Feel Happy Like Lester Did all The Time!

“You want to feel what Lester feels like”

Who wouldn’t?

You want to feel like the Graduate that came to the last retreat, don’t you?

You want to be freer and freer and at last totally, completely free. Sure you do.

You want to be happier and happier and then the happiest you can possibly be all the time? That’s what you really want isn’t it? Of course it is.

You’re sick and tired of carrying around those nasty negative feelings that take you down and stand in the way of your happiness, aren’t you?

You’re definitely ready to be constantly happier and lighter and to be able to get all your goals easily and quickly.

Most people experience a little bit of happiness and hours and days of unhappiness, clawing, scratching and struggling.

You’ve had it with that kind of living or you would never have been drawn to the Release Technique.

In a word, you’re ready to be free aren’t you?

The graduates at the Final Step retreat are right there with you. We asked them two questions the first night. They said, “We’re ready to go all the way—To experience what Lester experiences all the time.

The Graduates had set a definite intention on Freedom.

Have you experienced the power of setting a definite intention?

If you’ve been to a retreat, you know it’s unlike any other class or retreat. To a man and a woman, those coming to a retreat are raring to go, they’re motivated to make a quantum leap in their releasing and their freedom.

They show up to get the job done. You can feel the energy even when you meet people at the airport or on the shuttle. The attitude is, “Lets go!”

You have the feeling something big is going to happen. And at a retreat multiply that 180 times. And guess what? Some very big things did happen.

The class was able to easily and instantly move into CAP with just a decision, no climbing Mt Agflap, is how the teachers puts it. Make a decision. One. Two. Three. Be in CAP. Get high to release. Get into CAP and release from the high place.

This was a special, determined group ambitious for freedom. Early in the week the teachers picked up on that energy and began to make plans to give the class even more of what they came for.

There was the Lesterizing, which gave everyone the definite attitude of having. The attitude of having is where goals turn into gains. Releasing from CAP and the feeling of having makes anything possible. Great gains were being reported everyday.

The class got great benefit from breaking up into groups of 15 people led by a teacher. The groups energized the class and pumped up the Momentum to an even higher level.

People were dropping life long programs that held them back and kept them locked into self-sabotaging decisions made decades ago. The Momentum and energy jumped up everyday.

Something so awesome happened it was literally mind blowing. The graduates experienced what Lester experiences all the time, the Ultimate state. Can you begin to imagine the energy in the room with graduates in there all at once? Mind boggling is an understatement.

To answer the class’s call for more, Lester’s 90 day Program was unveiled by popular demand and most of graduates at the retreat signed up. They’re releasing right now at this very moment with inprecedented intensity and getting amazing gains.

The 90 day course culminates with a Celebration of Freedom at a retreat back in 2009 at Camp Allen. . Imagine the sky-high energy in that retreat. Over 100 members from the 90 Day course carrying over that energy from Granlibakken and magnifying it many times over. It will be like having over 100 Lesters in the room with you.

Get your taste of what Lester experiences. Let the graduates for the 90 day course energize you and your goals. Release with them. Get to know them. Learn to be in CAP all the time. Perfect your skill at Lesterizing. Take your releasing to a new and much higher level. Bring your unfinished goals and finish them off.

Ride the crest of 100+ Lesters, 100+ releasers just like you who have made a definite decision to take their releasing to the highest possible level so the can get all the goodness.

All the goodness is available to you right now too. All that’s missing is know-how and practice. Stop sitting on your assets. Invest in yourself. Join in and experience the time of your life at Camp Allen. And bring your family. They’ll have the time of their life too.

It’s time for you too experience what Lester experiences. It’s time. You too can fill up your gains book and live in having all your goals and happiness all the time.

Get what you need to run your life rather than be run by life. Like those Graduates decided, make a commitment for yourself and sign up for the 90 day program and the brand new Lesterizing Goals Mastery Telecourse. Come to the Celebration of Freedom and experience something very special that will take your life to places you’ve never been before. And your life will be on a steep upward trajectory.

– the year is more than halfway over.

Are you where you thought you’d be by now? Shine as only you can! You are worth it! Join us on a live class and see for yourself. Live Classes – Release Technique

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