REGain YOUr POWER In Uncertain Times

Live Weekend Tele-Course

April 18 - 19, 2020


Saturday April 18, 2020
(8:30am PT – 11:30am PT)

Sunday April 19, 2020
(8:30am PT – 11:30am PT)

*If you are located in another time zone, please adjust event time accordingly.


Using a totally proven technique to help you through this difficult period which may be full of anxiety and unease.

The effectiveness of this method has been verified by researchers of Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, & Penn Universities

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DON’T JUST SiT Back and be a Victim to this Crisis. THIS IS A TIME TO LEARN HOW TO POWERFULLY Take Action!

Be fully empowered with a weekend of releasing!

LEARN HOW TO be resilent to whatever life throws at you!

Join people from around the world to learn HOW TO REGAIN YOUR FOOTING AND TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!



Instead of trying to fix and change the world’s problems using fear and negativity…join us and you’ll experience a profound shift every time you let go of negative, disapproving, and fearful feelings and move into a higher awareness. You CAN be courageous and live powerfully… BTW- Fixing problems doesn’t ever last. They just keep popping up.

Wouldn’t you like to live powerfully and set your own positive intentions? It’s real simple, unless you are in-charge of your outlook, you’re likely to get programmed by other people’s beliefs. That is what happens every day, and if that worked, do you think there would be so much divisiveness in the world.

What’s better than hoping things will get better, is knowing that you are a powerful unlimited being that cannot be conquered by negative circumstances or feelings.

Be Smart!

You absolutely can be powerful, because the power is already inside of you.

It is only hidden by old beliefs and concepts that are ready to be released.

Once the beliefs and concepts are dropped (released), you are free to create a beautiful life.

Catapult your results by releasing in this LIVE WEEKEND teleconference with the Release Technique teachers!



The Spreading of the Coronavirus & Possible Recession...

Take the steps necessary now to make a huge difference in your life in order to overcome the tendency to let fear dominate you during the turbulence of the world’s fast-changing landscape.

What you can do NOW to Come Out On Top (No Matter What!)

Life can seem incredibly cruel at times.

We’re expected to keep our balance and yet it’s confusing when things are constantly changing.

And then along comes the coronavirus!

With all the new rules, restrictions, and contradictions.

The fearful uncertainty.

And that eerie feeling of, “What’s going to happen next?”

All of which can really drag you down and make you feel disempowered.

Making it doubly difficult to see how life can ever be stable.

This is your opportunity to have POWER…not lose it.

You’re invited to take action and jump aboard the most momentum-filled two-day event to regain your power!

Starting today

You’re invited you to finally make a powerful decision to have all your highest goals!

You will find out how to:

  • Evaporate all of your stress, panic and frustrations and live a life of total ease and abundance.
  • Knock out any limitations you are experiencing in life and discover that you can powerfully do anything you decide.
  • Achieve any goal, no matter how big, using these powerful new techniques.
  • Live in a constant state of peace that nothing can disturb.

Have you thought about what the next decade holds in store for you? Maybe this is the golden opportunity for a 2020 reset.

What will your life be like?

Will you reach the next level of confidence you’ve been gasping for with every breath?

If you did reach that new state of confidence, what would it look like? How would you act?

Take a moment, right now, and really put yourself in that place. Go ahead and imagine you are sitting right in the middle of your goal, as if it has already been achieved.

Seriously, take a moment to do it…

It feels pretty good, doesn’t it? Guess what?  This is exactly what we’re going to show you (how to turn your vision into a reality!)

Releasing is such a Powerful Technique!

Introducing a Whole New Event…

At this very special Releasing Two-Day Intensive:

  • You will experience what it’s like to live in radiant health.
  • You will experience what it’s like to have power and confidence at your command.
  • You will experience what it’s like to have positive financial outlook.
  • You will experience what it’s like to have a robust career.
  • You will experience what it’s like to have total harmony and love in your relationships.

We will show you how you can eliminate every ‘I can’t’ that is currently stopping you from experiencing the life of total fulfillment that you deserve.

And there’s no secret mystery to it! What we’re going to show you is so simple and so practical that you can’t possibly fail if you follow along.

Take Charge of All Aspects of Your Life Today

Today marks a turning point. Make it the day that you decide to take your life back and powerfully live it your way, once and for all.

Get clarity and make the decisions in this live weekend teleconference.

We’re all looking for Ultimate Freedom in our lives. By using Releasing, you can discover your true self and uncover peace and resilience to anything that happens in the World.

By using the power of releasing, you uncover Inner Freedom and Unlimited Potential, which includes:

  • Inner power
  • Inner prosperity
  • Clearer Decision Making
  • Resilience to World Change
  • Increase your Immune System with less stress

The Release Technique is NOT a system of positive thinking or inspiration. It is a simple technique designed to eliminate hidden, subconscious blocks and negativity. This technique helps to eliminate the conscious and unconscious wiring that is standing in the way of your optimal health, happiness, abundance and success in all areas of life.

You will learn how to let go of emotions; including stress and energetic subconscious blocks that are holding all of us back from the abundance and joy that is our birthright.

You will discover

  • You can achieve wealth, health, happiness and peace with all people.
  • Learn the method for getting to a place where nothing and no one will ever bother you again.
  • Experience a place where you feel truly abundant and in harmony with everyone and everything.
  • How to easily experience true Love and how that is the most powerful force in the Universe.



ReGain YOUR POWER In Uncertain Times


April 18 - 19, 2020

  • You get two 3-hour sessions of LIVE releasing on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Full support of the Teachers.
  • Powerful online workbook.
  • Access to our support line for releasing assistance.
  • Archived recording of the classes so you can play them back at your convenience.
Have Financial Independence & Live the Lifestyle You Deserve
Simply find a quiet place and settle in for an amazing weekend teleconference.

To Your Greatest Life Yet!

The Teachers of the Release Technique