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Change Your Life​

December 8 - 17, 2023

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Change Your Life Telecourse

This Telecourse Is For You If You Want To Eliminate Your Problems And Experience Greater Abundance In Your Life…

We have a new telecourse launching in early December.

It is called the Change Your Life Telecourse.

And it is designed for both seasoned and beginning releasers who want to experience greater abundance in their life.

Obviously, today’s world is a very different place than it was just two-years ago.

Looking “outwards” (or watching the news) it can seem that everything is more difficult, more restrictive, and maybe (for some), more hopeless than ever.

But we are here to tell you that whatever you see happening in the world… no matter how much you are struggling, or how hopeless you feel…

You Can Eliminate What Is Holding You Back And Experience Great Abundance In ALL AREAS Of Your Life.

Yes, you can still experience great abundance…

In your finances.

In your health.

In your relationships.

In every facet of your life, in fact.

It’s just that in today’s world, to experience greater abundance and ensure lasting happiness, you can no longer just rely on “external things” that can change, be lost or taken away.

Instead (now more than ever)…

You Must “Turn Within” And Be CONSISTENT With Releasing

See, The Release Technique really is the one solution to every upset and problem you have in life.

If you experience constant money worries… health problems… guilt feelings… feelings of overwhelm… crushing fear… procrastination… an inability to speak up for yourself… marital problems… confusion or doubt about what to do for the best…and so on…

Then The Release Technique gives you a powerful, unique, and very practical tool that will…

Clear Up Your Problems & Dramatically Improve The Quality And Effectiveness Of Your Life.

The Release Technique is used to eliminate (release) negativity (mind-limitations) associated with life’s challenges.

And when you release enough of this negativity, you’ll find yourself, as thousands of other graduates have, happy, peaceful, and capable of doing whatever you want – regardless of your situation or circumstance.

You really can apply The Release Technique to anything that’s bothering you; any upset, any inner-turmoil, any personal struggle.

It Gives You The ONE SINGLE SOLUTION To Every One Of Your Life’s Problems.

Now, when you use The Release Technique to eliminate negativity from your conscious and unconscious…

Then, things start to get really exciting…

Because as you continue to use The Release Technique (by using it consistently – and that’s the key!) soon…

Greater Abundance In ALL AREAS Of Your Life!

And once you’ve used The Release Technique to eliminate enough negativity and focus solely on what you desire – you really can manifest just about anything you want.

The new Change Your Life Telecourse is designed to help you do all of that.

That’s because the new Change Your Life Telecourse is designed to keep you on track, releasing consistently enough so you get to experience gains and results in your own life.

Again, consistency is KEY.

Sure, you can eliminate some agitation or upset by using The Release Technique sporadically as and when needed.

But if you want to experience greater abundance, lasting joy and happiness and really experience all the miracles of what The Release Technique can do for your life – then you do need to release consistently.

Of course, this is easier said than done.

Especially if you are releasing on your own – as it’s all too easy to get off track and “forget” to release.

Not least because the ego is very tricky – it will create problems and distractions and life circumstances to trip you up in your releasing efforts.

That’s one of the main reasons we are putting on the Change Your Life Telecourseto keep you consistent with your releasing every day for the duration on the course.

But more than that…

The Change Your Life Telecourse Takes You BEYOND The Limitations Of Your Mind.

It opens you up to experience more and more of the best that life has to offer…

Just like it has for these people:

$75,000 per month

“Last year I attended the live Course. I was totally broke and had difficulty making a living. I kept using the Release Technique and now I’m making $75,000 per month and going up each month. Thank you Lester.”
- Larry S. , South Gate, CA


“I was able to retire from a job I had for years, and I feel terrific about it! I’m using the ‘Butt’ system and it works. Thank you, the course is the greatest.”
- Charles J., Washington, DC, Psychotherapist


“Been having great gains from the Change Your Life Telecourse. A couple of ones I wanted to mention: Realized and released a program about money: “my parents fought over money and it was my fault.” When I did the squeezing the lemon question to release my attachment to money, I got to the really quiet place and realized “I am” does not need money. It actually needs “nothing.” I stayed there basking in beingness for quite some time. I am finding it a lot easier to forgive people. Thanks for the great course.”
- C.J.


“After the class yesterday I didn’t “think” about what to do and just started working on a sewing project that I had started a few weeks ago that had been problematic. The work went easily and I finished a whole section. I hung a curtain rod. Then I vacuumed the entire apartment, went for a walk, visited with a neighbor and did releasing homework. That was a lot accomplished for me in one day, considering I didn’t start until 3pm.

Today I woke up with some negative thoughts and was able to release them easily. I feel very calm, peaceful.”
- K. Rosen


“I’ve been catching up with the playbacks of the CYL course and doing the homework. I had a wonderful trip to NY as a guest at my friend’s music school and was showered with love! The students I taught were receptive and want me to return next year. Another interesting gain…while taking my violin to a violin shop in Manhattan the maker was trying to show me what a violin with a perfect neck feels like. Mine is in need of restoration. Anyway she went to a safe and pulled one out and I played on it. It felt and sounded amazing! All so easy. As it turns out (I didn’t know before hand) it was a Stradivarius! What’s awesome is that a week or two before, I was dreaming and saying to myself ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could play on a Strad before I leave the planet’? I totally forgot about it. I’ve been in and out of violin houses since childhood and not one violin maker has voluntarily given me a Strad to play. She was keeping it for someone. I’m also tickled she trusted my friend and I to play on it! I also had a colleague call me a couple of weeks ago to complain about something that happened on stage that night. He had a tantrum and wanted to vent. I was calm and as it turns out he said to me ‘I don’t know if you get it. Nothing seems to bother you!’ I giggled to myself and thought OK now I’m getting somewhere. I’m also handling overwhelming situations better than I used to.”
- S. Blumberg


“I have 50% less back pain. I ordered a water filter after 4 years of carting jugs back and forth to the grocery store.

My 3 year old goes around saying ‘More, and more, and more’…and he’s happy all the time. I released on his picky eating and he actually ate some hamburger today. Yeah! A toxic person went out of my life. Thanks for the great course. Look forward to sharing more gains.”
- C. Victory

$30,000 using the Course,

“I was introduced to the course by my wonderful friend. What a gift! I just have to tell the good news. Since my participation in the course I am totally enjoying the thrill of tremendous gains. I am completely healed from a severe back injury. Obtained financial gains of $30,000 using the BUTT system, a loan of $2,500 was repaid by my friend, without my asking. I also experience surges of unlimited energy flow. This is almost unbelievable. I look forward to an abundant life. I highly recommend this course to everyone. Thank you for making such a difference.”
- Indra B.Jamaica, NY

Big money gains

The hits just keep on coming. I just received a $10,000 cash gift. I made a goal last month to allow myself to have $17,000 or more with ease by releasing only. I also made a goal to allow myself to be debt free with ease. The $9,000 forgiven debt plus the $10,000 gift take me out of debt with money in the bank. So both of those goals have happened by allowing myself to have them. I wrote myself a reminder with my goals that if I wasn’t getting a result, I hadn’t released it completely. I kept releasing until I was “hootless” and had the feeling of “this is done, it has happened, it is.”
- Thanks a Million, Bill S.


“I’m excited!” I have already made over $7,000 and I am working on a deal now I expect to triple that…Anyone can do it. All that The Course claims is true and then some. I can’t imagine everyone not taking this course.”
- Kathy S, Los Angeles, CA


“I allow my life to unfold effortlessly at all times. I see this as countering my out-of-control thinking. Later in the week, I began releasing on this goal. One day in particular was heavily booked with things that I had to produce, not just attend meetings. I got 2 more big things that I had to produce thrown at me that day, and I completed everything in a reasonable time (1 task vaporized and wasn’t needed), including taking my 1 hour at the hotel across the street for my time. In the lab one day, 2 colleagues sat across from me and began bragging between each other about a particular thing. I could have one-uped them on this particular thing, but was quiet. It didn’t occur to me to say anything. Only noticed this at the end of the day when I was reviewing the day. Mind was quieter that day. One day, a colleague asked for help, and I went over and stood beside/over this colleague and we worked. Later, when I was reviewing the day, I realized that I hadn’t viewed this colleague in an objective body-way, as had been typical in general. My mind is rewiring itself. Continue to be blessed w/ free use of hotel gym, pool and meeting room for releasing at lunch. Continue to be blessed w/ approved free Internet use at a hotel near home b/c I don’t have Internet in the apartment. Donated blood and got free coupons for food. Got $414 back from Cashback Rewards from a credit card. Gain was seeing that this small stuff happens to me all the time, and the size is limited by my thinking.”
- R. Nakai

Would you also like to create incredible gains from releasing, just like them?

If so, the Change Your Life Telecourse is definitely for you.

But if you want to secure a space for yourself on the new Change Your Life Telecourseplease do be quick…

This Change Your Life Telecourse will undoubtedly fill up fast.

And because this telecourse is within a very “compact” time frame (December 8 – 17, 2023) — it is very reasonably priced.

Family Hike

Change Your Life Telecourse
(December 8 - 17, 2023).

The NEW Change Your Life Telecourse tuition is only $545.

You can even have a payment plan—just pay $295 upon registering and then pay the additional $250 the next month.

If you wish to pay in full, in one payment, the price is $495 (a $50 savings).

The Change Your Life Telecourse is open all people; both graduates and non-graduates. If you have already taken the live Change Your Life Telecourse, Change the World Telecourse, or if you’ve attended a live 3-Day course or live 7- Day retreat, you can take the new Change Your Life Telecourse for just $350.

Email to process your discount.

Reserve Your Space TODAY!

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Event time zone is Pacific Time (PDT). Here is a convenient time converter:

Friday, December 8
9:30am - 12:30pm &
5:30pm - 8:30pm Saturday, December 9
8:30am - 11:30am Sunday, December 10
8:30am - 11:30am Saturday, December 16
8:30am - 11:30am Sunday, December 17
8:30am - 11:30am

As an additional bonus, all attendees will receive a digital version of the Abundance Home Study Course (a $199 value, you get for free), once you register.
When you bring a friend who never taken a live course, you get to take the Change Your Life Telecourse for only $250 – that’s more than 50% off.
*In order to be eligible for this promotion one person has to have never attended a live or virtual class in the past. Once your friend has registered for the course, email the office at with your friend's name and they'll award you the special price.

SAVE $50

by paying for the class in one installment of just $495!
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and your second payment of $250 next month (for a total of $545)

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