Regain Your POWER In Uncertain Times

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JANUARY 9 - 10, 2021




Catapult your results by releasing in the Regain Your Power Tele-course with the Release Technique teachers!

Instead of beginning the New Year by trying to fix and change problem after problem using negativity or wishful thinking, experience the profound shift when you let go of negative disapproving feelings and live by intention.

Fixing problems doesn’t ever last. They just keep popping up.

What’s better than wishful thinking, is knowing that you are a powerful unlimited being that cannot be conquered by negative feelings or circumstances.


Be Smart!

You can have all of your intentions and goals.

This is your opportunity to have monetary freedom, radiant health, peace and harmonious relationships with everyone and everything.

If you’ve forgotten what's it's like to feel really good about life? If so, here’s how to…

Completely free yourself from “The COVID-funk” and other mental anguish…

And discover what it’s like to fall in LOVE with life all over again…

If you’d like to swap feeling fearful or utterly powerless about your life… 

To feeling completely taken care of by an unlimited power that expresses itself through you…

If you’d like to experience the same unlimited power that Lester Levenson tapped into… 

  • To heal his broken body...
  • To become a multi-millionaire without even trying to...
  • To being in a state of constant peace at all times...
  • To having his life work out perfectly for him wherever he went...
  • To being filled with an inner-joy that never left him...

If you’d really like to experience for yourself what it’s like to “free yourself” from years of stress and frustration… 

And to knock out any COVID-related funk or other personal limitations you’re facing… 

Then now is the time to decide to experience the unlimited power available to you through the upcoming: Regain Your Power Tele-Course.

This course is always eagerly awaited and well attended.

It’s takes place over just two momentum-filled days.

Yet the uplift you get from those two days goes on working for you in your life for as long as you want it to.



Because during the Regain Your Power Tele-Course you discover what so few people throughout history ever get to discover.

You get to discover how to…


Access and live from an unlimited power that exists “beyond” the mind

This is, in essence, what Lester Levenson (the originator of the Release Technique) discovered.

Lester discovered how to release his mind limitations…

He discovered that when mind limitations are sufficiently released… unlimited power (or the Life force if you prefer) can “shine through” and bring you what you want in life.

It happens for everybody who releases enough of their mind limitations.

For Lester, releasing his mind limitations (through Releasing) he went from being sick and broken… to healthy, spiritually renewed and infused with joy.

It can happen the same for you.

You just need to have enough focus and momentum to release the mind limitations that are “covering up” the unlimited power available to you.


During the few hours of the two-day Regain Your Power Tele-Course, you work together with our experienced Releasing facilitators to "unhook" you from negative thoughts and mind limitations.
Moreover, the experienced Releasing facilitators guide you into taking-out the negative thoughts and mind limitations that are blocking you from accessing the vast unlimited power (Life force) available to you.
This focused releasing work is best done under the expert guidance of experienced Releasing facilitators. Hence the Regain Your Power Tele-Course.

Don’t be like 99% of people who feel stuck and powerless...

Truth is…

99% of the population are stuck living out of the limitations of the mind.

Their mind (endless thoughts) run their life.

That just leads to recurring problems and frustrations on “repeat loop”.

Aren’t you fed up with that way of living – going from problem to problem; frustration to frustration – every day?

If so, it’s high-time to really focus in on releasing the mind limitations that block your access to the ever-available unlimited power (Life force).


It’s your ONLY option to live a truly contented and joyous life…

Only by discovering how to release your mind limitations (so unlimited power can take care of everything for you) can you ever escape your recurring problems and frustrations.

And that’s exactly what the Regain Your Power Tele-Course is designed to help you to do.

In fact, through the Regain Your Power Tele-Course

  • You get to experience what it's like to once again feel really good about life... (irrespective of external conditions)...
  • You get to experience what it's like to be free from the barrage of negative thoughts and mind limitations...
  • You get to experience what it's like for your whole being to be filled up with an inner aliveness...

This inner aliveness makes you want to smile... to LIVE

  • You get to experience what it's like to relax into receiving an abundance of good (instead of always trying to "get" to a better future - which ironically just keeps you stuck and disappointed)...
  • You get to experience the peace that comes from the realization that Life itself is taking care of all your problems for you...
  • And, you get to experience what it's like to access a whole new dimension of living that is ever-ready to meet all your needs and desires.

Bottom line:

There is no greater relief than letting unlimited power (Life force) "take over" and provide for you

It is this wonderful relief that what awaits you during (and after) the Regain Your Power Tele-Course.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to come out the “other side” of the two-day tele-course…

Feeling like you’ve thrown off a concrete cast from your body and mind.

You feel renewed.


Feeling like life is good. Really good.

It’s like falling in love with life all over again.

Your outlook on life changes.

Disappointments fall away.

Frustrations evaporate.

Fears dissolve.

Suddenly you have a new sense of perception about what’s truly possible for you.

It makes you want to get up a live.

Won’t you come and experience it all for yourself?

You can do so on the Regain Your Power Tele-Course.

But you will need to book your place on the tele-course sooner rather than later.

The Regain Your Power Tele-Course is always one of the most anticipated and well attended courses.

So to avoid missing out on this year’s tele-course — take action today to book yourself onto it.

Because if you just carry on as you are… you continue feeling disempowered… with recurring problems and frustrations that keep you stuck and disappointed.

That’s all you can ever really look forward to if you carry on living out of your mind limitations – problematic life patterns.

So the smart thing to do is to release the mind limitations and discover the beauty of living out of the “freshness” of the unlimited power of the Life force.

It’s this Life force that will bring about wonderful new opportunities into your life.

Just like it has for these people:


“I allow my life to unfold effortlessly at all times. I see this as countering my out-of-control thinking. Later in the week, I began releasing on this goal. One day in particular was heavily booked with things that I had to produce, not just attend meetings. I got 2 more big things that I had to produce thrown at me that day, and I completed everything in a reasonable time (1 task vaporized and wasn’t needed), including taking my 1 hour at the hotel across the street for my time. In the lab one day, 2 colleagues sat across from me and began bragging between each other about a particular thing. I could have one-uped them on this particular thing, but was quiet. It didn’t occur to me to say anything. Only noticed this at the end of the day when I was reviewing the day. Mind was quieter that day. One day, a colleague asked for help, and I went over and stood beside/over this colleague and we worked. Later, when I was reviewing the day, I realized that I hadn’t viewed this colleague in an objective body-way, as had been typical in general. My mind is rewiring itself. Continue to be blessed w/ free use of hotel gym, pool and meeting room for releasing at lunch. Continue to be blessed w/ approved free Internet use at a hotel near home b/c I don’t have Internet in the apartment. Donated blood and got free coupons for food. Got $414 back from Cashback Rewards from a credit card. Gain was seeing that this small stuff happens to me all the time, and the size is limited by my thinking.”
- R. Nakai


“I have 50% less back pain. I ordered a water filter after 4 years of carting jugs back and forth to the grocery store.

My 3 year old goes around saying ‘More, and more, and more’…and he’s happy all the time. I released on his picky eating and he actually ate some hamburger today. Yeah! A toxic person went out of my life. Thanks for the great course. Look forward to sharing more gains.”
- C. Victory


“After the class yesterday I didn’t “think” about what to do and just started working on a sewing project that I had started a few weeks ago that had been problematic. The work went easily and I finished a whole section. I hung a curtain rod. Then I vacuumed the entire apartment, went for a walk, visited with a neighbor and did releasing homework. That was a lot accomplished for me in one day, considering I didn’t start until 3pm.

Today I woke up with some negative thoughts and was able to release them easily. I feel very calm, peaceful.”
- K. Rosen


“I’ve been catching up with the playbacks of the CYL course and doing the homework. I had a wonderful trip to NY as a guest at my friend’s music school and was showered with love! The students I taught were receptive and want me to return next year. Another interesting gain…while taking my violin to a violin shop in Manhattan the maker was trying to show me what a violin with a perfect neck feels like. Mine is in need of restoration. Anyway she went to a safe and pulled one out and I played on it. It felt and sounded amazing! All so easy. As it turns out (I didn’t know before hand) it was a Stradivarius! What’s awesome is that a week or two before, I was dreaming and saying to myself ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could play on a Strad before I leave the planet’? I totally forgot about it. I’ve been in and out of violin houses since childhood and not one violin maker has voluntarily given me a Strad to play. She was keeping it for someone. I’m also tickled she trusted my friend and I to play on it! I also had a colleague call me a couple of weeks ago to complain about something that happened on stage that night. He had a tantrum and wanted to vent. I was calm and as it turns out he said to me ‘I don’t know if you get it. Nothing seems to bother you!’ I giggled to myself and thought OK now I’m getting somewhere. I’m also handling overwhelming situations better than I used to.”
- S. Blumberg


“Been having great gains from the Change Your Life Tele-Course. A couple of ones I wanted to mention: Realized and released a program about money: “my parents fought over money and it was my fault.” When I did the squeezing the lemon question to release my attachment to money, I got to the really quiet place and realized “I am” does not need money. It actually needs “nothing.” I stayed there basking in beingness for quite some time. I am finding it a lot easier to forgive people. Thanks for the great course.”
- C.J.




Take this opportunity to have abundance, radiant health, peace and harmonious relationships with everyone and everything.

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