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Announcing the 30-Day

Financial Freedom & Life Mastery

July 18 - August 18, 2024

Take This "NEW REALITY" Telecourse... And Life Will Keep Finding NEW Ways To Give You More & More Financial Abundance -- No Matter What Your Job Or Salary (Or Lack Thereof)...

(But be quick to register because there is always lots of interest in this course and it fills up FAST)...

If you seek to have more financial success and security in your life… yet always feel financially restricted in some way… this is just for you.


Because it’s time for you to discover how to master financial abundance — so you always have more than enough money, just when you need it.

To be clear: This is not about being a better saver, earner or “manager” of your finances…

This Is About How To Master Financial Abundance. Full Stop.

What does that mean exactly?

It means you stop being controlled or restricted by money or the means of obtaining it.

See, when you discover how to master financial abundance…

You no longer need to figure out how to make money…

You no longer need to “hustle” or strive for more money…

You no longer have to work like a dog…

Or try to get a better paying job…

Or try to get more (better paying) clients…

Or change career…

Or set up a business…

Or rely on luck or inheritance to see you through.

Not that any of that is bad, per se.

But that’s the “money game” everyone else is playing — and it’s making everyone stressed, burnt out and miserable.

Even people who seem to be doing well financially — if they are playing the “money game” the way everyone else is, then you can bet they’re probably on an exhausting hamster wheel trying to keep up their earnings and their lifestyle.

Maybe you can relate.

Maybe you regularly feel anxious about your money situation.

Maybe you feel like you have a LOT of potential to earn more — but something always seems to be “blocking” you from really getting ahead financially.

If that’s the case…

It's Time To Step Out Of The Exhausting "Money Game" And Master Financial Abundance Instead

It’s the smart thing to do.

First of all — it’s very freeing when you learn to master financial abundance.

No longer will you ask yourself…

“Can I really afford this?”


“Should I buy that?”


“How am I going to have enough money to support myself in later years?”

All that constant anxiety, stress and worry about money drops away.

And in its place…

A NEW REALITY About Money Opens Up For You.

What kind of NEW REALITY?

Well, when you follow the directives below — money will come into your life when you need it, in the amount that’s needed. Doesn’t matter if the money is needed for an “emergency spend” (eg, for an unexpected car repair) or if you want to “splash out” (eg, buy a car you’ve had your heart set on, or whatever).

Just doesn’t matter.

And the money that shows up for you won’t be dependent upon your job, or business, or any other existing means of financial support.

Sure, more money may come to you through those channels; but sometimes the Universe likes to show off and deliver money into your life in ways you couldn’t even conceive of.

See this is all about allowing new channels of financial abundance (new streams of income) to open up for you that have to date been closed off to you.

And the only thing you need to do is RELEASE from your consciousness the money limitations you’re not even aware of.

It’s these limitations in consciousness (that you’re not even aware of most of the time) that are “blocking” more and more financial abundance from flowing naturally and consistently into your life and your bank account.

However, RELEASE those limitations in your consciousness…

And Money Will Be A Total Non-Issue In Your Life

There will be no more worrying about bills or expenses…

No more anxiety about checking your bank account statement…

No more feeling constricted and restricted because of a sense of lack about your finances…

And even better still…

Other Aspects Of Your Life Will ALSO Open Up And Expand Too - In Delightful Ways You Can't Even Imagine Right Now

Really…You Have Infinite Possibilities and Unlimited Potential for Abundance in Every Area of Life…

Sounds too good to be true?

Yes of course it does. But only until you understand this ONE MAJOR INSIGHT:

Money (financial flow) doesn’t “come from” your job, a business, or investments etc.

Your incoming money flow – contrary to nearly everyone’s belief structure — is NOT DEPENDENT UPON ANYTHING “OUT THERE”.

Yes, your monetary income often does “come through” a job, a business, a client, an investment etc.


The only reason (THE ONLY REASON) you think you are limited to financial flow coming from a job, a business, a client, an investment etc., is because you BELIEVE you are limited to those channels.

But they are the channels; not the source of your financial abundance or lack of it.

If you only ever focus on improving your finances through means of your job, your career or your investments (eg, the typical “money game” people play day-in-day-out and exhaust themselves over), you will always struggle and stress over financial abundance – no matter the amount of money you earn.

However, as soon as you make the leap out of the limiting “money game” and begin RELEASING the hidden “money blocks” in your Consciousness…

Life Will Keep Finding NEW Ways To Give You More & More Financial Abundance -- No Matter What Your Job Or Salary

Happens all the time for those who learn to RELEASE their hidden “money blocks”.

Take Bill for example:

If you clicked play on the short video above you will have heard Bill say that all he does now is RELEASE (it’s what he does “for a living” if you will) and it produces all the results for him in his life.

His financial life is so good he need not do anything really anymore (he doesn’t need a job nor run any kind of business to generate an income).

He has great health.

Peace of mind.

Better relationships.

Has plenty of time to take frequent relaxing walks and visit with others.

And his finances are smooth and always improving all the time.

All thanks to RELEASING.

RELEASING “takes care” of all his financial abundance.

Bill is not a one-off case.

Far from it.

Take Lesley for example.

Lesley turned around her debt in six months from starting RELEASE.

She’s no longer in debt.

She’s DOUBLED her monthly income

And, in addition, she has been able to clear up a lot of conflicts in her life.

As Lesley says, “It’s not a matter of time. It’s a matter of a decision and using the [Release Technique] steps.”

You can see Lesley speak to you in person in this short video:

And then there’s Carrie…

Carrie started practicing the Release Technique by first attending the Financial Freedom Course.

Since then her income has as much as TRIPLED.

As Carrie says, “Money keeps appearing . And I don’t always know where it comes from, it just seems to appear when I need it.”

Carrie also reports that, “Every area of my life has become smoother, it’s become easier, it’s become more enjoyable and happier.”

You can see Carrie speak to you in person in this short video:

There are many, many more who have used the Release Technique to master financial abundance in their lives.

And for many it’s the Financial Freedom & Life Mastery Course that allowed them to do so.

The Financial Freedom & Life Mastery Course Telecourse can do the same for you.

Through the NEW Financial Freedom & Life Mastery Telecourse you can systematically RELEASE limitations and “blocks” in your consciousness so having enough money becomes a total non-issue in your life.


There will be no more worrying about bills or expenses…

No more anxiety about checking your bank account statement…

No more feeling constricted and restricted because of a sense of lack about your finances…

And even better still: Your whole life will get better and easier in ways you can’t even imagine right now.

In fact…

When you register for the NEW Financial Freedom & Life Mastery Telecourse….

You can experience
gains like this

Health Condition Disappears & Gains $30,000+ Income

“My health condition disappeared. I decided, and I felt it leave me. I knew it was gone before I even had to verify it. I experienced what it means to put something behind me, as in letting the past go and any time my mind brings up memories of regret or whatever I just say No. I’m the boss, I put that behind me and it goes.

Working 20 hours or less per week at my job. The 3rd month of having $10,000+ income. Know clearly when I’m releasing and when I’m not. Feeling/ knowing the energy moving, Seeing it & letting go of a lot of figuring it out. Better and better Relationship with my son/family members. Handling conflict courageously, when I used to run away.” - Zhenya Delate , FL

Makes $8,600 in Two Days

“Just before the class started, I set an intent to find more buyers for our business. Within two days buyers were finding me. I have been able to put together a seller in Arizona with properties in North Carolina and sell them to a buyer in Georgia. I made over $8,600 dollars with two day’s work. We have a lot more properties to continue this for several months.” - Dia Vale

Another Million

“We began the course less that a year ago. Sense then, my stress level has been reduced dramatically. Our business is up about a million dollars from a year ago, which is a gain of over 40%. Thanks so much!” - Bob & LeanAnn Lersch, WV

$36,000+ Increase Happens

“I took the 30 Financial Freedom course in April and Received a $6,250 bonus in July, a $20,000 bonus this month and just found out my base salary is being increased $10,000 for January 1st.

A Big thank you to all the teachers and yourself for teaching me the method and helping me keep momentum” - Ed, FL

Makes $10,000

“I eliminated all my negativity and judgements of others, I discovered my master program. I’m laughing all the time an d I find the things that used to driver me crazy and upset me totally absurd. My investments went up $100,000 since Releasing!” - Sharon Burnside, NV

All those gains (and much more) will be possible for you to experience simply because we will mentor you, correct whatever you are doing wrong and personally work with each one of you for a full month. Usually, people pay tens of thousands of dollars for this kind of mentoring.

We are so confident that this course will work for you, and as a result, that will give you enough time to have your financial problems all cleared up before you make the last payment.

Space is limited as we make sure that each of the participants gets our full personal attention. No one will be left behind!

If you are excited about financial freedom don’t procrastinate and lose out on this opportunity!

The Financial Freedom and Life Mastery Telecourse is July 18 – August 18, 2024. Don’t let the telecourse start without you.

Are you ready to get what you really deserve in a matter of weeks-not years?

If yes, sign up now!

Reserve your Space TODAY!

Dates & Times

8 Teleconferences a week,
2 hours each session

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Saturday, Sunday
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