“When you really love, you understand the other one fully.”
-Lester Levenson
How come something simple and pure as love, become complicated, conditioned and difficult to experience?
It is because we have it all wired wrong.
We think love comes from someone or something other than us.
We think love needs to be earned or deserved.
We confuse love with lust, with control, and with possessions.
We even believe we need to become worthy of it.
Everything that majority of people do in the world comes from the desire for love.
This desire causes us to seek approval, acceptance, attention, power, fame, and fortune.
However, real love cannot be obtained in this way, and we soon become very frustrated and unhappy.
We drown in negativity and AGFLAP.
And real love has nothing to do with being negative.
But at the same time, real love can dissolve all forms of negativity.
Real love awakens the soul; it makes us reach for more, and it inspires us to become a better person.
It plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our mind. It makes you realize that you can love someone in spite of the fact that they’re not perfect.
Real love is the universal solvent.
If fully applied to any problem, it will transform it, and the outcome will usually be better than we ever imagined.
This is also true for relationships.
Authenticity with each other promotes healthier and more satisfying relationships.
You see, real love has no element of needing the other one, or possessing the other one and wants only to make the other one happy.
In theory, this all makes a lot of sense, but in practice, it can be easier said than done, for the majority of us.
That is why we need constant reminders and re-experiencing until we fully acknowledge and accept love as our basic nature.
So I would like to extend this special invitation for you to join us in practicing what Lester discovered for himself and then shared with us.
He reminded us time after time that all the love in the universe is in our basic nature.
We simply need to remove the obstacles to experiencing that.
We need to remove the concepts of non-love.
That is why we are starting a brand new course, with the intention of it being the manual of love from Lester.
We invite you to practice love with us on our upcoming Love & Empowering Relationship Tele-course which will be held for six consecutive Mondays at 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (Pacific), starting March 26 – April 30, 2018.
The more we develop love, the more we come in touch with the harmony of the universe, the more delightful our life becomes, the more beautiful, the more everything.
It starts a cycle going in which you spin upwards.
So join us, empower yourself, and watch your life spin upwards!
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