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Lesterizing Goals Mastery

October 7 - November 17, 2024

Many studies have showing that money is the #1 reason for people’s stress, worry, anger, and depression.

All of us have struggled with money challenges at some point – either getting it or keeping it.

The biggest challenge of our lifetime right now is with the changing economy and misinformation streaming in the news and on social media.

But what if you didn’t ever have to worry about money again?

Would that interest you?

Here’s the thing, when we look at money goals, most people’s goal is NOT to make a billion dollars.

Sure, that would be nice, but it’s not their #1 goal.

The ultimate goal for almost every person we talk to, is simply to become financially free.

To have the freedom to work not because you have to, but because you want to.

To have that security and comfort that money brings you.

To have the peace of mind to KNOW that you can take care of your family and provide an amazing life for them.

The problem is, most people are using the wrong strategy to achieve this goal.

And because most people are using the wrong strategy, instead of moving toward that ultimate goal each year, they’re moving farther away from it.

If you are tired of seeing your money goals or any goals not materialize or you’re feeling “stuck” because you have no idea how to make your goals happen (or even where to start)…

You are probably also frustrated that whatever you are doing, isn’t getting you tangible results fast enough?

If you have a money goal (or any goal) you’ve been working on for a while…

On October 7, we’ll reveal to you a unique way to release, that makes achieving your goals all but inevitable.

This unique way of releasing is called The Lesterizing Process.

It’s the master plan Lester Levenson used to produce seeming miracles when he had an impossible goal or intention.

USE THIS on something in your life that seems hopeless and without any solution…

(see the examples below to get an idea of how others have used this unique way of Releasing to produce thrilling results in their life)…

If you’re frustrated that working on your goals isn’t producing “tangible” results fast enough for you – then you need to read this page…

In fact, if you have a goal you’ve been working on…

Yet you’re still waiting to see the “physical results” in your life…

Then what follows explains

A unique way to release that makes attaining your goals all but inevitable.

This unique way of releasing is called The Lesterizing Process.


Because this is the DEEPER way Lester Levenson released when he had an impossible goal or intention — and he had no idea how it could come about.

Lester produced seeming miracles with The Lesterizing Process.

For example, he would be able to drive miles and miles without hardly any fuel in his car.

Other times Lester used The Lesterizing Process to receive money when there was no sign of money coming into his life — (like the time he decided to vacation in Los Angeles and the money for his plane ticket was given to him – by a long lost friend, who he hadn’t seen in years — on the way to the airport).

Lester also used The Lesterizing Process when funds ran out on a real estate project. It looked like the end of the project to all the other professional people involved. But Lester used The Lesterizing Process on it…

And NEW funds suddenly became available (where they hadn’t been available before) to complete the real estate project

Lester’s life is full of stories like that where he used his Lesterizing Process to produce near miraculous turn-arounds of situations and perfect solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

Lester hasn’t been the only one to use The Lesterizing Process, though.

His top students (who he shared The Lesterizing Process with in-person) have used it, too.

For example…

Larry Crane used the Lesterizing process on many occasions.

He used it to clear up lifelong allergies.

And he used The Lesterizing Process on just about everything else you can imagine.

Larry was able to use the Lesterizing process in the 70’s to become partners with multi billionaire Jon Huntsman Sr. of the Dow Chemical Company to have a very lucrative mail order company that sold record compilation packages. Larry was awarded 16 gold albums and 4 platinum albums in addition an Effie award in advertising. In the 80’s and 90s Larry was able to apply the Lesterizing process with his Talent Agency business to attract major celebrities like Joan Collins, Shirley Jones, Burt Reynolds, Naomi Judd and countless other high profile celebrities. He was also able to apply the Lesterizing process on buying and selling Real Estate investments throughout his life and used the process to get the Release Technique out to more than 160,000 Graduates.

Then there is the case of Rich.

Rich used The Lesterizing Process on issues that looked hopeless

He almost couldn’t believe how fast things turned around when he applied The Lesterizing Process on his problems.

Take for example his financial situation…

At one time, Rich decided he wanted to make more money.

So he joined a network marketing company.

Rich dove right in. Memorized the entire training manual. Knew it backwards, inside and out. And worked the business like a dog. 14 hours a day. Six days a week.

After 5-years of this zealot-like pursuit of wealth, Rich never made more than $1,000 a month.

He was so broke, he was living on his brother’s couch (which cost $400 a month in rent) and was driving a beat up Honda Civic (with broken door and no back seat).

All this while other’s in the business (who started after Rich) were making tens of thousands of dollars a month… driving top of the range sports cars… and living the dream.

Rich was so humiliated he thought he must be cursed.


He even broke down and cried for feeling like such a pathetic loser.

He felt so hopeless he completely “gave up”. Surrendered the whole thing.

Which is the exact opposite of what they tell you to do in all the success literature and motivational rah-rah out there.

But guess what happened?

The next Monday morning Rich gets a call out-of-the-blue from Australia. Some “stranger” said they wanted to sign-up in the business under Rich.


That one sign-up turned into 500 more people.

Within six months Rich was making $20,000 a month.

Six months after that he was making…

$95,000 a month.

And the “cherry on the cake”?

Rich was only working about 20% of what he did before.

Everything suddenly got really, really, easy.

Rich ended up traveling all around the world to 20 different countries. Stayed in 5-star hotels. And within a few years made millions of dollars.

All because he surrendered the whole goal – which, in a way, is what the Lesterizing Process is all about.

In fact…

The Lesterizing Process takes The Release Technique to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL

How so?

Well, with The Release Technique you hold in mind what you want and release what you don’t want.

But with The Lesterizing Process you hold in mind what you want and release what you don’t want… AND (additionally)…

Release what you DO want, as well.

You completely surrender the whole thing.

When you completely surrender (or release) the whole goalwhat is right and perfect for you naturally unfolds.

And, as you’ll find out, when you release (surrender) the whole goal — the Universe can’t give you what you want fast enough!

Even on those goals and longings you’ve been trying soooo long to materialize.

You’ll see!

But don’t believe a word I say here.


Why not PROVE it to yourself?

Because this intellectual understanding of what The Lesterizing Process is, is not enough.

As you know, releasing is not an intellectual process – it’s an experiential process.

Which means you need to experientially use The Lesterizing Process to enjoy all the benefits from it.

And the ONLY way to experientially use The Lesterizing Process – so you do it correctly and don’t waste any more time on your goals – is to do the…

Lesterizing Goals Mastery Telecourse

This is THE telecourse to do in 2023. Why? Because by participating in the NEW Lesterizing Goals Mastery Telecourse you will be guided experientially through the ultra-powerful Lesterizing Process… And you will get to experience the thrill of having lifelong goals and longings suddenly (and seemingly effortlessly) start showing up in your life…

Even in the most uncertain, restrictive and worst of economic times

The Lesterizing Process – and the rapid tangible results it produces — is not “limited” by any economic restrictions!

In fact, if you’ve never experienced The Lesterizing Process first-hand the results can (at first) seem to be downright spooky.

You’ll wonder how things suddenly just fell into place in the perfect way for you.

Or you’ll wonder how people or opportunities or money suddenly start coming into your life in ways that a few days before just wouldn’t have seemed possible.

That’s when you’ll be phoning your friends or members of your family and saying…

“You’ll never guess what just happened…”

And then you’ll be off telling them about something that “miraculously” just happened that makes your day… or month… or year!

Urmil Shah found that out once he put The Lesterizing Process into action.

The very first time Urmil Shah used The Lesterizing Process he “Lesterized” the equivalent of $50,000.

In fact, The Lesterizing Process is SO POWERFUL – on any kind of goal (including financial, health and relationship goals) – we have been debating whether or not to vet the people and their goals before allowing them to register onto the Lesterizing Goals Mastery Telecourse.

After all, goals get manifested with The Lesterizering Process at such speed some people may not be fully prepared for the results.

Especially since some who register onto the Lesterizing Goals Mastery Telecourse will…


Manifest more money than the registration fee… BEFORE the telecourse is even over.

Yes, it does happen. It happened to Urmil Shah for example!

Anyway, for the time being, there’s no vetting process in place and you can now register and be on the The Lesterizing Goals Mastery Telecourse to “materialize”…

• More money…
• Better health…
• The perfect relationships…
• Business opportunities

Plus, much, much, more.

Whatever is right for you, in fact.

You don’t even have to have the faintest clue about “how” your goals will materialize, either.

In fact, knowing “how” your goals will show up is actually a hindrance to The Lesterizing Process.

See with The Lesterizing Process you turn your whole goal over to Beingness – and Beingness figures out all the “how to” for you.

The only thing you have to do is…

Register for the upcoming NEW 6 Weeks (42 days) Lesterizing Goals Mastery Telecourse

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