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Success and Life Balance

Retreat / Pacific Grove CA

December 26 – January 1, 2019








At the Asilomar Conference Grounds

in Pacific Grove, CA

How to find your life balance and achieve outrageous success.

Your natural state of living is to be happy.

Your normal, natural, healthy state of being in life is to experience joy and harmony in everything you do. In this high, joyful state.

But as you know, life can seem difficult sometimes. Areas of your life can even feel impossible to you. And when something happens in your life that is just so impossible you just know there is no way to resolve it…


There IS a way out.

There IS a way to make your life better.

There IS a way to resolve and get past those impossible problems.

There IS a way to achieve success in your life.

It starts by activating the love inside of you.

How to have a life you LOVE:

When problems or setbacks occur in life then conditioned response is to lament them and resist them.

Annoyance… Frustration… Worry… Agitation… Anger… Stress…

It DOESN’T need to be that way, however.

You CAN resolve your problems easily.

You CAN experience a quick reversal of any misfortune.

You CAN put all your worries behind you.

You are, however, going to have to take a different approach to whatever seeming setbacks when they arise in your life.

The 7 Day Success and Life Balance Retreat helps you focus on the fastest and surest ways to bring peace and perfection to all your life areas.

During this 7 day journey, you’ll achieve peace and perfection. What everyone is ultimately seeking.

If you love what you do, you will never effort at anything in your life.

You were never intended to be a victim of circumstances in the world. You are the creator and controller of them, but have lost awareness of this fact.

When you regain your awareness of it, you again become the master of circumstances, and consciously control your environment. You’ll find that the work or actions you currently take in your world need not be an obstruction to Self-Realization.

You can maintain a balance in your body, in your relationships, and your career AND realize your True Self right now. We’ll show you how to act with non-attachment, and take the attitude that you are not the doer.

We’ll show you how to be a blissful witness. Your life’s journey can go on, and through release and surrender, it becomes effortless and abundant.

Here’s what you’ll gain from this transformative experience:

  • Gain clarity on what your life balance, ambitious aspirations & goals are for 2019
  • Identify the conflicting, limiting beliefs and thought patterns you hold against your vision
  • Dissolve those interferences that are holding you back from mastering your life balance
  • Understand your True Self and how you can integrate That into your work and home to make your life authentic and fulfilling
  • Create a bullet proof awareness of your True Self and direct your life towards long-term success and life balance

Who is this for?

This is for those who dare to follow Lester’s footsteps to living an extraordinary life, and who are curious to explore and leverage the principles of Love to achieve success.

During these 7 days:

  • You’re going to use Lester’s Simple Leaps Formula to quickly ascend towards your next level of success. Get fresh and innovative perspective on your role in the world, with new insights and practical tools that walk you through the exact steps to your career, money and relationship goals.
  • Learn how to take immediate positive action. It’s not what you know – it’s what you do by instantaneously acting through your wisdom. Design your unique, personalized life path, based on your own definition of success. Prepare and energize yourself to move into massive action and reach your goals.
  • Learn to listen beyond your thoughts and understand that all of your thoughts are stories. You’ll clear away your mind so you’re constantly tuned into possibility, potential, and strength. You’ll experience the best part of being alive, the best part of being free, comes when you’re FREE to choose which story you tell yourself (or rest in Beingness with no story at all).
  • Learn how to avoid the crazy ‘bizzies’ that make typical successful living a double-edged sword of intense responsibilities and expectations. You’ll learn how to guarantee that your goal action-steps come straight from your Higher Self. There’s a magic, a mysticism, a way of living where the unexpectedly delightful happens and you exist in a state of flow, of ease.
  • Learn how to live life giving it everything you’ve got. Get confident and solid in your belief in yourself, and find the easiest way to meet every challenge… every time!
  • Learn how to choose love in every area of your life. You’ll get to know it as the quickest and easiest tool to end to all struggles! Love is attracting, integrating, and constructive and so affects anything that it is applied to. You’ll see EXACTLY how to use love to produce positive results and successfully accomplish all of your goals.
  • Take the opportunity to step out of thought permanently and integrate Stillness with your daily living. Experience things coming into your life without any effort, sometimes on a small scale, or on an incredibly larger scale.

Gain true effervescent Beingness.

The unpleasant life experiences and connected underlying emotional discomfort already know that when you “return home” to living from your true Beingness all your emotional discomfort dissolves and all your unpleasant (unsatisfactory) life experiences resolve themselves in the most natural and perfect way for you. In other words, when you live fully and completely from true Beingness:

  • Your money challenges begin to resolve
  • Your emotional health challenges also begin to resolve
  • Your relationship problems become less challenging
  • Your work problems transform into less stress, more productivity and improved communications
And your whole life “carries you forward” in the perfect way for the nourishment and fullfilment of your soul. You stop having to try to make a living and simply internally rest in the place where a perfect life is showered upon you.
  • In just 7 days you build massive momentum in your releasing and release most all your emotional discomfort before the end of the retreat.
  • In just 7 days you lay the foundation to resolve all your major life issues that have been causing your emotional discomfort.
  • In just 7 days you get to “feed off” the releasing energy of the entire group dynamic so your releasing is more powerful (and DEEPER) than it could ever be by releasing on your own or with an individual partner.
  • In just 7 days you’ll get to devote yourself 100% to the releasing process – free of the ordinary, every-day, day-to-day distractions and commitments.
  • In just 7 days you will meet and make lasting “releasing-friendships” with people all over the world who will also be attending the retreat.
  • In just 7 days you can make more gains from your releasing (gains that will continue to overflow into your life—well after the retreat) than you ever would by staying at home releasing on your own.
  • And, taking into account the unstoppable releasing momentum you’ll have built up… the deep-seated emotional discomfort you will have let go of… and… the HUGE gains you will receive as a result of the retreat…

So… Are you in?

This advanced course will be held at Asilomar.

To see what Asilomar looks like, visit:

We’ll start on Wednesday, December 26th at 7:30pm and continue through Tuesday, January 1st at noon. Sign up today and the tuition is only $2,180 which includes room and board (double occupancy).

Please contact us as soon as possible as these retreats are always sold out. We will fill spaces on a first-come basis.

Gains from Retreat Participants

Quietness is Becoming Deeper and Deeper

“Coming to the ‘Mind Freedom Retreat’ was truly an experiential experience. This being the first retreat I have attended I wasn’t sure what I would encounter. I knew that I was bene ting greatly from the introductory courses and was experiencing many fantastic gains. As Lester said ‘If a piece of the pie tastes this good, I want it all. I wanted it all!’ My main goal was to discover, if it was possible, to really quiet the mind. Not only did I nd it was possible, I now have a quiet mind and this quietness is becoming deeper and deeper. This method goes way beyond just the quieting of the mind…it is the beginning of a life time adventure and beyond. The simplicity of this method is astounding. It is practical and makes complete sense. Larry Crane along with his staff are phenomenal. The results I have received so far are incredible and I know that this is only just the beginning. There are NO limitations to what you can achieve with this method. Here is something that Really works and it will work for you!” Rick Kozen

Blood Pressure Now Perfect Range

“Not only have I been more loving, but my health has been awesome since the Retreat and my blood pressure has dropped to the desired target range of my goal, and my knee is fully functioning. Yahoo.” Suzanne McNitt

Calmer, Quieter, Happier

“Wow! Did this retreat deliver! I’ve made many more gains that these words express. I had control despite great mind resistance to come to this retreat. When I have control, I am pleasantly surprised at how situations resolve. I am calmer, quieter, and happier inside. I feel deep sadness (that has been with me forever) now leaving. I have been sleeping less and sleeping without body movement. I am more talkative and less talkative at the same time. I know that your love supports my movement higher.” Marie Erickson, WA

Let’s Go of Limitations

“My first gain was deciding that I could go to a retreat even if I had to go by myself. I decided I was going to get the most out of the retreat and I let go of as many limitations as I could. I was able to become freer and lighter. I can see that I am not this body/mind/ego. And I am not going to die by stepping out. I realized that the ringing in my ears is gone. And I have had so many more gains.” Sheryl Garrison, CO

Relationships Improve

“I was able to look at my body with love and total acceptance when I was doing the mirror exercise. I was able to release old programs that were preventing me from having a healthy relationship, and at the same time I was able to forgive men from the past. I now know I can create a healthy relationship. I was able to let go of all programs that have gotten me stuck when it comes to money and I know now that abundance is already manifested.” Linda Frank, MD

Finds True Love

“I got clearer, lighter, and lighter. I got to the place of starting giving love to all. I know that love is the answer now. I know that love is the strongest weapon ever. This is the most simple, powerful method I’ve ever done. And nothing can stop me from getting better and better and better. Thank you so much. Lester, Larry, Me, You, Everybody—I love you.” Jin Hong Kim, Korea

The Best Experience of My Life

“The retreat was the best experience of my life! I am in touch with old programs that have stifled me and crippled me emotionally. This loving supportive safe place has allowed me to let them go and given me the tools to release residual emotional garbage that may remain. My life just gets better and better each day and I have the tools to allow that to expand. The Six Steps will always be right in front of me. I released on back pain I had for 30 years, quit drinking and smoking, and have a bank account with a positive balance. These are all gains since I started releasing and it keeps getting better.” James Stanton, MN

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800 Asilomar Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950


December 26 – January 1, 2019

Registration for the retreat begins at 7pm with the first meeting at 7:30pm.


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