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The "Goals"

Weekend Releasing Marathon


June 25 - 27, 2021


With the BRAND NEW

Weekend Releasing Marathon

A Concentrated Thought will materialize anything… All I Know is What I Can Do!!! Lester Levenson

Prove it to Yourself in a Weekend of Releasing

If you have been releasing on goals with little to no results, now is the time for you to handle it once and for all.

Join Us for a Weekend Releasing Marathon Where you can move from wanting to Having ANY goal that you choose in a "Compact Weekend" 

Imagine Dropping Your Limited Thoughts, Overcoming Resistance, and Gaining Momentum while you Prove It to Yourself in a Weekend owe it to yourself to attend our Weekend Releasing Marathon, so you can Relax with “Inner Knowing” and Move On with enjoying your life...

Are you fed up with listening to the mind tell you what you can and cannot have?

Do you ever get fed up hearing about the releasing gains others are getting – but you’re not?

Have you been releasing on a goal for a while, and longing to have it – but it never happens or shows up in your life no matter what you do?

Wouldn’t you like to start materializing your goals in “ONE WEEKEND” – so you can PROVE IT TO YOURSELF, ONCE AND FOR ALL THAT YOU CAN DO IT ?

If so, the Weekend Releasing Marathon is for you.

It’s a BRAND NEW tele-course that’s…



And designed for MAXIMUM IMPACT on materializing your most important goals.

Tell you what…

Think of ONE THING you’ve been longing for…

ONE THING that – if you had it – would instantly make your life better…

ONE THING that if you had it now – or it was given to you today – you’d let out a big sigh of relief and think…

"Yes, that's IT... I can relax now... I HAVE it!"

Feels good doesn’t it?

Guess what…

That’s how you’re going to feel at the end of the Weekend Releasing Marathon Tele-Course.

Leading up to the course you are going to wonder how it’s possible for you move into having a goal that you have been longing for, and that has eluded you for so long.

And that FEELING (that KNOWING) will “open up” the way for the goal to…

Actually materialize in your life

It’s the FEELING of KNOWING within that is needed for your goals to materialize.

You HAVE to get to that “place” of INNER-KNOWING around your goals.

Once you have that INNER-KNOWING –


The materialization of the goal becomes a certainty

Sure, it may still take a bit of time for you to move from doubt to CERTAINTY… but you will KNOW you have accepted having your goal in CONSCIOUSNESS. You know it will materialize into your life… and everything is unfolding perfectly for you, for you to HAVE your goal in just the right way.

All your angst falls away.

Frustration with life disappears.

Instead, an INNER-KNOWING takes over.

And that's when EVERYTHING starts to change for the better for you

People will sense it in you, too.

You walk into a room and people will sense there’s something about you that they want.

You look at another person and they feel something powerful from you.

You talk to someone on the phone and even if you don’t say much, they feel drawn to you.

Everyone – and Everything – responds favorably to this INNER-KNOWING.

Even your biggest goals and longings!

Your goals (no matter how big or how “far away” they may seem now to your personal self) cannot help but respond favorably to, and be drawn to, this INNER-KNOWING that comes from doing the Weekend Releasing Marathon Tele-Course.

So how, in practicality, does this all-powerful INNER-KNOWING come about?

The truth is that this INNER-KNOWING reveals itself to you when you let go of all beliefs, feelings, and judgements contrary to that INNER-KNOWING.

It is these beliefs, feelings and judgements that stand in the way of your innate INNER-KNOWING and, hence, the natural materialization of your unrealized goals.

Now, it can take years for these beliefs, feelings and judgements within you to strengthen and “cement” themselves in your consciousness.

And in many cases, these limiting beliefs, feelings and judgements have been there (sometimes deeply hidden from your awareness) for YEARS. Most likely even DECADES.

But here’s the thing:

Although it can take YEARS (DECADES even) for limiting beliefs, feelings and judgements to build-up within you…

Each limiting belief, feeling and judgement…

Can Be "Collapsed" In Minutes (Seconds Even!)

Ever seen one of those HUGE power-station chimney towers collapsed to the ground within seconds with explosives? You see the HUGE chimney tower fall in on itself and collapse to the ground in a plume of dust.

The HUGE chimneys stand there for YEARS and YEARS.

Then they’re collapsed within seconds.

That serves as a good mind-picture for how LIFE-LONG limiting beliefs, feelings and judgements can be collapsed within just seconds.

The “secret” of course is KNOWING where and how to target the limiting beliefs, feelings and judgements within you.

Just like with the HUGE power-station chimneys — you have to target the foundations with the explosives (so the chimney, no matter how big or strong, falls in on itself!)

Likewise, with your STRONGEST limiting beliefs, feelings, and judgements you have to “target” them with the Release Technique at their deepest foundations.


That is EXACTLY what we will work with you to do on the Weekend Releasing Marathon Tele-Course.

This requires skilled releasing help.

Because each of us are mostly blind to the “deepest foundations” under our own LIFE-LONG limiting beliefs, feelings and judgments.

Yet it is these “deepest foundations” that are supporting your LIFE-LONG limiting beliefs, feelings and judgements that you MUST target (and collapse) IF you are ever to achieve your most important and challenging life goals and longings.

That’s where the Weekend Releasing Marathon Tele-Course really comes into its own.

It is the FASTEST most “STRAIGHTLINED” WAY to target and collapse the deepest foundations of all the hereto unconsciousness beliefs, feelings and judgements that have prevented you from having the INNER-KNOWING that your goals are ALREADY YOURS.

There has been a building demand for a “compressed” course like this for years – and now it exists for you.

Point being: If you want to get from place “A” in your life to place “Z” — and you want to go DIRECT with ease (without deviating, stalling or feeling stuck along the way) – the Weekend Releasing Marathon Tele-Course is ideal for you.

It’s called the Weekend Releasing Marathon Tele-Course because it takes place over one amazing Weekend!

Starting Friday June 25th and finishing Sunday June 27th, 2021.




All done in one extraordinary weekend.

Weekend Releasing Marathon Tele-Course.

So you can get on with your life afterwards — KNOWING your goals are yours because nothing is left (in the form of beliefs, feelings or judgements) that are standing in the way of your most important goals materializing perfectly for you.

Yet the positive effects from being on the Weekend Releasing Marathon Tele-Course will last for the rest of your life.


For the rest of your life…

No more limiting beliefs standing in your way.

No more limiting feelings sabotaging your success.

No more limiting judgements holding your goals away from you.

Stop for a moment and really imagine living the rest of your life that way.

The positive effects will be immeasurable.

You could finally become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

You could finally live the kind of life you’ve always longed to live.

Get a picture of that life for you now. Enjoy seeing it for a few seconds.

All it takes is a commitment of One Weekend.

One weekend that will positively and profoundly bring you more and more success for the rest of your life — be it another 20 years, or 40 years of living!

But you must be quick if you want to be on the Weekend Releasing Marathon Tele-Course.

Firstly it starts on June 25th, 2021.

Secondly, please don’t get too complacent on the amount of time remaining from now until then because this course will fill up fast.

It’s a tele-course which you can take from the comfort of your home (which, by the way, is proving to be a popular format with high numbers of registrants we’re seeing on tele-courses).

Also: The tele-course lines are limited.

So this NEW Weekend Releasing Marathon Tele-Course will likely reach capacity on registrations WELL BEFORE the 25th June.

Maybe even before the end of this week.

So if you want to start materializing your goals in “ONE HIT” (in a compact weekend) – so you can relax and just get on with enjoying your life — it’s best to register for the Weekend Releasing Marathon Tele-Course RIGHT AWAY.

What Can Happen When You Release Resistance:

Has the Tool to Make Life Better & Better

“Thank you so much for the fantastic 30-day Financial Freedom class and for the amazing work you do to get the Method out to the world. When I first started the course I was very much out of control with struggle, stress and worries. Today I feel much lighter, more peaceful and I don’t worry about my business and about money anymore. My dog and my husband have also become more harmonious and affectionate which is wonderful. But best of all is that I know I have a tool to continue with making my life better and better. As soon as my mind distracts me I think about Lester and his joyful light being encourages me back on track.” - EvaKarin Förde Ringnér, DK

$1,500 Comes to him

“Last year after my mother died I got a call from my sister telling me that she’d uncovered money in various CD accounts etc. that I had coming to me. When the checks arrived the total was a bit over 10k which fit the goal I had set. Then she said that was the end of it. Now, 7 months later, she said she’d uncovered more money and I was due for about 13 hundred more. This seems like the start of the 15k I just allowed myself to have.” - Raf Mauro, CA

My Life is So Much Better

“I am in the process of setting up an online business and am getting good indicators on its relevance. I am also separating myself from a company that has not brought me any real value and I will be in business independently in real estate in NY, something I have always insisted on having other people along for the ride on. I also have had one of my clients, who I admire a lot mention he would love to do a business with me, not something I will push for but release it see if anything shows up. I also have had agents show up who would like to work for me and a few new listings that look good. My head is also clearer so I nd solutions much easier. I will add, my life is so much better than it was a little over a year ago when I started releasing. At the time I had been trying for 18 month to re nance my home, I had repairs on my car and home that were waiting to be done, continuous arguments in my head and generally negative thinking for someone I considered to be a generally positive person. All those things have cleared themselves up and better. And my income has improved so that I can now do things I like to do and pay for things I choose to have, etc.” - Ailish Keating

Be Happy Diet

“I continue to have tremendous peace around food. I haven’t craved chocolate or even really eaten any (except at my son’s birthday party) since Memorial Day weekend. That is a freakin’ miracle. I don’t know if I’m losing weight. I think so, but if I am, it’s very slow. But breaking free from the angst I used to feel around eating is all I ever really wanted. I AM on the “Be Happy” diet and feed myself nothing but love! The weight will drop off… or not. I’m OK with it. Also, I got a $500 spot bonus at work.” - Eileen Kostolni, NY

Course Keeps Her On Track

“This is my first live course and I have found the daily teleconference to have tremendous benefits. It has allowed me to see my resistance to attending the calls and kept me on track in the program. Also, being assigned to a partner has helped me in releasing more often and easily in addition to sharing our releasing experience.” - Yean Joo

Gains Abound

“Gift of a winning game ticket…won $450.00. 75% off the cost of a train ticket. My May trip to Asia airline ticket originally quoted at FIrst class $12,583.51 fare was reduced to $3856.00…with a ‘business class upgrade’ and on my airline of choice. Received an invitation to the home of my new client in China to share dinner with his family and friends. Discovered many thousands of hotel points were deposited in my Frequent Flyer hotel account in 2007. I used the points to book my 4 extra nights in Hawaii at a five star hotel…FREE. Got a free rental car for Hawaii with my left over Frequent Flyer points. Called a colleague with a business question and got booked to be the keynote speaker for her company’s annual meeting in Omaha in September. Released for 90 minutes on resistance to wanting to control my clients. Felt immense freedom. 30 minutes later, my Client called to thank me for a great week’s work. During the break out session tonight with Ken, I released and got into CAP in seconds. I am loving myself more and sending myself love at night and falling asleep without melatonin tablets.” - Polly Bauer

reserve your Space TODAY!

Dates & Times

Event time zone is Pacific Time (PDT).

Here is a convenient time converter:

Friday, June 25
Pre Marathon Session to build up your Releasing momentum begins at 9:30am - 12:30pm PT (5:30pm - 8:30pm UK Time) and/or 5:30pm - 8:30pm PT

Saturday, June 26
24-hour Releasing Marathon session begins at 6am Saturday, June 26th and goes for 24 hours through 6am PT Sunday, June 27th

Sunday, June 27
Post Marathon Releasing Session begins at 9:30am - 12:30pm PT

Also includes European Timezone!

Special Note:

During the 24-hour releasing period, if needed, you can drop off and rejoin the releasing session as soon as you can.

If you need to sleep, take a short rest, and rejoin when you can.

If you need to eat, it is recommended that you take a break eat a light meal and rejoin the releasing session.

Ultimately, use your discretion. It is not a competition. Each releaser is taking their releasing to a deeper level to dig out the subconscious blocks so we can live in a world of having.

It is our wish for all releasers.

Pay just $495 for this class!

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