The Power of Releasing

Prerecorded Weekend Teleconference

Totally New Course

Using a Totally Proven Technique

The effectiveness of this method has been verified by researchers of Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, & Penn Universities

Don’t just set Your goals…
GET Your goals!

Be fully empowered with a weekend of releasing.

Learn how to get amazing results through Releasing

Join people from around the world to learn the POWER OF RELEASING.

Catapult your results by releasing in this PRERECORDED WEEKEND TELECONFERNCE with the Release Technique teachers!

Instead of trying to fix and change problem after problem using negativity or wishful thinking, experience the profound shift when you let go of negative disapproving feelings and live by intention. Fixing problems doesn’t ever last. They just keep popping up.

What’s better than wishful thinking, is knowing that you are a powerful unlimited being that cannot be conquered by negative feelings or circumstances.

Learn how to get amazing results through Releasing

Be Smart! You can have all of your intentions and goals.

You can BE, DO or HAVE anything

Take the steps necessary now to make a huge difference in your life.

This is your opportunity to have financial freedom, radiant health, peace and harmonious relationships with everyone and everything.

Get clarity and make the decisions in this live weekend teleconference.

We’re all looking for Ultimate Freedom in our lives. By using the Power of Releasing, you discover your true self and uncover Inner Freedom and Unlimited Potential.

By using the power of releasing, you uncover Inner Freedom and Unlimited Potential, which includes:

  • Inner power
  • Inner prosperity
  • Inner peace

The Release Technique is NOT a system of positive thinking or inspiration. It is a simple technique designed to eliminate hidden, subconscious blocks and negativity. This technique helps to eliminate the conscious and unconscious wiring that is standing in the way of your optimal health, happiness, abundance and success in all areas of life.

You will learn how to let go of emotions; including stress and energetic subconscious blocks that are holding all of us back from the abundance and joy that is our birthright.

You will discover:

  • You can achieve wealth, health, happiness and peace with all people.
  • Learn the method for getting to a place where nothing and no one will ever bother you again.
  • Experience a place where you feel truly abundant and in harmony with everyone and everything.
  • How to easily experience true Love and how that is the most powerful force in the Universe.

You simply need to pull out all the stops.

The Power of Releasing

Prerecorded Weekend Teleconference

  • You get two 3-hour sessions of releasing.
  • Full support of the Teachers.
  • Powerful online workbook.
  • Archived recording of the classes so you can play them back at your convenience.
  • Access to our support line for releasing assistance.

Have Financial Independence & Live the Lifestyle You Deserve

Simply find a quiet place and settle in for this amazing prerecorded weekend teleconference.

To Your Greatest Life Yet!

The Teachers of the Release Technique