Reboot 2020 with Releasing

Reboot 2020 with Releasing

This year has been an incredibly challenging year for most. We have been seeing many Releasers signing up for classes for a reboot.  The term reboot,  is thought to originate from the computing term reboot, meaning to restart a computer system. A reboot is to refresh the storyline and elements of life.

We need to take a second look at our lives and reboot our goals in 2020.  Since we have been teaching the Method, we have noticed that not many of you are really putting Releasing to the Ultimate test with “The Big Covad-19 Issue”

Not many of you are stretching yourselves and challenging Releasing with “The Big Goal of become resilient to whatever life throws at you.”…

Let’s look at health – a diagnosis, for example (but please feel free to substitute any major issue you are facing here instead).  We have yet to meet anyone on the planet who is totally thrilled with his or her body!  Today more people are concerned with their preexisting health issues. To be human is to disapprove of (at least some aspect) of the body we have!  And when a diagnosis comes in, add fear and all sorts of other feelings to that disapproval…
Why don’t you do something about that diagnosis with Releasing?  It is not insurmountable!  A diagnosis is simply a collection of symptoms that cause disharmony in the body.  Release the disharmony and drop the diagnosis.

This is the Year to Reboot your thoughts and become resilient.
So ask yourself:  Who is writing the rules here, anyway?!  Are you the Boss or are you giving up your power?

Reminder: Life is a Decision; a Release is just a Decision that says, “Yes, I can let that go.”

Please take a moment and discriminate.  The body was created by the mind to preoccupy you and keep your focus away from realizing your Infinity.  When you give up your decision-making power to an outside authority, you have surrendered to the Ego!  Ego has you right where it wants you – and you feel that the body, a doctor, is controlling you, rather than you controlling the situation yourself.
Please note that you do not have to be an “advanced Releaser” to achieve magical goals.
You can do it, too.

You can achieve “The Big Goal”.  Impossibilities are just thoughts Ego has thrown across your path.  Be the Boss.  You don’t have to believe us, you can prove that it works for yourself!  Challenge Releasing.  Get going!

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