Making better decisions before the holidays

Making better decisions before the holidays

Here it is, just before the holidays, and hopefully we are all in a reflective place that helps us to be in appreciation for all that we have been fortunate enough to enjoy this year.

If we are experiencing anything other than positive feelings for our year and upcoming holiday celebrations, it may be helpful for us to take a moment to realign our choices. Each time that we embrace the holidays (before, during, and after) from a positive perspective, we are allowing ourselves to be rewarded with even more goodness.

Stated simply, “Positive attracts positive, and negative attracts negative.” So, as we move toward the end of the year, it is appropriate for us to become aware of what we’re holding in mind.

Are we in a state of love and gratitude, willing to welcome more goodness and abundance into our life? Or are we feeling troubled, bothered, and disapproving of our life?

Each new day offers us an opportunity to perceive things as positive, in good order, and progressing nicely. And yet, if we are focused on any negative aspect of a situation, we are on some level insisting on being right.

We are also choosing to focus on problems, instead of working toward having a peaceful resolution with ourselves or our situation. In other words, we are continuing to focus on lack.

And the more negative attention we give to a situation, we are further locking in place exactly what we would like to avoid. So, as we look to the holidays and find that we are still complaining or wanting to change ourselves, someone else, or our circumstances… we are building resentments, judgments, and non-love.

Our negative perceptions make our day-to-day realities appear to be more challenging and unnecessarily difficult. However, we can be stubborn and insist on being right or we can be willing to be flexible.

In choosing flexibility, we are allowing an appropriate and peaceful outcome so that we (and others) can move forward. Choosing to be flexible may also allow for recommendations or suggestions that we hadn’t previously considered.

Electing to make appropriate decisions that focus on having peaceful and enjoyable resolutions is a much more empowering way to spend the holidays.

After all, everything begins with a thought. First thought, then action. Obviously, we aren’t consciously deciding to be negative. But we have an unconscious habit/addiction to automatically believing the mind’s negative thoughts, instead of examining if they’re even true.

So, as we release and shift our conscious awareness away from seeing a problem, and instead focus on having a positive outcome, we are also making space for solutions to show up that we couldn’t previously see.

But nothing changes if we keep doing things in the same way.

Being positive, thinking positively, or expressing what we wish to be peacefully resolved, is about sharing with ourselves (projects, relationships, etc.) in a gentle manner.

If you take a moment and ask yourself, “Could this situation get any better?” you have quickly proven to yourself, that when we are willing to see things positively, positive outcomes immediately become available, without any struggle.

Also keep in mind that positive outcomes do not include deprivation, manipulation, separation, and lack. It is helpful to remember that “positive” never hurts.

Being positive can include being open, friendly, having choices, resources, abundance, win/win for all, good communication, and flexible timelines… you get the idea.

Which scenario would you prefer to experience? More negative thinking that leads to more negative results or… deciding to be loving and positive no matter what happens?
Either choice is equally available to you. It’s always your decision.

In order for us to continue to move forward and achieve even better results, we must hold in mind only what we decide to have – and let go of everything else.

It is also helpful to work on our goals and intentions on a daily basis. It truly is okay to choose to be positive each day. But we also have to look for and release the negative. It’s these negative, habitual thoughts that are blocking us from having our goals.

Keeping our goals in mind keeps us on track and leads to making better decisions. Having clear goals (for health, money, and relationships…) helps us avoid the post-holiday pain of unconscious over-indulgence and conflict.

Our “bad” habits and addictions, like over-eating, over-drinking, and over-spending, become amplified during the holidays – especially if we’ve been “trying to be good” by sheer willpower the rest of the year and never addressing the underlying cause of our “bad” behaviors.

Releasing uncovers the root cause behind these unconscious addictions and habits. Once the cause becomes clear, then we can make conscious decisions we feel good about. We no longer feel helpless to our automatic behaviors. Instead, we move straight up to Courageousness.

Any time we’re in Courageousness, we are examining our thinking with a willingness to let go of holding onto negative perceptions and patterns.

Then we shift into Acceptance. We are able to see things in a calmer, more confident manner. Being accepted also means that we are willing to accept ourselves and the situation exactly as it is. Perhaps another way of saying this is, “I’m done fighting to be right.”

Keep releasing and we reach Peace. Here we can easily take appropriate action or no action at all. We see the perfection where the imperfection seemed to be before.

So, making better decisions begins within our release from a place of CAP. Getting high to release, not releasing to get high. It also means letting go of disapproving of ourselves. Learning to love our self or have high self-esteem is important.

We have to make a firm decision to prove to ourselves that we are the master of our circumstances.

To do this, we can choose to set realistic goals. We can choose to allot more time to releasing. We can allow ourselves to be supported with the help of teachers and other releasers in a live, highly-focused releasing course.

Once we start proving we can achieve small things, we begin to trust more—to connect with our higher knowing that All Is Well.

We begin to trust that we can easily accomplish our goals by releasing. We let go of being addicted to thinking. Trust that the only thing preventing you from achieving your goals now are thoughts. Once you “get” that, you can easily shift from “I Can’t… to I CAN!”

You can do, be and have whatever you decide. Set your mind on “I Can’t,” and that’s what you’ll get to experience. Shift up to “I Can” and, well … the sky’s the limit.

Practice making better decisions all day long. Set intentions for everything you do. Try this for a week and see if within a week’s time that you aren’t feeling better about your current situation. Keep on doing this, and you build the momentum necessary for life to get better and better.

And the better your results, the more likely you are to continue until you’re getting everything by releasing – just like Lester did!

Lester said, “There are no limits to the level of happiness and peace that are available to each of us if we believe this to be true.” It is possible to go into the holidays and the New Year, free from any unwanted habits, tendencies, and addictions.

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The Release Technique Team