally start living in very attractive, successful, and life-affirming ways

Imagine if all your worst habits dropped away effortlessly.

Wouldn’t that make a massive difference to the quality of your life?

You’d never self-sabotage yourself again.

You’d never do things you later regretted.

You’d never unconsciously “get off track” from your goals.

You’d be healthier. Feel better about yourself.

And everything in your life would be a lot smoother and simpler.

But is all that even possible?

Turns out it IS.

But ONLY if you approach unwanted habits and tendencies…

From a completely different paradigm.

This new paradigm we’d like to share with you is not about trying to CHANGE the behavior of bad habits head on.


It's about LETTING GO of the “subconscious energy” UNDERNEATH the habits.

BIG difference.

Because trying to change the behavior of an unwanted habit or tendency head on (like most people try to do) is maddingly HARD

Whereas LETTING GO of the “subconscious energy” UNDERNEATH a bad habit is…

An EFFORTLESS process.

As long as you have the right LETTING GO “tool” to target the subconscious energy, of course.

And the very best “tool” for LETTING GO of the subconscious energy underneath a bad habit or unwanted tendency, is…

The Release Technique.

When you use the Release Technique in a special way to target unwanted habits and tendencies…

The habits & tendencies fall-away (and DISAPPEAR) all on their own.

Even the worst life-long habits and tendencies simply disappear.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had an unwanted habit for 20 years. Or 40 years.

By using the Release Technique on it (in a special way) a habit will fall away all on its own.

And best of all:

You’ll hardly even notice the “falling away” process happening.

One day you will feel stuck with the habit (like it’s just a part of you).

Another day a short while later the habit will just be gone. You won’t think about it. And you won’t miss it in any way.

It will feel completely separate from you.

Something you won’t identify with at all.

And all of its “power over you” will be gone.

You will actually find it hard to believe you ever had it as a habit in the first place.

The "pull" of the habit will simply NOT be there anymore.

The thought of the habitual behavior will not even enter your head.

You won’t have to fight it anymore.

Or try to distract yourself from it.

Or anything like that.

You will simply be FREE of any habit or tendency that had control over your life.

The Release Technique takes care of all that for you.

But how?

Well, as we’ve touched on above — with strong habits we don’t directly target the unwanted behavior head on with the Release Technique.

Instead, with strong habits we help you to…

Use the Release Technique to "release" the SUBCONSCIOUS ENERGY that “activates” your unwanted habits.

You could say this SUBSCONSCIOUS ENERGY is “underneath” the unwanted habit.

And yes, it’s this SUBCONSCIOUS ENERGY that “activates” the unwanted habit or tendency – without your conscious say-so.

That’s why we target the subconscious energy (and not the behavior of the habit itself) with the Release Technique.

Because once the subconscious energy “underneath” an unwanted behavior is released — the unwanted habits or tendency…

Just DISAPPEAR all on their own!

It happens every time.

Because really — an unwanted habit (tendency) is “made up” of supressed subconscious energy.

Without the suppressed subconscious energy – there can be NO unwanted habits.

So, again, once the Release Technique is used to “release” the suppressed subconscious energy — the corresponding habits and tendencies simply cannot exist; they have NO SUBSTANCE anymore.

This is what we would like you to experience for yourself.

We would like to work with you to release the subconscious energy “underneath” (“activating”) the unwanted habits or tendencies you have — that you’d like to get rid of.

You bring the bad habits you want to get rid of (you decide what they are – nobody else).

And we work with you to release away (DISAPPEAR) the bad habits for good.

That is a result you’d really like, right?

Because once your unwanted habits (tendencies) are GONE…

…you don’t have any negative (sabotaging) habits pulling you down…

…and you naturally start living in very attractive, successful, and life-affirming ways.

And do you know what else?

The other added benefit you get when you’ve released away (DISAPPEARED) your unwanted habits and tendencies, is that:

You suddenly have much more POSITIVE ENERGY flowing through you.

You’re no longer burning-up psychological energy in conflict with yourself.

You’re no longer being “pulled back” by behaviors (habits) that you know are not ultimately serving you.

And any guilt or frustration you’ve had with yourself for not being able to get rid of a bad habit – is GONE too.

And let us tell you, this new way of living (FREE of unwanted habits) feels good. And healthy. And life-affirming.

For starters – you get your life on-track for once.

Then you notice your life coming together and working in ways it never did before. Things are smoother. Simpler.

Then, after that, you suddenly realize…

You’re getting things done like you’ve never been able to before.

You start accomplishing more in a week than most people do in a month or two.

Your respect for yourself goes through the roof because of it.

And others, in turn, start giving you heaps more respect, too.

Anyway, the bottom line is this:

All of your life gets better... and you feel better (and healthier) about yourself... once you’ve released away the subconscious energy that "activates" your bad habits (tendencies).

We would like you to experience that yourself.

To do that, we’d like to invite you the telecourse we have coming up, called:

The Breaking Free of
Self-Sabotaging Habits

Breaking Free Telecourse

The entire purpose of this telecourse is to use the release technique to FREE YOU from ANY habit or tendency that’s holding you back in some way.

So, here’s our invitation and challenge to you:

Bring your longest-standing, most persistent unwanted habits and tendencies to the Breaking Free of Self-Sabotaging Habits Telecourse — and let us help you RELEASE them away… one after the other… after the other!

Just like these people have with the Release Technique:

82-Year-Old Starts Life Over also: No More Compulsive Eating

I am 82 years old and truly feel my life is just starting. I have had many problems but now all are under control and I expect everything to get better. My main benefit was that all my life I’ve had the habit of compulsive eating–not from hunger–just a habit. I fight it all day I can’t even remember what is was like. Wow! This is the best thing I’ve ever done.
– D. Lynn Hunter, Fairview, UT

Drops Beer Habit Easily

Please put me on your email list because I truly LOVE Releasing which I learned in The Abundance Course since it’s radically changed my life in just over two weeks! I have greater peace of mind, dropped an almost daily beer habit, and feel a lot more at ease with people just to mention a few gains. I have tried many success technologies like NLP, Tony Robbns, Self-Hypnosis, and Metaphysics, just to mention a few, for many years with some results but nothing spectacular until I started using Releasing daily for two hours or more three Saturdays ago.
– J. McCoy, West Palm Beach, FL

Doesn’t take naps anymore

When I got here, I did not know what to expect. I have some fear and a lot of grief. By releasing all of this, my life changed for the better. My health is improving. I have more energy. I’m not as tires as I used to be. I don’t need to take naps in the afternoon any more. At night, I sleep like a baby, and wake up refreshed in the morning. Also, I control myself and no one controls me anymore.
– E. Reyes, McAllen, TX

Stops Drinking and Smoking

A few weeks after learning The Release Technique, I completely stopped my chain smoking habit and the craving hasn’t come back in 15 years since stopping.
– D. Janklow, Westlake Village, CA

Insomnia Gone - Anxiety gone, Insomnia Gone

Every day of the Retreat brought with it a new set of miracles. I no longer get hives or anxiety attacks. I was able to cure a bad head cold. I have been sleeping soundly and waking up refreshed after 4 months of insomnia. But, even better than that, I feel like I have out from under a rock. I have more confidence and I feel so serene. I feel love for myself for the first time and I am starting to trust myself. I now believe that all is possible.
– K. Brisdan, Vancouver, BC

Bakery Owner Loses 60 lbs.

I own a bakery, and I tended to sample a lot of the sweets. Since learning The Release Technique I have lost 60 lbs. in a very short time. I had previously tried all kinds of diets and self-help programs and nothing worked till I discovered The Release Technique. What a God send.
– R. Minett, Los Angeles, CA

Stops Drinking

I have learned to relax by releasing, and an unexpected gain has been that I no longer have a desire for alcohol—it feels good.
– J. Dimalante, New York

(And hey – you DON’T even have to reveal your habits or tendencies on the telecourse. You can keep them totally private to yourself, and we can still work with you to release them away!)

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Breaking Free Telecourse

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