Love Is Always the Answer!

Love Is Always the Answer!

Love Is The Answer

The entire basis of releasing is to remind us that our basic nature is love and happiness.  Love is the most positive and most powerful energy in the universe.  Larry Crane has said, “Everyone on the planet is looking for love.”  An example of this point is by typing the word “Love” into any search engine. Google’s site contained 4,190,000,000 results at the time this search was retrieved.  So it is obvious that there is a lot of information on this topic; and yet there is still much confusion in relation to what real love is about.  Listed here are several things related to love that you might not realize.  First of all, love isn’t a deal.  Loving isn’t stupid or ignorant.  “Love is a feeling of givenness with no thought of receiving anything in return for it,” says Lester Levenson, the founder of the release method.  He also shares another important message, “When there are problems, if we love more, they would disappear. When love is complete, the problem dissolves immediately.”  When we learn the Release® Technique method, we are helping ourselves to be more loving.   

Being that our mind is mostly sub-conscious, it is really difficult to know what we are holding onto.  The circumstances we experience are based totally upon whatever we are holding in mind.  Have you ever bought, leased, or were considering buying a new car?  Instantly it seemed that where ever you were, there were many others driving the exact vehicle you recently purchased or were considering to buy.  So your new interest in that particular car became a predominant thought within your mind.  Therefore you were attracting more of that type of car toward you and into your experience.  In reality, the cars in traffic or those parked on the street didn’t change that much from one week to the next.  The fact is those same vehicles were always around.  You just weren’t paying attention to them.  As you became more attracted to that particular model of car, your interest grew and you effortlessly began noticing more of those vehicles; whereas previously your interest in that particular car wasn’t significant to you.

Well if we are holding onto negative thoughts or pictures, we are attracting more negativity into our life; similar to the example of the car.  What we are holding in mind, is what we are attracting. When we are negative, our pictures and thoughts follow suit.  The negative thoughts and pictures are distorted.  The distortion isn’t who we truly are.  When we are acting or thinking negatively, it is because we want to change something about how we feel.  We also unknowingly want others to change or conform because we are feeling insecure.  Insecurities are the result of our being out of control, wanting approval and wanting to be safe. 

If we are struggling with issues regarding weight, or have other concerns related to health, or are experiencing relationships that are stagnant or in a state of turmoil, we are holding onto negative energy.  Believe it or not — these negative attitudes also affect our cash flow.  Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.  This is a law of nature.  When we are complaining, blaming, or disapproving of some aspect of our life or that of another, we are engulfed in negativity.  The saying, “How you do anything, is how you do everything” certainly applies in this statement.  Rationally, we know that worry and insecurity doesn’t resolve problems.  Worry and insecurity create unwanted situations.  Take a moment and notice if you have ever worried yourself out of a problem?  Of course not…  Our negativity is holding in mind things we don’t want.  If our thoughts and reactions are in low energy and are non-loving, then the results of those negative thoughts can only create unfavorable outcomes.

Sometimes when stuck in fear, we may think there is nothing that we can do to change our circumstances.  Seldom, if ever, do we see that we are protecting ourselves with fear by worrying or being insecure.  The circumstances we experience are always based upon what we are holding in mind.  Each time we take a step towards positive, a step towards loving issues related to our health, wealth, or relationships, offers us an opportunity to become unstuck.  When we are acting in a loving manner, we aren’t making deals, keeping score, or trying to hold onto or manipulate others.  When we love, we accept our circumstances.  Being loving is noticing what are holding in mind at all times.  This translates into the Golden Rule.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Loving of one’s self and one’s situation is necessary in order to move beyond that limitation.

By letting go of disapproving of yourself, or the situation, and applying love, you’ll find that you instantly begin to feel better.  Again similar to the vehicle example, nothing really changed around you; what changed is how you feel within.  When loving, we see and experience just how powerful the energy of love really is.  Each time we use the release method, we find that we become happier and lighter.  As we practice releasing, we automatically become more loving and more positive.  We begin to see that love is truly the answer and that love is our basic nature.  When we apply love to anything, our circumstances greatly improve.  By turning our focus inward, we see that love is the answer to whatever ails us.  There are no boundaries in love.  Love is unlimited.  Love is infinite.  Love is the answer to your health issues.  Love is the answer to your finances.  Love is the answer to your relationship concerns.  Love is an all encompassing, expansive, and freeing gift that enhances all areas of your life.  You can easily learn this method by ordering the CD course or by attending a “Live” class in a nearby community.  Once shown how simple it is, you can easily let go of your non-loving feelings.   When you invest in yourself, yourself appreciates.  Prove it for yourself!   Join Us for the Brand New Love Yourself Telecourse that starts on May 16th.

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