Fearing the Pandemic with Love

Fearing the Pandemic with Love

There’s a lot of fear running through the world right now with the outbreak of the corona virus.

You’re probably feeling some of this negative emotion yourself even if you try to keep focused only on the positive news and avoid the negative. You can’t help but notice it because it is all around us. Lock-downs, masks, sanitizers, economy downfall, you name it we have it.

If you are experiencing a lot of fear (or even a little of fear) take some time to notice that you are probably operating on automatic. The fear that you are feeling is just a deep (subconscious) knee-jerk response stimulated by everything we see happening “around” us. And it comes up automatically for all of us.

You see, we are used to thinking that fear somehow protects us or saves us. However, if you examine this closely, you will notice that the fear always makes us contract and reject. And by making us do that, instead of helping us, it is actually putting in place a powerful block to our health, wealth and well-being.

Look closely at the fear itself. It is always about some imagined future event (even if it is just a second from now) or some past event (even if it was just a second ago) that we expect to have re-appear again.

The truth is, nothing is really happening to you right now, correct? In this moment, there is only mind chatter with emotions running and sensations being felt. That is all.

All our fears are actually imagined. It is a “bag of nothing” trying to convince us to become resistant, constrained and manifest a whole bunch of problems for ourselves.

Lester Levenson used to say, “fear it and you will appear it.”

What will appear in your day-to-day reality and life experience will be a “reflection” of the fear you have inside.

In other words: you are creating your fears.

You are creating the very thing you want to change!

Which, I’m sure you’d agree, is not the smartest thing to do – once you become conscious of what you are creating.

Thankfully, all fears can be dissolved and you can experience an inner-transmutation into love.

The only thing required from you is to transmute all fear into love.

The rest will take care of itself.

Transmuting fear into love does require consistency and initial effort though.

That’s why our retreats are so powerful and popular. You are guided, supported and you build momentum.

If you too want to finally transmute fear into love join us on our upcoming “Living In Ultimate Truth Virtual Retreat

Join us and find out yourself how to better handle whatever life throws your way, including the extraordinary situations we all now face.

Hope to see you there!


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