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What I Want To Do When I Grow Up


March 27 – May 7, 2023


This NEW tele-course is designed to give you back the power to consciously select

…your perfect-fit “work-life” & financial experience

…and then Release to bring that whole experience into your daily existence.

Meaning: you get to do “work” and activities you truly enjoy… and have the supporting-finances to fully live the lifestyle you want to have…

Dear Releasers,

Meet Bill…

Bill could be called the “poster boy” for what your finances & your career life can be like once you do the What I Want To Do When I Grow Up Tele-Course.

If you clicked and watched the video clip above you will have seen Bill tell you about his “unique” and easy lifestyle – Bill says…

“Hello, my name is Bill and… my background in terms of the Release Technique is I’ve been using it for about four years, more or less.

My financial life is one where I need not do anything really anymore.

I live in a neighborhood where I take frequent walks and visit with others, many of who are retired from years, decades of working. They think I’m just a young fellow whose retired very early.

In a sense, YES.

And that’s because all I do is I use the Release Technique all the time AS WHAT I DO.

It’s not something I do on the side, it’s WHAT I DO, and it produces ALL the results for me so that not only do I have greater health, peace of mind, better relationships, but my finances are smooth and always improving all the time.

I’ve nothing but positive things to say. I wholeheartedly recommend the Release Technique to anybody who finds themselves in a situation that is dire, that is struggling, having a hard time meeting obligations on a weekly monthly basis, and wants to get out of that hellish cycle – this CAN and WILL do it if you go ahead and step forward with one easy step. That’s all it takes.”

Notice that?

Bill says all he does now is use the Release Technique (it’s what he does “for a living,” if you will) and…

It produces all the results for him in his life

His financial life is so good he need not do anything really anymore (he doesn’t need a job, nor run any kind of business to generate an income).

He has great health.

Peace of mind.

Better relationships.

Has plenty of time to take frequent relaxing walks and visit with others.

And his finances are smooth and always improving all the time.

All thanks to the Release Technique.

The Release Technique “takes care” of all his financial abundance.

Bill is not a one-off case though.

Far from it.

Take Lesley for example…

Lesley turned around her debt in six months after starting to use the Release Technique in her life.

She’s no longer in debt.

In fact, she’s DOUBLED her monthly income

And, perhaps even better, she has been able to clear up a lot of conflicts in her life.

As Lesley says —

“It’s not a matter of time. It’s a matter of a decision and using the [Release Technique] steps.”

You can see Lesley speak to you in person in this short video:

And then there’s Carrie…

Carrie started practicing the Release Technique and since then her income has as much as TRIPLED.

As Carrie says –

"Money keeps appearing. And I don't always know where it comes from, it just seems to appear when I need it."

Carrie also reports that – 

"Every area of my life has become smoother, it's become easier, it's become more enjoyable and happier."

You can see Carrie speak to you in person in this short video:

Of course, life is not only about having better finances and a bigger bank account.

Life is also about having a feeling of PURPOSE.

And a sense of personal PROGRESS.

After all…

Whatever work or activity you’re involved in in life, you want to feel that it has a purpose to it.

You also want to feel that you are in some way progressing in life.

This is nowhere more evident than in your work-life.

Problem is, many people don’t feel like their work-life serves any deeper purpose other than working for a pay-check (which never seems to be enough!).

On top of that, most people don’t feel like they’re making the progress (or the progress that is truly aligned with them).

Again, all of us want to have a deeper sense of purpose and feeling of personal progress in our work-life.

Plus, of course, it’s always nice to be well-rewarded (financially!) and well-respected for our work also.

It should all be so simple, shouldn’t it?

So why does trying to get the perfect-fit work-life and finances (for you!) often feel so complex and confusing and frustrating?

If only everything you wanted from your work-life and finances fell into place perfectly for who you uniquely are.

If only you could spend more time doing activities you truly enjoy… and still make more than enough money to support your lifestyle.

If only you could be in your element every day – absorbed in the activities that energize you…

If only you could live the life that is a perfect-fit for you

And always have the finances to more than support your movements and lifestyle

Well, that outcome is the main purpose of the upcoming What I Want To Do When I Grow Up Tele-Course.

The What I Want To Do When I Grow Up Tele-Course is designed to give you back the power to consciously select your perfect-fit “work-life” and financial experience

…and then Release to bring that whole experience into your daily existence

Naturally, this may all sound a bit too optimistic – until you hear the experiences of others who have applied the Release Technique to their work-life and finances; like, for example, Jeff:

Jeff says –

“Since Releasing I’ve increased my clientele.

I have been able to work about 30% less and produce about 50% the result.”

Or what about Ellen? Ellen says –

“If it weren’t for the Release Technique I wouldn’t have kept the job.

I wouldn’t have been as successful as I am.”

And Sharron

“The results are amazing in my life.

My income’s skyrocketed.

I was able to negotiate with all my creditors – including the Internal Revenue Service; get my house out from foreclosure.”

And Carrie

“My income has probably tripled in that year and a half since I started this.”

You can see Jeff, Ellen, Sharron and Carrie tell their experiences of using Releasing on their career in this short video:

Now, maybe you already have a good corporate job that pays well… but you feel stuck, or uninspired, or like you’re putting on an act each day at work that’s not really who you are.

If so, you’ll probably resonate with Ashly’s experience…

Ashly quit her corporate job after 12-years.

It was both a relief; but also a scary time.

So she started releasing on the goal of getting a “perfect-fit” new job.

After releasing for a short while, Ashly got a call out of the blue from a friend asking her to come work for him.

It was a “perfect-fit” job for Ashly.

So she took it.

It pays $30,000 more a year than her previous corporate job.

The location of the job is just half-a-mile away from where she lives.

She gets to wear casual clothes to work each day.

The hours are way more flexible than her corporate job.

And the new company even pays her extra vacation time.

You can see Ashly tell of the experience (and other releasing gains she’s experienced) in this short video:

If you want to have similar results to your finances and career as Bill, Lesley, Jeff, Ellen, Sharron, Carrie and Ashly…

You should come onto the upcoming What I Want To Do When I Grow Up Tele-Course.


The new What I Want To Do When I Grow Up Tele-Course is for you if you’re stuck or struggling in life…

It’s for you if you’re doing something to earn a living that doesn’t fit well with your values or who you really are as a person…

It’s for you if you feel like your life has “got off track”…

It’s for you if you feel like you’re “treading water” each month just to keep yourself afloat financially…

It’s for you if you’re wondering how your life has turned out the way it has…

It’s for you if you feel lost – and want to feel like you’re doing something with your life that you’re truly “meant” to be doing…

It’s for you if you’re worried about what’s going to happen to you with rising food prices, rising fuel prices, rising energy costs, rising inflation and an economy that looks like it’s going to ruin a lot of people…

It’s for you if you feel threatened and “unsafe” about the future and what’s going to happen to your job…

It’s for you if you constantly worry about having enough money and can’t see a way out.

If any of that “speaks to you”…

Remember what Bill said at the start of this page – Bill said:

I wholeheartedly recommend the Release Technique to anybody who finds themselves in a situation that is dire, that is struggling, having a hard time meeting obligations on a weekly monthly basis, and wants to get out of that hellish cycle – this CAN and WILL do it if you go ahead and step forward with one easy step. That’s all it takes.”

That one easy step is to register your place onto the upcoming What I Want To Do When I Grow Up Tele-Course.

This is your opportunity to do what Bill and others have done – to use the Release Technique to…

Create a perfect-fit “work-life” & financial experience that matches who and what you are

So you have the freedom to live the life – and lifestyle — that perfectly fits who you are.

And so you can fully relax into this life… and, as they say…

“Enjoy the experience of a lifetime!”

Just like James Wells has done…

James went from unemployed, lost and scared, to a millionaire with Releasing – here’s how James describes it:

“The peace deepens steadily. Finances have increased spectacularly.

I went from being unemployed to a million dollars in one year since using the Release Technique.

My business is earning over $1 million per year.”

And here’s how another Releaser, Rob Mosier, describes the experience:

“The wonderful thing is the more I let go, the more peace, love and abundance keeps coming my way. I have doubled my income with ease.”

Now it’s YOUR turn to create a perfect-fit “work-life”…

…and have the freedom to live a life that perfectly fits who you are… along with the finances to enjoy it all.

You can do so by participating in the new upcoming What I Want To Do When I Grow Up Tele-Course

On the new What I Want To Do When I Grow Up Tele-Course

Bottom line: This is your chance to really “get your life in order” and have the financial abundance to enjoy it all.

The What I Want To Do When I Grow Up Tele-Course is taking place on (DATES).

So You Too Can Experience


“Everything is easier. Making more money-received a bonus of $1,700.00 unexpectedly, went beyond grief, due to the loss of a grandchild. Health is fantastic. I’m definitely more loving, and more positive.” - Laura Ryan, IL


“First of all I want to say you are a wonderful teacher! I am really enjoying the health & wellness seminar. Following your suggestion, I released on my baby’s cold for 2 minutes, it cleared up and her cold was gone! I couldn’t believe it so I had to let go of the fact that I couldn’t believe it was this easy. I guess that’s the hardest thing about releasing: accepting that it really is this easy! I also released on her constipation for about 10 minutes and the next day she had a bowel movement (without any help, usually I would have to give her homeopathic drops to help her have a bowel movement). The next day, she had one too and the rest of the week she had perfect bowel movements daily.” - Saskia and Frederique (my daughter)


“For years my husband has joked that my comfort zone is between 74°-76° except that it wasn’t a joke. I have spent so much time putting on and taking off layers, opening and closing doors and windows, juggling the thermostat settings. I have been noticing for several days that I can get up in these lovely cool mornings and not have to put on a sweater, or close up the house. Today it finally dawned on me-I am different! I had lived that way for so long I didn’t even think to put it down as a goal. I am so grateful. It is so wonderful to be able to feel lovely, cool air on my skin without feeling chilled.” - Norma, TX


“I feel better about my ex-husband–closer to feeling neutral about him. I released pain from a burn–it healed with no blister or scar. I believe my finances are improving. Better awareness of my blocks. Better awareness of how I get back what I give. Recently I fell on my back and tailbone. I released on the pain and was able to get up myself without help and had very little muscle soreness the next day and thereafter.” - Margaret Albert, IL


“I gained clarity of mind. I was able to identify programs that sabotage me. I also experienced losing weight and not gaining at all even though I eat a full meal all the time.” - Aileen Sugay, TX


“I’ve suffered from Crohn’s disease for 13 years, had numerous flare-ups and not been able to stop taking the strong and damaging medication that keeps it at bay. Since starting the course I’ve had no symptoms, which is great as I’ve had at least one symptom a day everyday for 13 years! And now I am drug-free! I have never released on my health as a goal, but releasing on everything that comes at me seems to have had a strong impact on my condition.” - Graham Rix, AL


“I sleep very soundly after experiencing insomnia for about 13 years. The tightness in my chest has cleared up and I feel ease now. I had a pain in my right underarm and breast area that is gone. My relationship with my Mother has become one of acceptance and greater harmony after being very difficult. I feel tolerance toward people who used to upset me. My relationship with my son has become much more honest and harmonious. I am letting go of fear and worry with ease and have a deep knowing that as I release my goals are realized.” - Catherine Bode Friederich, AZ


“What the Course has given me is better balance and coordination. I am much more coordinated in my Zumba and NIA and kick boxing classes. Although I am 75 I can keep up with the younger guys and gals.” - Fritz Miller


“Thank you for your steadfastness in holding these calls & supporting me in accomplishing something I’d believed impossible for over 40 years. My body has been my challenge & participating in this class has helped me heal/release old feelings & patterns I’ve been under the spell of for more than half my life. I continue to witness increased strength/balance/ flexibility in muscles & nerves all over my body.” - Marilyn Gausewitz

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